Neville-focused Alchemist Journal


My subs background: I’ve run SubClub subs for the last 50 weeks with very few breaks. Subs I’ve spent 1+ month on: Ascension, Emperor, Primal, Primal Seduction, Khan. I’ve run Khan almost exclusively for the last 3.5 months, got to the point where ST4 smoothed out a few weeks ago. Emperor piqued my interest in Neville’s teachings, though Khan was what really unlocked their power.

My spiritual background: I’ve meditated daily for almost 4 years, at the same time I got into cold approach pickup. Tried around 10-12 different practices, from basic breathing meditation to the Sedona Method, Reichian therapy, Chi Kung, the Open Heart school of vajrayana buddhism, and Neville Goddard’s teachings. I started focusing my day-to-day attention on my spiritual practice right when I started using subs 11 months ago. Using the Open Heart teachings I became awakened at the end of February 2019, and by my understanding of their definition (condition of the energy body) I became fully enlightened, a fully realized Buddha, in early June. Khan ST1 was instrumental in reaching that level. I’ve worked with Neville Goddard’s teachings for 5 months, had many internal successes, many small external successes and a few big external successes.

If you disagree with my assertion that I’m a Buddha, ignore it. To me, it means I feel light and my mind easily becomes restful when I interrupt my thought loops. The world is brighter, I don’t suffer much when bad things happen, I experience pain or I get really crappy sleep (I only slept 3 hours last night, but after doing some Chi Kung and meditating I feel much happier and mentally sharper than I used to with perfect sleep). I’m internally relaxed even when my body is showing signs of stress. It makes my experience of life much more pleasant than it was before, and it’s a lot easier to do shadow work because I don’t identify very strongly with my emotional garbage. However, I’m still uncovering new emotional blocks every day as I push forward with becoming a Khan in my external life. I’d describe it like this: imagine your mind is a house, and it’s full of crap you’ve hoarded over the years. Most people are stumbling around blind. I have a really good pair of glasses, I can see all of it clearly. But, I still have to know where to look, and I still have to throw the garbage out.

My goals:

  • To master Neville’s teachings
  • Maintain a spiritual calm based in awareness as I take action in the external world

I plan to run each stage for 1 month, unless my intuition strongly suggests otherwise. I’ll also continue to run Khan a few times a week to maintain that progress. I’ll probably also make use of running 2 or 3 instances simultaneously at times, I found that to be very effective with Khan for overriding my conscious mind.


I myself am working to get better at Neville’s teachings. I’m focused more on the Law than the Promise. I don’t really "get’ The Promise yet. Maybe someday :slight_smile:
Looking forward to your Neville progress!


It is quite interesting that just after I started using Emperor I went back to Neville Goddard and now everyone speaks of Neville Goddard haha


Real good stuff. Have been inspired to learn from Neville Goddard myself. At the moment listening to “Immortal Man” on Audible by him. Read by someone else though. Love the way he explains the Bible in a mystical way rather than the way most priests do to induce unnecessary guilt.


This YouTube channel has a ton of cleaned-up audio lectures of Neville’s:

Listening in his voice is really something special, he has the highest level of spiritual development I’ve ever heard in a Westerner outside of the Open Heart community. He underwent the Kundalini during the time he experienced the Promise, which corresponds to 9th bhumi in the Open Heart model (of 13 total). Glenn Morris, author of Path Notes of an American Ninja Master is also 9th bhumi. Culdasa (John Yates), Daniel Ingram, Lester Levenson (during his later recorded lectures), Hale Dwoskin (Sedona Method) and RSD Tyler are 6th bhumi, which is the highest you can go without doing pretty intense energy work. Eckhart Tolle is only 1st bhumi; awakened, but no further.


There is also quite a bit at where that page is solely dedicated to Neville.

Agree about his voice. He LIVED The LawI
I had a dream once where Nev was in a travel agency type office, sitting on the desk nonchalantly talking to me, but it was a thick New Jersey accent.


I’ve always wondered whether through my readings on Neville Goddard’s teachings, I actually manifested this. Had been hoping for a Neville-focused topic on this forum for a very long time and had been imagining that there would be a convergence between the principles behind Subclub subliminals and Neville Goddard’s thoughts.

Looks like the convergence has finally come into my reality.


check out this book –


Day 1:

I’ve run ST1 Masked since my first post today. I find masked to be more powerful because it prevents my mind from getting as wound up.

I’ve got a very subtle low level urge to fidget; I tend to get this on Khan too. I’ve felt more more dominant and less willing to entertain BS or lame attitudes from family members (I live at my parents house) and been a little angrier in general. I rarely feel anger due to all my practice with letting go. I felt this way yesterday too, but it was stronger today.
Learned a new meditative technique: adding a mantra and connected breathing to Chi Kung makes it ~10x more powerful for me. Very strong energy flows, on par with the strongest I’ve ever generated. That’s unusual, I haven’t done a lot of energy work for the last few months. Felt inspired to do the full Damo’s Cave exercise from Glenn Morris’s Path Notes of an American Ninja Master; you visualize going into a cave that’s a metaphor for your subconscious, then travel through different doors that correspond to chakras. Again, I felt much stronger energy flows than usual, and I noticed a number of changes since the last time I did parts of this exercise over 6 months ago, which was before I was awakened.


