New Forum Theme

Just an FYI, we’re testing a new forum theme. It’s already been set as the new default, but if you set your theme as Dark Mode or Light Mode in the past, you can see the new theme by changing it to “Subliminal Club Theme (Dark)” or "Subliminal Club Theme (Light) in your user settings. Access these settings by clicking your user icon, selecting the “body” icon, clicking “Preferences,” then clicking the “Interface” option on the left hand menu. You’ll see the drop down that will allow you to choose between Classic Light, Classic Dark and the two new themes.



We’re aware that there’s a few bugs and we’ll be working through them within the next few days.


I like it a lot! Could all the screen be covered with that theme and not only the edges? :heart_eyes:


The theme looks so cool :heart_eyes:


I’m loving it


┳┻| _
┻┳| •.•). Soo pretty…


Indeed, I love the theme!

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Could we also get the SubClub Theme in white / light mode please? :slight_smile:


Thank you for this option!

Some of the cover art for these subs would make for great themes. The R.I.C.H. cover for sure.


my thoughts exactly.

I love it! It really give this futuristic “we surpass human limits” vibe.

But pls make a white version.


Light mode added. See original post for more information.


Just upgraded mine to the white New Forum theme.

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Having some bugs with the white version.

The top bar is missing the icons and the numbers of the threads post are floating around somewhere where they should not be.

Also, I don’t like so much the dark blue color of the bold icons for writing a new post:

Using an iPhone

Also I would prefer if the white interface on top of that cool neuronal art on the first page (categories) is fixed and cannot be moved left and right (how it is in the settings/inside a thread or with the old design). This moving does not have any function and is just disturbing as I need to constantly move it back to the middle or accept it to be unsymmetrical on my screen.

The header issue has been resolved, along with a few color issues.

I cannot replicate the issue you’re having with the text flowing off the right edge. What type of phone are you using and could you clear your cache? Anyone else having this issue with mobile?

@friday, have you set a large default font size on your phone – not in the Forum Interface – in the phone settings?

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As the theme changes the header based on our scrolling up or down, when inside a Topic/Thread, the links to Shop, Q, and Support can only be seen when we’re on the post #1 of a topic. :sweat_smile:

BTW, the Golden Halo on the Titles/Batches really stood out in the Dark SC Theme. Not as outstanding in the Light one. :relaxed:

Cleared the cache, still having the error.

Using an iPhoneX with iOS 14.3.

Neither on forum nor phone setting

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