New female to even out the ratio of this boys club

(Of course… sarcasm is applied in the title.)

I have been lurking all week reading and reading and reading everyone’s experiences and thoughts before I finally make up my own mind about what to start with.

I started hearting a whole heap of posts until I ran out this afternoon, then I thought, I probably better introduce myself.

I run my own business - I have been running various business’s on and off for the last 20 years - I’ve been very successful, lost it all, and started again a few times. I kinda get bored easy… I have recently burnt down my last business a few months ago because I wanted to change direction and this has led me on a path to finding Sub club. (For feedback purposes I just want to add : That Subclub has come highly recommended and people only had good things to say)

Last year I went down the rabbit hole of morphic fields and then discovered after spending a lot of money and months and months of trialling and testing, I wasn’t seeing any results. So I stopped and went looking into different rabbit holes.

I am considering starting with Chosen & Ascended Mogul . Although every time I read someone’s journal I think about changing that… I should probably stop reading.

I also considered starting an Online Journal - like many people do on here because hey - I want to join the club too and be apart of the fun. HOWEVER, truth be told, (also again for future feedback purposes) after coming across a lot of interesting views by some members regarding females in general on here in the last few weeks, it has completely turned me off wanting to online journal. I will be doing my journal offline.

I really felt like I should raise that point, because as the saying goes - I do believe that sub club will be leading edge in subs in the next few years, they are only going to get bigger and more popular - more females are going to join and read the comments that I have read over the last few days.

What you write - does affect this company in the future. It does matter.

On a more positive note - I do absolutely love how you all care about one another and help each other out - there have been quite a few threads that have given me the feels. So congrats and hello…


First of all, welcome to this community. I hope you’ll love it here as much as we do.

I did the same thing, saw no results and concluded that morphic fields are BS.

Chosen & Ascended Mogul is a great combo. You’ll soon see that one the hardest thing to do here is to narrow down the subs that you want or need.


Welcome to the forum! I wish you every success on your subliminal journey. :+1:

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Welcome and I wish all the best on your journey. :sunglasses:

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I’d personally recommend starting with 1 sub and then adding in others later, it can be difficult to determine which results are coming from where when running more than 1 at a time.

I’d also suggest keeping both an online and offline journal, your offline can be more genuine and personal whilst your online journal can encourage others (and potentially other women) to share their own experiences.

Also, yeah, some of the guys here have some worrying views about women but I think that’s more a problem with society in general tbh, if anything i feel like there’s less toxicity on here than out in the world (and especially on the internet) but i do think some of the more harmful opinions could be more heavily moderated.

Good luck!


If you’re taking recommendations,
then I’d say start with EcstasyOfGold + Seductress/AscensionForWomen.

Generally, I don’t recommend EOG as a starter sub, but considering your story, I think Stages 1 & 2 would be the most beneficial for you.

The latter? …

Why not!


Welcome to SC.



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Hi @xkjwx and welcome. A good pair to start with Ascended Mogul & CHOSEN.

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Hey @xkjwx

Firstly, welcome to the forum.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay here for sure. If you need anything then we’re all happy to help.

Secondly, I saw you liked some of my posts. I hope they helped you with your decisions and thought process.

Please do consider doing an online journal. Of course I completely accept and understand your reasonings, nor do I blame you for doing an offline journal.

However, you’ve raised a very valid point and the fact you’ve raised it and aren’t afraid of saying why is exactly why your journal should also be placed online, in my honest opinion.

We need people like you who would be willing to post their journey. It helps us as customers, future customers, future women who’d like to join, as well as the company themselves.

In my opinion it’s important that the current women we have and those that come in the future see you and what you stand for, as well as your journey. It isn’t, and never has been, just about the men or the alpha antics on here. It’s an inclusive place, and I want to ensure you feel that you feel included and are safe to journal as you wish.

Of course, no pressure into journaling online but in regards to making this a more comfortable place for women and our non-binary friends, and not just for men, I wanted to offer some points of mine own.

I really do hope you enjoy your stay and it’s great to have you.


This is why we need some feminine energy to even out the ratio


Hi @xkjwx. Welcome to the forum and good luck on your subliminal journey :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the forum!

I tend to ignore most of what’s posted here… partly because I’m pretty busy, but also because much of it just doesn’t interest me. (To be fair, I also acknowledge that lots of people aren’t interested in reading my Emperor Fitness journal either) That may have been different had I been a single guy when I discovered SC, but instead, I found it several years after getting married, and while I wasn’t a dad at that point yet (we had actually lost a pregnancy about a month before I joined SC, so right out of the gate I had some healing to do), but am now a very proud dad of a sweet little (nearly) 2-year old daughter. :blush: So yep, different priorities.