Day 2:

No dreams from last night, slept about 6.5 hrs and felt like I’d received enough sleep (usually I need close to 8 hrs). Mind was noisy on waking, as is typical when I run subs. I charged my lower dantien with just a few breaths while lying in bed, never done it that effectively before. I felt easily relaxed while doing my morning Chi Kung practice, and like I didn’t need to do my usual elaborate stack of practices to clear the energetic garbage floating around my body when I wake up. My Feel It Real sessions felt pretty normal. I felt inspired to try out the Middle Pillar ritual, which I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Also found out Israel Regardie is at 1st bhumi on the Golden Dawn audio tapes you can find on YouTube. My mind feels very sharp and alert.


@throwthekitchensink, you talk a lot about your moment and time of enlightenment, and it seems awesome and extremely fascinating:

Can you share more how that felt?

I would really love to know.


@h1ren - looks really good. Need to check this out


The first part was awakening (1st bhumi), which I did by taking a Guidance to Awakening from . From what I remember: I didn’t feel anything specific at the time, but by the time I got to work everything seemed a little brighter. It felt like there was a thin layer of pure awareness underneath everything. During lunch time I did atiyoga/dzogchen, also called “just sit” meditation. It’s not really a traditional meditation, you purposely just let your mind wander without trying to control it. My mind went wild for a while, as it usually does, but after 10 minutes, the mental chatter spontaneously snapped off and I felt pure bliss and peace for a while. One of the biggest lasting changes is that I don’t feel like a bus has hit me in the mornings right after waking up. Eckhart Tolle describes this stage extensively in the Power of Now, and if you read it or listen to the audiobook of it you’ll get a taste of how it feels.

Every stage after that felt like increasing levels of peace, and more and more pure awareness or light beneath everything. When I reached Buddhahood it felt like everything had a large layer of pure awareness underneath it. Whenever I put my awareness on a thought or feeling, there’s a very clear separation between it and “me”.

There’s a cute little saying I read in Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha about enlightenment that I like: “Highly recommended, can’t tell you why.” That’s because you can’t fully describe it in words, you have to actually experience it.

Honestly, this wasn’t something I did just for fun, I did it to escape the low level psychological pain I felt. I was super logical and stuck in my head all the time from my earliest memories, never happy for any length of time. I numbed myself with facts and video games until my first proper year of college, then I decided to start working on myself. I tried pretty much everything: being a top student, lifting weights, online dating, cold approach pickup (started meditating per RSD Tyler’s advice), online business, then various spiritual practices. Actually seeking enlightenment was my very last resort. Almost 3 years ago, after my first nightgame pull, when I realized that all my self help work hadn’t led to any permanent changes to my happiness if I stopped my habits, I decided to seek a permanent increase to my baseline state (end to suffering). 1 year after that it became the focus of my life, and 1.5 years after that I reached Buddhahood; Neville’s teachings on the Pearl were what allowed me to finish the journey. The whole process, from pushing myself in school to Buddhahood took 7 years. Seven corresponds to grace in the Bible, which seems poetic.


Day 2 Part 2:

Felt kind of irritated and intolerant with life after I finished work, not as severe as the day before but still there. Brain felt like it was running on overdrive, napped and walked around and thought instead of working on the business I want to start like I planned to. I questioned whether I should even run subliminals at all, when I’ve already used Feel It Real to create the states needed to live my ideal life. Felt much more peaceful after using Feel It Real to deal with the states that were causing me inner turmoil.

Day 3 Morning:

Slept 7.5 hrs, felt very calm and mentally sharp on waking, my central channel was already clear (which I don’t remember ever happening before). I have a light sore throat, which usually happens when I do energy work with the central channel; my neck is probably the tensest part of my body, I’ve been working on it more regularly. I had several dreams during the night, mostly spiritually related. In one of them I remember telling my dad that I used to feel the need to avoid danger, but now I don’t even notice that feeling because I can handle whatever I run into. I almost didn’t see the point in meditating, because I felt so calm already. I worked with one of Glenn Morris’s meditations that I hadn’t done in about 9 months, it felt easier and more effective than the last time I ran it.

I’ve noticed subliminals cause my thoughts to race. Other people in Open Heart that have opened their 11th bhumi or higher can sit in bliss without doing anything for 60+ minutes straight with almost no mind wandering. I’m not even close to that, although I was amazed at how calm my mind 2 months ago when I took a break from subliminals for a couple of days. I started using subs again because I’ve noticed that I tend to get stuck in apathy if I don’t use them, although that may not be as true anymore since I hit a new level with my Feel It Real sessions in early September.

