Need Your Advice Stacking The Emperor V2 W/ V2 Mogul Pure Wealth & Spartan Apex Warrior


Hey Folks,

I found this site a couple of days ago and I am beyond excited to get started. I was using self-talk tapes previously but I am feeling this concept and looking to try this out.

Question for the more experienced board members.

I am looking to purchase The Emperor V2, along with Pure Wealth V2 and Spartan Apex Warrior. Is that a good mix to get started. I have used subliminal tapes in the past but nothing on this level. I would greatly appreciate your advice and or suggestions.



I would start with something like Ascension or Ascended Mogul. Then after a few months get Emperor and Spartan. Spartan is a huge sub and so is Emperor.


Thank you Floridianninja
Much appreciated.


@Floridianninja’s recommendations are spot on. However, I think you could handle both Ascended Mogul + Spartan regular (not Spartan New Dawn, as we’re not sure how that’s going to work with stacking yet).


Thanks @SaintSovereign, forgive my ignorance Spartan new Dawn is the Spartan Appex Warrior?


Spartan New Dawn is a preorder bonus of Spartan Apex Warrior. It is an experimental build with the possibility to give you better results than the normal Spartan Apex Warrior version. However, you have to try it out for yourself because it could also give you the same results or worse.
So I would recommend sticking to Spartan Apex Warrior first and then look if you are ready to experiment.


Thanks @jansalich


Emperor is extremely potent and will push you to make changes. Unfortunately some people just cannot handle it. Hence starting with a more foundation based sub is wise.


Thanks @blackadder, I need that MAJOR push, time to be uncomfortable. I appreciate the advice.


If you do decide to go for Emperor. You might experience bad days where you feel really angry and snappy. Some days you may feel alittle depressed as Emperor pushes you like a military commander. If you can persevere the rewards are huge.


Thanks man I appreciate it a lot @blackadder


Yeah, I have the same experience here, some days, I am really angry at the world, myself, my friends (just short fused!)… and some days I am depressed and I have thoughts like “I will never achieve it”… those are the days where it is harder being Alpha because you just feel like giving up… body language and self confidence are not thought the roof!


I’m still curious what running Emperor and Primal would be like


What’s stopping you from trying it out?:slightly_smiling_face:


I think that that Rebirth and Limit Destroyer can clear that issues.


I ran Emperor and Primal together for about 1.5 months before stopping to pursue other priorities. I think there is a nice synergy. Primal seems to bring out a nonchalance and swagger that is not contained within Emperor by itself. I would characterize the alpha of Emperor without Primal as more rigid and upright. Primal brings greater naturalness to it.


I have added rebirth to my stack will see how things go.


Yeah, I already have limit destroyer in my stack :wink:

I just think I need more time with the sub, when I ran my month with primal, it really took three weeks to see the change it made in me. Now I am 9 days in to emperor… I don’t think the change will be so big, especially since I have had a lot of difficulty with being dominant and asserting myself in the world… it is the main reason to stopping primal, I wanted to get my dominance on point before switching to other subs!


May I suggest something? Try Ascension alone. It helped me to break thru the wall. After some time with Ascension, about 1-2 weeks (and Rebirth & Limit Destroyer), Emperor started to shine.

That was funny that Emperor at first didn’t made me more dominant. Ascension does.
Sometimes I refer to different subs not like “what is best or more powerful” but just like a keys to kingdom. Trying this, trying that. Experimental.


Really interesting! I have pruchased both limit destroyer and rebirth last month :slight_smile:
Maybe I should try two weeks of ascension to kickstart my emperor run! :open_mouth:

Tonight I will play ascension (mix between ascension V2, and ascension new dawn), I already tryed ascension new dawn two loops every morning and I was feeling more positive!

Here is my playlist for the next two weeks:
Ascension V2 x3
Ascension New Dawn x2
Limit destroyer x1
Rebirth x1

I will assess how I feel tomorrow, since I have difficulty feeling emperor after a week, I will try this kickstart method to see how it goes in increasing dominance! It is funny for me because I have a lot of skills (or I know I am competent) but I always have hesitation to act on it… at my job and also with girls (I have been spontaneously complimented on my sexual performance by many girls, so I know I at least have great sex to offer them, but I still hesitate)… same with my job, I know I could do more but I always hesitate… I really want to bump up my dominance and my asertion on to this world…

It is good if you have the skills, but if you don’t act, it is useless!

Thank you for your suggestion :wink: