New beginnings (stage 1 : ef+ql)

Hey guys, I’m back after a hiatus of not using subs, recent events have made me want to come back and rebuild my foundation from ground up, honestly the logical first step would be to being with healing, but I feel like I have enough focus on healing right now that I can avoid that step for now, I believe life works this way, u heal and then u rebuild a foundation until u grow and reach a ceiling where there are more blockages and then u heal that and continue and the cycle goes on.

Anyways since not healing, the second logical step is body and mind, for which I’m gonna start with emperor fitness and quantum limitless respectively. I have decided to focus on each stage for 3 months and add ql a month after beginning ef. When I feel like I’m satisfied with my results I’ll move on to the next step, but tbh I’d like to set up the foundation with atleast 9 months for both programmes with each stage so that in the future if I ever wanna come back, I can just run each stage for a month to refresh the programming or even just jump to stage 4.

I’ll try to update this journal daily but can’t make any promises :wink:. Anyways my plan is to use 2 loops of ef daily and after a month add in 2 loops of ql. I haven’t planned for a rest day yet but if I need one I’ll add it in after I observe this pattern for a while. I have officially started ef on 2nd June 2020 and let’s see how this goes.

Day 1 - I ran 2 loops of ef, didn’t feel much while running the subs like some others describe, and since I ran it after my workout Idk if it will effect it yet but let’s observe, as for changes I noticed having a little more control with eating, I could control myself when full, didn’t need to go on until stuffed but the control was still minor and if I pushed a bit I could easily take over it for now, but I’m sure this will improve as I keep going on, I also noticed my sleep issues had kinda improved, I did feel sleepy for a bit at the time I wanted to go to bed but then it vanished and I ended up sleeping super late again but I feel like In a few days this will also be fixed, and my sleep was really deep and restful even though I ended up sleeping for 10 hours, lastly I did notice some minor pain in my calves so maybe it’s healing that part. I’m really excited for this journey and I love how the new Q generation of subs start showing changes from day 1 itself.


Good to see you back


This matches my experience and observations too.

Wish you great fortune and great well-being.


day 2 - today i noticed this really weird personality change, recently it has been there for a while but for some reason today it went in overdrive, like I was really excited to just live life, like I found myself thinking being a spirit is so boring, like imagine they cant dance, cant eat burgers etc … and I kept thinking a lot about how being alive is really cool and not at all a suffering experience like some people like to think about it, I do feel really lucky to be alive in this material realm with this brain, and I get super excited sometimes thinking about how much I can actually do and it kinda makes me want to be immortal, I remember reading this somewhere that the material realm was the ultimate goal, idk if it was some website or smth or it was a post from @Hermit, if it was maybe he can quote it here so I can see it again coz I tried searching but couldn’t find it.

I find myself wanting to eat lesser but more meals and I do feel this kinda diet would be more in alignment with me and I also find myself slowly thinking about shifting to consuming foods that work as fuel for my body and energise it instead of draining it (unhealthy, junk food) and I did notice this effect in my workout where I did feel impacted because of my last meal.

my workout today was great, I literally started a new workout routine just before I ran ef yesterday and it was completely unrelated and the new routine kinda happened by accident, but it was really cool and today I found myself having a lot more motivation and being able to do it greatly, and I also found myself wanting to grow more and more, tired of being suboptimal, and wanting to push my body as much as humanly possible and be able to do great things one day like the workout freaks people idolise, I do have one particular person in my mind, he’s a local celebrity where I live, and from a place of respect and admiration, I am keeping him as my target, wanting to become greater than him one day, which is gonna be a fucking maaaaaaad journey since this guy is supremely good in all his areas of expertise and no one from his industry even comes close to him, he has held down a few niches which he pretty much monopolises tbh, like any role in any of these genres are only given to him and no one else, and I want to be better than him.

as for my sleep, I noticed the same pattern again, after I finish my ef stack I do feel sleepy, but after an hour I run another programme which is kinda like a hypnosis/energetic track, and I guess this messes with the sleep that ef builds up, so from tomorrow I will try switching their order and see if running ef before I sleep helps out.


day 3 - today my workout wasn’t as awesome as the previous two days, I still did it but it didn’t have that same fiery push to it as the previous two days, my initial plan was that I’ll increase the rounds everyday for 3 days and on day 4 I’ll take a break and then go back to day 1 and continue the cycle until I feel adjusted enough to move up the base level, at the end of day 2 I remember thinking this is easy and I don’t need a break I can go all day, but I guess yesterday really humbled me and showed me no matter how strong we think we our, our bodies still need time to recover so that they can function optimally and allow us access to the full storage of strength that we have, this ties in with saints idea for giving rest to the mind also and now I agree with it more, but ironically I still haven’t planned a rest day as of now, I guess I’m too bought in to the mindset that consistency is key and even if I skip 1 day my whole progress goes. But I’ll observe for now and if I need a rest day I’ll be more open to adding one.

My sleep was was really good again, but the problem is I end up sleeping really long, I guess it will happen for a few days to balance out my negative pattern and slowly adjust to normal, I just hope it happens soon. As for food, I haven’t started eating really healthy yet, nor am I easily able to say no to junk yet but I do find myself being able to portion control easily, whereas previously I used to eat a lot, and this is an appreciated change.

I don’t understand what else to look for, hence my mention of only these 3 areas in regards to the programmes but I do hope to see more changes soon.

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day 4 - I have noticed since I run my subs at a really weird time, which is in the night just before sleeping, I find it really weird to keep count, almost like if I’m running subs on Monday night it’s for Tuesday, if that makes sense, also the odd posting time doesn’t make sense also and adds to the confusion, since I post whenever I feel like and it’s not structured enough, but maybe I shouldn’t complain too much since I have started developing good habits and a routine and that takes time. I do wanna regularise my posting time tho and I’ll try to do that tbh.

Today was my rest day from my new exercise routine and it was good, I just walked instead of doing the full routine and it felt nice, but also kinda boring. I have noticed one change tho, even though my self control has increased, and portion control, since yesterday night I had sudden cravings for junk food and I was not able to control these cravings, yesterday night I was able to control myself from consuming a lot but today I wasn’t able to do that also and now I’m feeling the after effects of over eating ( atleast its conscious now). I also found myself having thoughts of maybe this sub isn’t working as fast, and as noticed in my previous post not knowing what to expect and if this sub will even help me, I do have a feeling its reconciliation but not sure if it’s the natural reconciliation or the one experienced from overload as stated by saints new listening pattern post. I have recently been adding breaks to a lot of my routines and I guess for now why should this one be any different, being as impatient as I am, I absolutely hate this idea but I guess it’s better to have slower results for now as long as they r good results and long lasting results.

So I have now decided to switch up to 5 days on 1 day off for now, I’m calculating it as a break day every 10 loops since my pattern is kinda odd, and I also made some more calculations, since the previous recommendation was 500 hours, I did calculate it as 500 loops for some odd reason with my new pattern but I still feel it works, and saint said 1 loop of a Q sub = 3 loops of a non Q multistage sub, I will calculate this as 500/3 = 166.666, which rounds of to 170, but for my pattern I will be spending 180 loops per stage and a break every 10 loops, which should average out to a little over 3 months each stage according to my old plan, for stage 4 I guess I will run it normally as a single stage sub with no timeline, and once I have built a foundation of each stage I will only come back to it when necessary, my current plan is 180 loops (3 months) for each stage of a multi stage and 360 loops (6 months) of stage 4s and single stages as building a foundation and then in the future running it as necessary, I’ll also try to control myself to 2 loops everyday and 2 subs max. (seems like a pretty good plan for now)

I am at 8 loops now, and after tomorrow I’ll reach 10 loops which means day after tomorrow is my first break, lets see how this helps. I also feel like I will have to keep consciously checking and developing my action plan in relation to the subs as I keep progressing through it, which should be fun, it allows me to always focus on my goals and not get distracted by other distractions and anything new which might target my other goals, I am using this time to build a foundation and for now until I achieve it I have to keep my focus on it or I will end up back where I started. I also wanted to mention that I had some pretty interesting dreams today, but I forgot them when I woke up, I’m not consciously trying to focus on my dreams yet, I have other priorities as of now and don’t wanna overload myself, but I would love to come back to this in the future.

