New Custom: Andrew Tate

Playing around with a new custom idea: The top G, Mr. Producer, Andrew state A:K:A Mr. Plenty. A lot of different attributes here but wanted to include supreme confidence and masculinity, making bank, ability to fight, alpha mentality, all while being an absolute pimp and having multiple women in my life so I went with Primal and Emperor as cores. Let me know any suggestions on this one it was tricky to make.

  1. Emperor
  2. Financial success shifter
  3. Instant business tactician
  4. Primal
  5. Positive being attractor wealth
  6. Secrets of Akash
  7. Sultan
  8. True Sell
  9. Unrelenting wealth motivation
  10. Wealth limit destroyer
  11. Alpha of alpha
  12. Dominion
  13. Edge of danger
  14. Entranced
  15. Iron Frame
  16. Glory Seeker
  17. Lion IV
  18. Berserker
  19. Faith unyielding
  20. I.Q/Cognitive Booster

Seems nice.
I do not see any enhancer, maybe Yggdrasil or Omnidimensional.
Also, deep sleep is always nice to have.




how much did this cost you?

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Haven’t made it yet still putting a few pieces together but I already have most of those modules I’ve mad like 6 customs :joy:. Shouldn’t be more than a couple hundred

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Really cool concept man.

Rogue and Fenrir need to find their way in here. Otherwise it’s very spot on.


Imma have to check out who this guy is I keep seeing mentioned on here. But, no Sexual Manifestation/Gorgeous Manifestor?


Since you’re a sage, you might not like him.

Lives entirely on the physical plane. Pimps women. Has hundreds of em, supercars, making money, partying, etc.


Haha. Might as well have put ‘human’; it’s about the same.

I’ll check him out. Even pimpin’ has a levels of degree :wink:


How I would design an Andrew Tate Custom.

Emperor Core
Khan ST4 Core
Inner Circle Core
Power Can Corrupt Core

And 15 modules.

Now… you would get crazy recon off that kind of a custom.

But I feel like half of what Andrew Tate says is recon anyways, so, it’s intentional.

Breaking down the cores and their reasons.

Emperor: Best Overall Fit
Khan ST4: Total Pimp/Khan Mindset
EOG ST4: Be obsessed with making money in this life time
Inner Circle: He’s obsessed with Network
PCC: He’s definitely not above lying and/or manipulation.

PS: Be sure to never listen to EOG ST1 if you want to be Andrew Tate because he definitely has some deep-rooted issues around money. Maybe women as well, but you’ll need Khan St1 to live the Cobra Dream.

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Think there are MUCH better role models in the world.

He exploits women for money. He provides no value to society, and certainly isn’t moving the needle forward with innovation.


Last I heard of him, he was working on a cam girl farm in Romania, with him working as their online pimp. So not exactly the kind of person one should look to emulate.


If by exploits women for money you mean he gets women with no skills or education to be making on the lower end 100K plus a year higher end over a million+ by chatting with guys on webcam not even fully nude or having sex with them than yeah, sounds terrible to me. :joy:. Also teaches thousands of people how to make money online and become financially independent, manage relationships in a way that would be positively beneficial To them, was a 4X world champion kickboxer and is worth over $100,000,000. Doesn’t sound to bad of a life to me :joy:


Tate is such a nerd lol

So literally a pimp, wow. lol.

I know almost nothing about the guy, I’ve just seen his name mentioned a lot here.


There is zero evidence of these titles anywhere. I actually looked and couldn’t find ANYTHING about winning world titles 4x. Just saying.
Who knows about the money?

VERY debatable :wink:

Well, the women certainly end up with A LOT of issues. We know that.

And if anything he keeps feeding a shitty system. He is all about helping men to be better, but feeds the same system by exploiting simps. For me, a lot of lacking congruence there.

Or rather: create the problem, sell the solution.

The exact thing we hate about society, politics, etc, but when he does it it’s cool.

Idk, guys :smiley:

Anyway, y’all do you. But if you bring a controversial figure like him on a forum like this, obviously there will be some backlash :wink:

RVC would have to moderate any single post he would make here :smiley:


Perhaps GLM as well.

I dunno why, as I also know NOTHING of this guy. But as I read through the thread, the question hit me “How would I build a David Goggins sub?” But I wouldn’t wanna. That guy is tough as nails for sure, but he’s got a LOT of stuff going in in terms of his past.

He’s one angry dude lol. I gotta check out this Tate guy, but the vibe I’m already getting is “Stay away from this one”, like with Goggins.

I like Goggins. I credit him with this thing that happened to me at the gym once on the chest press machine. I felt like I couldn’t push anymore, was about to give up.

But with Body By Science (BBS), once you quit, you really don’t get to try again for a week.
And I’d just read Goggins’ 40% rule. So right as I was about to give up, I remembered the 40% rule…and then I heard in my head “If it will move, I will move it”.

Got 2-3 more reps out, and they were hard af. But it was like Goggins was in my ear screaming stuff at me I won’t put into a forum post.

Ok, off to check out this Tate guy.


Not true never take anything at face value :slight_smile:


There i agree 100% rather the use him as a role model perhaps people should take the qualities that you like about him and integrate them into your own personality.

What i have noticed with the new generation is that any man surrounded by loads of women becomes an instant role model.