Need help with extreme productivity custom for IT startup

Hello. I’ve run an IT startup where I’m CEO and CTO. Since this is a startup, the work requires a lot of productivity and cognitive. I’ve made such a list of modules I’m going to add into the custom. I would like to get any advice or anything else to make a better decision in making this custom so I would get the best benefit from the subs. Perhaps, I could replace some modules with another ones and delete them.
Any review is needed.

  1. Machine: Action
  2. Machine: Rest
  3. Productivity Unleashed
  4. Victory’s Call
  5. The Way of ROI
  6. The Lines
  7. Khronos Key
  8. Index Gate
  9. IQ and Cognitive Booster
  10. The Streams
  11. Single Point
  12. Informaticon
  13. Carpe Diem Ascended
  14. Virtue Series: Temperance
  15. Limitless Executive Core
  16. Mastermind
  17. Information releaser
  18. Pragya
  19. Technology Prodigy

I’m in the process of building something like that for myself.

Here is my custom:


yeah, I’ve seen it, even posted in there. Thank you for sharing anyway.


I’ve recently put together a similar custom that was inspired by @ksub with a lot of help from @Lion. I also work in tech and wanted something around high productivity and technical writing as I do a lot of work in policies, risk assessments, and complex security architecture reviews.

Here is my stack if you’d like to compare (I’d definitely recommend Technology Prodigy for you). Definitely a lot of similarities.


If I were you, I would make something like this:

  1. CHOSEN Core
  2. Stark Core
  3. Earthshaker: Authority
  4. Leader of Men
  5. Lion IV
  6. Torchbearer
  7. Index Gate
  8. Technology Prodigy
  9. Mastermind
  10. The Way of ROI
  11. Machine: Action
  12. Productivity Unleashed
  13. Victory’s Call
  14. The Lines
  15. IQ and Cognitive Booster
  16. The Streams
  17. Single Point
  18. Informaticon
  19. Information releaser
  20. Carpe Diem Ascended

Basically a mix of leadership and productivity skills.


I would like to make a custom that purely focuses on productivity and cognitive enhancement to get results faster, but your custom list of modules is awesome. I’m building my foundation with Ascended Mogul now, so I definitely gonna save what you suggested for future, because it’s a little bit heavy stack for me for now.

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thank you, added Technology Prodigy too.

That’s a goos idea. If you are running this custom along with AM, do consider adding Mosaic so that AM and this custom will work better together.

Just a small correction in terminology:

‘Stack’ is what 2 or 3 titles you are running in a particular cycle.

Stack example:

  • Ascended Mogul
  • Custom 1
  • Paragon

We could say that a Custom is made out of a “stack of modules” but that would be confusing. So it would be better to say that a certain custom has the following modules like the one you listed:

It’s a small thing I know but it will help make things clear for other new users when they read our posts.

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good point. thank you.

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Ah yes, thank you for correcting me!

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