New guy here, looking for paths forward/upward

Hi all!

Used other subs before, but as results/cost = unimpressive, I found myself here at Subclub and decided to give it a go.

What I want to improve is my wealth, health, beauty, sleep, mind, relation with gf and Executive-ness.
A little bit of everything so thought emperor would work as a base but am currently unemployed and think I have little means to build an empire right now and feel a need to learn new/improve skills.

Bought some subs in bulk to use that first-order-discount and was probably a bit overexcited.
Emperor Fitness + Beast
Quantum Limitless
Executive Limitless

Used them haphazardly the last week or two and actually noticed some minor things, but I need to organize my listening a bit more. I should probably have made this topic before i bought stuff to gain more insight and stuff, o’well. Things are usually more clear in hindsight…

Any advice or thoughts?


When i first started back in 2018 my first sub was Emperor which was way tougher to run back then lol. But it def molds you into what you think an Emperor might/should be. I would stick with Emperor maybe if you want to start out easier buy Ascended Mogul which will probably more your speed since you may have limited pathways to make money. AM is a lighter version of Emperor I would say and is more play nice with people then emperor bc emperor turns you into that alpha that just does not give a fuck what others say lol.
Emperor Fitness stage 1 + Paragon Ultima v2 will be great for your health and physical healing then as the months go on add a new stage… or go for stage 4 because it has all included in it… Depends what you want out of the subs honestly.
Executive Limitless will be great for getting shit done

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:
Hope you have a great time here and these subs really work on changing your life for the better.


Thanks for the welcome!

Even tho I want everything at once, I think about focusing on Emperor and Executive Limitless now, for a month or so and then maybe add Quantum Limitless. Start slowly building a stack.
Emperor did contain Limitless lite or something so they should play nice together?

I have been reading little bit of everything on this site and it’s quite inspiring.

Emperor + Limitless Executive is great for productivity.

Emperor contains elements from Ascended Mogul, Sex Mastery, Quantum Limitless Lite and other stuff. Emperor is a big subliminal.

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yeah I’d say stick to emperor solo for a few months to give it room to build a huge base, from there you can decide the one missing x factor or obstacle that you need and fill the void with a better gameplan.

So let’s say on emperor you decide to learn a skill, then add an intelligence and study one, or you can decide to spice up your sex life, etc etc

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I almost did the same exact thing. Wanted to buy everything.

How’s the past week been @PhasingPhoenix? Did you keep running with Emperor?

It has been ok. Sometimes feels extra tired, maybe extra odd dreams(my dreams are usually odd), want to run other subs, want more subs, want customs.
…lots of want. I will indulge myself later. Gonna give Emperor at least one month more. Hard to say if it works and/or placebo is involved.

Lots of those are reconciliation which means the sub is processing quite a lot and it also is rooting out the shit in your subconscious and replacing it with positive things that are in the script. I would just keep pushing through maybe think about getting limit destroyer to help destroy limiting beliefs and everything standing in your way.

Lol i have crazy crazy odd dreams and i remember parts of them or most of them and am like wtf when i wake up lol.

What is your listening schedule?

Sometimes two hours after I get up and usually two-ish hours before bed. One to two rest days which I don’t wanna do, but do anyway.

QLst1 destroys limiting beliefs? Don’t wanna spend to much on subs until my cashflow improves.

Wonder if subclub is mentioned in the scripts, dreamt about the forum three times. Got a notification about one SubliminalShare or SubliminalChair. odd.

But how many loops per day?
Rest days are certainly key
I mean QL stage 1 does but i was talking about Limit Destroyer Ultima

2 to 5 loops. = 2 to 5 hours
Trying to keep my rest days on weekend

I honestly would go 1-2 loops a day and leave it at that but that is my opinion

Sound advice that seems to be repeated throughout the forum by experienced users…

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Seems similar to what I’ve experienced this week…got tired earlier in the day, dreams were off the chain, literally have two Ultimas sitting in my cart right now, and wondering “how soon is too soon to build a custom” :thinking:

If it’s placebo and has the intended effect, doesn’t that mean it worked in facilitating your improvement?

Either way, you win the ultimate victory of transforming into a better version of yourself.

But from all the things I’ve read so far on this forum, I’m confident this isn’t just a dose of sugar for our brains.

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Are you going to keep a journal here @PhasingPhoenix?

Be interested to follow along with another beginner on the journey.

ok. I should limit myself to 2 loops/day. Less is sometimes more, I suppose.

Placebo results are still results.

I do intend to keep a journal somewhere here.