Need some advice


Hey Everyone

I have been using Emperor on/off since Mid October. I have been really struggling to figure out what i want to do in life. I am 29 turning 30 in October and kind of feel like i have wasted my life up til this point.

I need some advice on what i should listen too.

I work for my family’s accounting company and will one day take it over hopefully if it is still around, and I trade stock options. But other than that my direction is clouded. I have always been into MLMs but was never super successful at them and also i like the idea of starting my own business, always have been into being an entrepreneur like my dad but can never choose a business to start.

The reason i chose emperor before was because it seemed like an all in one sub but that was also my first time listening to subliminals. Also Emperor had some interesting sub modules that i was interested in like the fat burner, and the rich deep sleep. I have been at this crossroads for the past 2 weeks whether i should go to just AM and Primal or continue on with emperor and primal.

Personally I have never had a problem with dating but i haven’t always been the alpha… I have always been the “nice” guy or guy that is respectful to an extent and doesn’t really stand up for himself as much as he should. But that has never really stopped me from getting laid or dating, I just haven’t always dated girls who were 9-10s.

I am a pretty social person usually but the past year i have been more of a hermit. Just staying home not really venturing out into the world. I have lost most of the people i have considered friends. I am also the person who is usually there for everyone trying to lift them up then it usually bites me in the ass lol. I have also been getting into self development this past year, affirmations, meditations, that is actually how i found sub club.

a few of my goals this year would be

  1. Become financially stable
  2. Become more spiritual
  3. Read more books on all different subjects
  4. Figure out what I really want to do in life

Also i was wondering if I am doing affirmations in the morning. Is that kind of defeating/working against the subliminals that i am running?

Wow it is kind of weird but I feel as if emperor has been pushing me to write this. I say that because I have had a bad headache the past few days and it just magically went away after I got halfway through this.

There is plenty more i can write but I would like some advice first before i say more.

Hope everyone has a kick ass week


I am not sure about what else you might listen to, but I think having already created that 3 month foundation with Emperor I would let that continue to be my main sub to see how all that listening will keep building. It seems like a great sub for getting clarity on financial and personal goals. I guess I wonder if Limitless could be a great second sub for the learning goals you mention?

I know for myself I have been listening to Emperor since the end of August, Limitless since mid November and Primal since mid December and it feels like a synergistic combo.

I am amazed at how many people are smiling at me and saying hello as I go about my day. My self-confidence at this point is rock solid.


Lately i have been running

Limit Destroyer
Emperor V2
Emperor V2
Emperor V2
Emperor V2
Mogul V2 to add in more wealth but i took that out last week


So I should continue just running it the way i have been and maybe add back in Mogul?

@Fire and @SaintSovereign

What do you guys think?


I think you could run Primal more in that stack. I think more of it might be more beneficial than adding Mogul back into a playlist where Emperor is already in heavy rotation.

I think Primal is great for getting a person to feel ok in their own skin. I think that is pretty useful.


Thank you for the help… was kinda hoping saint or fire would put their 2 cents in lol.

I will definitely put primal in more maybe just do limit destroyer, emperor v2 x2, primal, limitless, and creative unleashed.


Hopefully they will still respond.

I’ve got multiple stations set up with mp3 players and speakers and the one where I get the most listening in is in my bedroom. On that one I’ve just got Emperor and Primal running. Those two seem like the real heavy lifters to me.


@Fire and @SaintSovereign

Quick question

So i have been running emperor on and off for the past few months and not exactly concrete on my goals. Could that be why i haven’t manifested very much or changed very much? Plus i kind of just jumped right into Emperor with a kind of go big or go home attitude. Didn’t have a foundation set up at all and still not sure i have more of one built since i started listening to the subs.

Should i switch to AM for a few months and then go back to Emperor once i am concrete on the goals i want to accomplish or work towards?

I know one of my goals is to be financially stable and have incredible financial sucess especially with the stock market. I’m not quite sure I’m ready to build my own empire or business anytime soon.

Limit Destroyer has helped a lot though. I used to be really negative and had the i can’t do it attitude and it definitely has taken a hike for the most part.

Maybe i am overthinking everything too much.