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small update, I am really young, and my next step after building my foundation is gonna be social life, women, and money, but I do find myself thinking that ok since I am young, I do have lots of time and I do wanna do stupid stuff, I think that I will run the older single stage programmes before jumping into the key subclub pillar programmes. For some reason I view programmes like emperor, stark, khan really mature, programmes that make u grow up and become the boss who’s killing it and is a leader, like you know the super successful 30-35 year old.

In this phase of my life I do feel like I do have a lot of catching up to do, and in my mind programmes like ascended mogul, daredevil, primal seduction, feel like programmes that r building a foundation, but aren’t reaching the main stage of the end result as described above. I feel like these programmes will be more in line with what I want, the guy in his 20s who has major potential, is really hard working, but at the same time doesn’t take his life too seriously, parties as hard, if not harder, as much as he works, plays the field and really really weighs out his options, basically the guy who’s on the path to success and has a good chance of succeeding but is still exploring and enjoying himself as much as possible along the way.

All this while I thought that I wanted to grow up asap and become super successful and famous, but now I have realised that I haven’t really finished this phase of my life yet, and since I’m at the perfect age, have just begun my journey tbh, I think 0-18 a large part of ur life is out of your hands and although u can control it, most people are experiencing life yet, and so what has happened yet, u cannot blame urself for it, atleast fully, 18-30 is when u have control over your life, and you start building the direction and explore your options, and enjoy urself, and I don’t wanna skip this part anymore, I wanna experience everything, and stop rushing towards the finish line, I wanna stay back and enjoy the road, I don’t wanna judge people my age who do stupid shit anymore, I wanna be the one who is judged, ofc in balance, and I am really excited for this journey.

PS, notice how I wrote small update and literally wrote like 3 paras, I guess @DarkPhilosopher and I might not be as different as I thought :wink:.


How old are you, @myspace123?

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I’m currently 19, but I’m almost 20. Wbu


Oh that is so awesome. What a great set of resources to have available at 19/20. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish you a string of amazing experiences, and may your actual life experiences exceed and redefine your hopes and aspirations. Knock it out, man.

That sounds/looks like ‘what about you’. Right?

I’m 47. Holy crap. My oldest is about 2 years younger than you, man. :slight_smile: Amazing.

She’s a cool as hell person though so it’s just like ‘different generation, same interesting s**t’.

Last night, I was just playing her a rap that I recorded for a friend of mine as a Christmas present when I was 23, 6 years before she was born. Once she was born, life kind of really sped up. And here we are.


lol, yhea it is.

thats really cool, I can imagine children have that effect.

Ikr, I feel blessed to have the knowledge I have at this age, that’s one of the few advantages have I have, and it almost makes up for everything else. Thanks a lot for ur blessings, ur tooo kind. I wish the same for you.


day 5 - wow the reconciliation is tough on this one, it’s a lot harder than I thought, I had so many negative thoughts today, was really doubting the sub, like if its even working, and felt really doubtful, about how far ahead and if even achievable, my goals are. I was feeling a bit of self hate for being in the current position I am, as it is so far behind from my ideal vision, and I was constantly thinking about how long getting through this stack will take and how many other things I’m missing out on.

Even with my food, I was losing self control and was constantly craving junk and even had a bit of junk, and I was even feeling lazy and wasn’t feeling like doing my workout today, fortunately I was able to push myself and get it done, but it didn’t feel as intense as before, I guess when u start a new workout, u have passion and excitement at first but as it goes on, it doesn’t feel as fiery, doesn’t mean it’s bad, just means u have adapted to it, but I always associate how intense it was with this passion, which I don’t think is a helpful habit and can be very demotivating. And if I’m being completely honest, I don’t think I did even give my 100% today so there’s that.

