New guy here, how many loops should I start out with

Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself to you all

Football :soccer: is my favorite sport to watch hence my screen name

I don’t have much experience using subs maybe less than a year. I mostly listen to binaural beats :headphones: here and there and I can’t complain although I feel that submakers on youtube tend to overdeliver and overhype but they do work (I can’t say it doesn’t)

I’ve bought subs from other companies I won’t mention names out of respect but like i said before they tend to overpromise I feel I could be wrong though. One thing that they do mention a lot is you’ll get best results if you listen 8-12 hours to one topic and stay on that topic. I personally don’t have the patience to listen to that

I don’t remember how I found you guys but I did , I’m intrigued with the sub community within the company which I don’t believe your competitors have. Which means there’s transparency which each other and the money back guarantee shows boldness in how good your product is

I bought Libertine it came with the love bomb prototype and I bought the emperor at the discounted price at checkout

I dont have much experience consistently staying in one topic but I want to start now with you guys

My goals are

More disciplined
Breaking limiting beliefs with money
Workout ambitions and consistency
Girls girls girls but I want to handle money :moneybag: as a priority over that for now
Alpha male confidence

How many loops of Emperor and libertine can I start out with. I don’t want to listen to more than that. Fewer subs means faster results I suppose

I’m really excited about libertine though, I’ve never had my dating life handled enough to where I’m satisfied as a man. I’ve had sales jobs before and I sometimes I would catch myself not giving my best, justifying being average, rationalizations about why I’m not good enough, etc, etc. I work hard and my bosses never complained about my habits at work but i know my beliefs do hinder me and I want to change that


Hi and welcome.

It is good to start with one loop a day for each. Maybe once every other day for Libertine Ultima. Do take rest days too. I do 5 days of subliminals and then two days off. Other users do a different schedule for implementing rest days.

I can’t say much about Libertine as I don’t run it. With Emperor, I found myself more disciplined, more productive and more self confident. These changes were gradual for me.

Do seek input from others too.


Yes the 2 days of rest is pertinent , that’s good

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You’re going to have to find your comfort zone with the subliminal eventually.

Start with a loop of Emperor and a Loop of libertine very couple of days - or use on an as-needed basis.

After your first weekly cycle. Give two loops a day a shot, maybe even 3 loops a day if you could handle it.

Emperor is a good choice for your listed needs.

Finally, there should be a .pdf guide that would be beneficially if you’d read it. It goes into details on many topics, including listening patterns.

Welcome to the Club :metal:t2:



Welcome! You already got some good input. Also you might want to read about Khan at the main shop. Perhaps in about 3 or 4 months, that might be something to consider.

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Welcome aboard! As to how many loops to start with, one. Do at least a week of only one loop a day, then you can start adding more slowly until you start to feel overwhelmed. Then back it down to the last level where you didn’t. Emperor is a good choice as it hits on all of the goals you mentioned there.

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Seth Rollins?

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Yes sir :joy::joy:

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Crossfit Jesus

Yea meng

I miss his gimmick already

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I miss the Shield

We all do :confounded:

As much as I loved watching guys like the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels hopefully both are finally retired for good. So sick of the old guys which seems weird to say as I will be 53 this year but when you watch New Japan and see guys like Jay White and Okada it does make me curious as to why guys like Triple H , Chris Jericho, and others can’t just go away

Guys like Tommaso Ciampa , Pete Dunne , and Allister Black should be the focus of WWE


I’m liking AEW a little bit more than WWE nowadays

A lot of talent is coming in nowadays albeit they are older guys like Sting, Christian, Jericho, big show but their characters are not handcuffed and controlled like they were in WWE


start with a loop and sit there until you’re ready to move up, the effects will come strong even with just one loop, but take a few weeks.

Libertine only right before going out or interacting with women, it’s powerful but don’t overdo it, it’s a booster whereas, emperor is the “main” program that is slowly carving deep and irreversible changes into your subconscious about what you actually wanna do with your life, in regards to that topic.


However, I do suggest Khan if you want a playful, powerful, raw sexual vibe to your… strong grounded and get shit done attitude that emperor carves.

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khan sounds good man

i definitely want to get things done at this point before i deal with females, hopefully the restrictions ease up as people are getting the vaccine more and more. This pandemic has been the biggest ****block in the history of humanity haha. I want to build a solid structure foundation before i deal with them seriously. I don’t see myself ever being like a player because for some reason im just not attracted to most women on a spiritual or emotional level. The way the society is structured at least here in the US you have a lot of unconscious low vibrational people that thinks that one can do anything to themselves or with anyone habitually and get away with it. I am empathic and im drawn to the supernatural, maybe im an old soul i dont know

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