While there are definitely some people here who are looking to rack up bedpost notches (is that still a term? lol) and who have indicated a level of consideration of females as commodities ( :roll_eyes: ), many of us are here for different reasons and I like to think there is far less tolerance of toxic mindsets here compared to elsewhere online.

Common side effect here lol.


Hello @xkjwx :slight_smile: Female here. :woman_supervillain: There appears to be about 5 others who post on here. I totally get wanting to do a private journal offline. I used to journal on the forum, but I realize that it’s better to keep mine private. This has been really beneficial to my own personal growth and understanding of what the subliminals are doing.

You seem like a very interesting person. SC is fortunate to have you post on here. :trophy:
Best of luck.


Thanks for sharing… I don’t think it’s worldwide - I’m from Australia - I guess we have more progressive views in general here as I haven’t been exposed to a lot of old views.

There was one comment that kinda blew me away - I can’t remember what it was word for word - but something along the lines of Women aren’t interested in being leaders or building empires. They just watch shitty youtube subs about changing beauty. Like wtf? I see someone already suggested “seductress” to me - I have zero interest in makeup, skin care and most of what’s in that sub. I understand its great for some girls - but it’s not my priority. I would rather spend my precious ZP slots on more important things in life - Building an empire and being proud of the legacy I will leave behind for my kids. I want to make my “mark” on the world and do some good with my time left here.

I would definitely consider myself an alpha femme woman - I am an ex-corporate accountant. I know I run more masculine energy than feminine (I’m not a girly girl) and I am more interested in running a “femmempire” than attracting men.

In saying that - I also used to be an online femdom in the adult industry, my last relationship was an open relationship, I am bi - I have very open views on sex in general. I tend to either attract submissive men… (But I am not really into them) OR high-powered Executives that are fully in their masculine and they know how to be in a relationship with a strong female woman. Cue… Harvey Spector … HELLOOO yes please.

Which is why I find some of the views on here quite interesting… laughable really. I know it stems from them feeling insecure within themselves, and I am really happy that they are seeking ways through subs to feel better about themselves and in turn, that’s better for everyone.

As for the journal - I have been journalling offline for years. I’m still considering doing a summary version online.


See post above about my views on Seductress.

I have thought about EOG but… I have trouble staying with one thing. I have considered doing EOG further down the track. My priorities right now would be more focus/productivity and building a solid foundation to my 2 new business ideas.

Truthfully I need a fire lit under my arse lately. I just can’t seem to sit and work on one thing for periods of time anymore. I have been using modafinil for years, but my body is so used to it, that it barely has any affect anymore.

Yes - I think limitless exec was on my list to start with, but I keep changing it.

Oh yes - I also read your EOG goals - was good - I book marked it.


We try to walk a line here between allowing people to voice their opinions to encourage helpful discussion. That individual’s comment crosses that line. If I had seen it, I would’ve removed it, because we don’t allow overt sexism. We believe there’s a difference in discussing issues between groups of people and making those kind of blanket statements. If you see something like this, flag it, and one of our moderators will jump on it. I can tell you for a fact that @RVconsultant would’ve definitely removed this.


And just my random guess based off what you’ve posted: Stark ZP: Enhance Your Intelligence, Social Influence, Romance and Empire Building Skills - SubliminalClub

I think you’d enjoy that one. It’s social, it brings out a natural wittiness, it’s dominant, it sparks innovation and creativity and it’s got more than enough empire building and wealth scripting.


That was the thread I was reading this morning… however the social side and lots of people reporting a lot of sex scripting is off putting. I am already a social butterfly and that tends to take me away from my work.

I really need something that is business/work focused only to overpower my own side distractions. I would like to be tunnelled visioned for a while to build my new business ideas. The reason I was thinking chosen - is because I am a mental health therapist and coach… people chose me to lead them to a better life.


Well, a large contingent of people seek out subliminals to improve their sex lives, so that’s generally why people focus on that when posting reviews. Any of the alphas can manifest sex if you’re looking for it, but if you’re not, the tunnel vision definitely takes precedence (especially in a title like Emperor). That being said, Stark will definitely push for sociability, so yes – that’d probably backfire.

Chosen is an outstanding choice for everyone. I’m just a bit worried that it won’t give you the “tunnel vision” effect you’re looking for and you’ll be disappointed. Being a social butterfly, you’re DEFINITELY going to see even more people gravitate to you and want to follow your lead, but the productivity scripting in it isn’t as robust as other titles. Executive would be good to stack with it (careful with Limitless Executive, it’s a quite dense title), along with Mogul.

Mogul is productivity and empire building, with minimal focus on romance. It was made just for this use case – an “alpha” type sub that focused on the money part more than anything else.

EDIT: And of course, there’s always Emperor – though it does have quite a bit of romance scripting.


My original plan was Ascended Mogul and Limitless Executive (I already brought it… so I may aswell use that instead of buying another limitless. )

Then just see how it goes…

Thanks for your help