I’m happy tomorrow’s my rest day and I really did underestimate the power of these subs, part of me thinks I should follow the routine 3 days on 1 day off since it’s what I use with everything else, but another part of me feels that it will end up taking so long if I do this and I am already giving 3 months to each stage, this way I’ll end up spending more than a year on 1 programme only, which I know is a good thing, but I also have other goals and I don’t want them to fall off tooooo far behind.

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One benefit that I am noticing is I am being able to slowly transcend my body limits and now my workouts have become a mind game rather than a body game, I only quit when my mind gives in, until then there is always more strength I can tap into as long as I push myself.

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day 6 - today was a break day, and I wasn’t really feeling my best today, I had conversations with friends which did seem to pick me up but in general I was just feeling off I guess, I was angry, anxious, worried about the future in a more deeper way, like I wasn’t thinking about it on a surface level but it was running on a deeper level. I also really wanted junk and I did almost give in to it and called for food from out but luckily my mum stopped me so I had home food but it still wasn’t healthy and I did have a lot of snacks and sweets. I was also thinking a bit about a situation that really shook me up recently and made me feel I have a lot more work to do than I thought and so I need to get back to subs.

I also skipped my workout today as I was feeling a little lazy and when I was offered a massage I found it as the perfect excuse to relax instead of doing my workout. But I am planning to get back to it from tomorrow and stick to the 3 days on 1 day off with a few changes in my workout routine and I’m also planning to use this tracking system for everything including my subs.

I also noticed I had a bit of anxiety regarding my phone which was giving me a lot of problems regarding storage and now that that’s solved I do feel a lot more lighter.

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day 7 - wow, I’m an idiot. I was going to sleep but a few friends showed up and wanted to chill, and I ended up getting pressured into chilling with them and we ended up drinking a whole bottle of cheap liquor since nothing else was available, and boy did that not end up well, at first it was super fun, but then when they left, I was feeling super weird and so I said to the liquor “get out of my body” and at first it didn’t but then as soon as I lied down it all came up and I ended up puking all over my room, luckily I felt so much better after that and was able to sleep, but the cleanup and the hangover was a bitch the next day, safe to say I have been put off by liquor forever (don’t know how long that will last but let’s see). I wasn’t able to do anything productive as a result and I also feel all my motivation going away since the past few days and me falling back into old habits. I feel like the reconciliation is hitting really hard and I might have to rethink my approach even more and run the loops with breaks in between them rather than one after another, and if this still goes on, I might have to consider going back to 1 loop in order to better handle the subs, who knew Q could be such a beast.

PS. even after all that happened I was really amazed at the fact that I could command the liquor to leave my body and I had so much body control and awareness, even while drinking I could feel my liver reacting to the liquor and it wasn’t pleasant and if I hadn’t been drunk that would have really been a bitchy experience. So there’s atleast some good that has come out from all of this bad.


day 8 - over the past few days I have been getting a lot of dreams, many of them r surprisingly sexual, since I’m not running anything that focuses on it, but I guess a part of me wants to go back to focusing on it, but I need to control myself and focus on building a foundation for a while before I can move on to the external and focus on all of that.

In regards to ef I am having interesting results, I keep getting random pains all over my body, I am thinking its healing, since it’s just minor pain at certain body parts for an hour or smth and then it’s gone, like yesterday it was my left palm. With food I have lost all my self control and I will have to build it up again, I have always had a struggling battle with food, so theres that, not just in terms of cravings, but also in terms of emotional support, so I guess it won’t be easy to clean out. I worked out yesterday again after a 2 day break and boy was it hard, it felt so different from my normal workouts, but luckily I still had the mental drive to be able to push through and complete it, even if it wasn’t optimal, which is something I’m glad about.