For Neville, I highly recommend the resources at . Their email list is excellent, as are their Feel It Real Fun videos on YouTube and their podcast. For their paid products, Feel It Real Powerpack and Manifesting Mastery are incredible, some of the best bang-for-the-buck I’ve ever gotten in self-development. Also, actually study Neville’s lectures daily. I’d recommend listening to one of his lectures every single day, or reading if you can’t find the audio.

My favorite Neville lectures can be found at this YouTube channel: :
The Secret of Imagining
Imaginal Acts Become Facts
How to Use Your Imagination
Mental Diets
The Pearl of Great Price

If anyone has general questions about spiritual practices, I’m happy to answer them. I’ve tried a lot of stuff, so I can probably recommend something good that’ll save you a lot of frustration.


I love this journal and your definition of what it means to be a Buddha resonates with me. It’s also nice to see someone putting in the work and not just listening to subs and expecting miracles.


Day 3 Midday/Evening:

Didn’t work today, early in the day tried doing atiyoga (“just sitting” or nonmeditation) with my gaze held upwards. It was surprisingly easy to not get lost in thought, much easier than without controlling the eyes. I suspect it has to do with interrupting the eye accessing cues talked about in NLP that loop you through different thought patterns and states. I still felt that low-level internal discomfort I’m used to on subs until about 4 PM, when I nailed several Feel It Real sessions around receiving and effort. All discomfort/reconciliation from running Alchemist seems to have gone away after making these shifts. I also did some strength training today, my first proper workout in several weeks. I’ve noticed I’m not nearly as hungry running Alchemist ST1 as I was running Khan, which is good since I’d like to lose some bodyfat.


Day 4:
One dream, super calm on waking, I just feel at peace with myself. It’s so smooth now it feels like I haven’t been running subs at all. I even jumped to the next level of my Perfect Meditation brainwave entrainment audios, which in the past has stirred up pretty serious internal garbage for 1-2 weeks; this time it stirred up nothing. This state maintained throughout my whole day, even with going to work. I felt content the whole day, which has never happened to me before. I was a bit worried that I’d lost all desire for a while, then I found some more things I wanted to change about myself (and yes, I’m aware this is a recurring pattern for me), including finally nailing what financial abundance would look and feel like for me and letting go of acting subservient around authority figures. My energy levels were very good the whole day despite fasting, I never really felt hungry.


What did you come up with as far as wealth state? Only if you care to share here I mean. Understand if not. I’m always curious what sorts of things people come up with for their ideal day and all.

In the Neville-themed FB group I’m co-moderator of, I commented on someone’s post with what I’m playing with lately for the state of “Wealth Creator”:

“One thing I’ve been imagining from the state of wealth creator is going to see movies at the cinema during the daytime on weekdays. paying cash for it.
Usually for me, going to the movies is an ORDEAL in terms of planning it out days in advance, making sure I have enough money SAVED up to go, enough to get a drink, hot dog, etc.
Basically, before, it was doing from the state of “Gotta make sure I can actually afford to go”…
Where if I am truly wealthy, and get bored with what I’m doing, I just hop in the car and go see a damn movie whenever I want.”


Yeah, I saw your post in that group. For security, I imagined buying gas and having no emotional reaction to the price. For abundance, I imagined clicking send on an email that implied I was doing a $10k training I really want to do and it feeling totally normal. I nailed that session, but I found when I woke up I hadn’t fallen asleep in that state, Alchemist pushed me onto something about my spiritual purpose, so it doesn’t feel done. I’ll dig deeper later today, see if there’s another scene I need to use.


Day 5:

Had a funny and positive dream in the morning (I don’t remember having any dreams like that before), still felt very calm throughout the day, but felt a little dull. Only moderate tiredness despite finishing a 47 hr fast today, which was way easier than it’s ever been in the past. I feel less and less urge to do sitting practice other than my Feel It Real sessions. After breaking my fast, felt kinda tired and sat around watching pretty mindless YouTube videos for a while (my old vice). This time I noticed I actually didn’t enjoy them at all and felt no pull to continue watching them; probably because there wasn’t actually any negativity that I was trying to distract myself from. Read lectures 1 and 2 from Neville’s 1948 Core Lecture series before bed, realized that I needed to add a scene about buying a $1k seminar I also wanted to go to and hanging out with my best friend who lives on the other side of the country.

I ran a 2:3 ratio of Khan ST4:Alchemist ST1 at night. I woke up in the middle of the night, felt that I needed to add a scene of me living where I want to live to indicate financial abundance, then when I woke up I could feel I’d actually nailed financial abundance. I ran Khan to help prep myself for going out tonight, and to bring back some of the body language and sexual vibe that’s been slipping on Alchemist ST1. Now when I run Khan, I no longer feel that unpleasant feeling in the background that makes fasting difficult, I just feel warm and kind of heavy. Another thing I’d done a Feel It Real session on is being excited to get out of bed. It was easy to feel on Alchemist, but since I perceive the sexual vibe from Khan as heaviness, I actually mistook the sexual vibe for tiredness/apathy.