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day 9+10 - not much to update more of the same, eating junk, but working out, I feel like it kinda cancels each other out to some extent, not gonna lie, but I do notice weight loss, and I am feeling like I’m reducing in age, u know when u gain a lot of weight, u feel and look a lot older than u actually are, and I have faced this in the past also where people thought I used to be 25/30 back when I was 16,17, so due to my weight loss, I have come down to a 23 yo but energetically I used to still feel 25, now it feels awesome to look and feel closer to my age, and hopefully I can reach my target and get energetic and super healthy asap.

I have made some changes to my plan, so now I’m just gonna focus on time, so I’m gonna stick to 2 months each stage, no matter how many loops I get in, because I realised it’s ok to not be perfect and get the ideal amount of loops so I never need the sub again for life, as I grow more, I might need it again for a different focus, so just accepting that allowed me to be a little less anxious about getting the ideal number of loops completed before moving to the next stage. I have also decided to do a 3 days on 1 day off stack, so day 10 is my day off (today) and I noticed when I’m on a break day, I don’t have as much motivation to control my urges and eat super healthy, in my mind it is a break day so it’s ok to live a little (which is not a bad mindset, but I feel that until I build a strong foundation, maybe I should be a little more disciplined and later when more of my focus will be on general maintenance and muscle growth sometimes, then it might be ok, but for now I should develop a bit more self control. I know for sure I don’t wanna be the guy who’s super angst and tracking every bite, I have realised in this life, I’m ok accomplishing 80% as long as I’m actually living and not just always worrying, this might change in the future but for now I like this, life is meant to be enjoyed and lived, it’s not a competition to prove ur better than everyone else and can be perfect, if that resonates with u then by all means do u, but idk if that fits how I want my life to be)

I also noticed that for some reason I am getting a lot of sexual dreams, not complaining at all, it’s honestly really fun and creative and makes me get up super super super super happy, but it’s just an observation I’m sharing. ( If this goes on for long, I might just consider making it a book series titled the sexual adventures of myspace123 :wink::rofl:)


day 11 - today I was able to see a bit of results, I was able to push myself to complete my workout much faster, and I was also thinking of ways to improve during and after the workout which was really cool. On the food front nothing much has changed, still a lot of cravings but I hope it improves soon, my sleep is getting worse which kinda sucks as it makes it a lot more harder for me to function.

yesterday I also had drama at home which was really annoying, I am dealing with the classic case of helicopter parents, and trust me when I say this but everyday sucks and is a battle just to make sure I don’t lose myself and become a puppet, it’s really hard staying afloat with so much negativity and controlling battles, but luckily I still have a lot of fight left in me, the only thing keeping me attached is financial issues, so I hope I can finish this stage asap and move on to further stages where I can leave and build my dream life.

unfortunately the sexual dreams stopped which kinda sucks, I hope they come back soon.

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day 12 - today my workout was better, not much better, but I could feel slight improvements, especially since I started to apply the things I had planned yesterday when getting a sudden rush for planning in order to improve the quality of my workout. I also noticed today I started to get back a bit of control for my unhealthy food cravings, I’m glad to see the changes I made (3 days on 1 day off and an hour break between my 2 loops) might be slowly pushing me back to positive results and growing from the subs, due to some family issues in my house there is a lack of space due to which I have to share my room which completely ruins my chances of having a decent sleeping schedule, infact it has made it so much worse, I guess I will just have to put up with it until I can get my space back, maybe that’s why my dreams r gone, which sucks so much, my dreams today was more on the aggressive side than the other side (cough, cough).

day 13 - today was rather uneventful, I gave into my comfort zone temptations and avoided 2 of my routines that line up with my sub listening routine and I barely did anything the whole day, I also ended up ordering unhealthy food and consuming it which I know will affect my workout, but it’s ok, every journey has ups and downs, and this just gives me an opportunity to work extra hard, I have decided that for the other 2 routines, which includes my workout routine, I’ll do them tomorrow also instead of taking an extra break day and do them for 4 days on, I will still take a break day from the subs tomorrow since I listened to it today. Also I think my room might be back to just being for me, and if that’s true then I might start finding ways to rectify that sleep schedule so I can get back on track.