Myths of the Great Pearl

Dear friends,

I have been given the opportunity to open a Gym facility, including within this workspace is the requirements to lead a team, to sell the service to our customers (and be awarded bonuses for subscribing new customers), coaching to help our customers achieve their personal goals, etc.

Essentially, this a great opportunity for me to integrate – it will also be a function that I will do lovingly, and with motivation, it comes with the pathway to improve upon my sales, marketing, coaching, and leadership skills, furthermore, this is by far the best return on investment for me because not only will I earn an income, I will building a foundation for my entrepreneurial pursuit, meanwhile developing a handful of skills that are likely to benefit me a lot in life.

I composed a Custom, it is still a draft and will need some fine-tuning but with this Custom, and the environment that I’ll be in, I’m assured that I’ll have tremendous amounts of growth.

  1. Ascension Core
  2. True Sell Core
  3. Chosen Core
  4. Carpe Diem Ascended
  5. Deep Sleep
  6. Harmonic Singularity
  7. The Architect
  8. Energetic Development
  9. Lion IV
  10. Tyrant
  11. Divine Will
  12. Dominion
  13. The Single Point
  14. Transcendental Connection
  15. Lifeblood Fable
  16. Potentiator
  17. Furious Ascent
  18. Faith Unyielding
  19. Chosen of Venus
  20. Song of Joy
  21. Leader of Men
  22. Dragon Tongue

Looking so forward to open this gym facility – it will be a clean slate, no clients yets, and I’ll be able to see what I have created, how well I have performed, the clients that I have persuaded to subscribe to our programs, and to generally see the goals they have achieved using my specialised coaching skills with the à la Chosen style.

I will spend about a year here actively working before I’ll train someone to do the majority of the work for me while becoming more passive.

It’s the perfect opportunity for me to achieve a peak state of growth in a short amount of time.

Not sure which Modules to remove from the Custom – looking at Dragon Tongue, Faith Unyielding, Chosen of Venus, Song of Joy, etc

I believe Song of Joy and Dragon Tongue will be covered by True Sell, but on the other hand they’ll also be enhanced if I keep them in there, and would be great to expand upon the masterful speechcraft, and joyful humor.

If I missed anything, do share your thoughts.


Congratulations on your new gym. May it be a be a positive venture for you, clients and staff.

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Thank you, it is good for me to get some projects going.

Generally, I also want to have some fun and to reintegrate with society, while building a new internal landscape in preparation for a major transition this world is inevitably going to face…

And will face it soon.

This venture is not optimal or dream-like for me I inspire for much grander things which are of greater benefit to our human family which is desperately in need. However, I do see that I will have much to gain out of it and see what capabilities and talents I have gathered that can be forged into mastery.


Dude that’s awesome. I want my own gym some day as well. That’s admirable. Hope your custom works well. When I am finished with Khan stages, I want Leader of Men and Divine Will in a custom stack most definitely. Looking forward to your progress King.

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Coming soon…

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Didn’t see that one coming @Amor! Self employment is great, yes it’s extra work and responsibility but you’re not under anyone else’s thumb.

That custom looks fine to me, the cores are spot on, maybe swap out Ascension for Ascended Mogul. Marketing modules may be good to have, especially online.

How involved are you on the gym side of things?



Conscious or Subconscious

Show us some pics of that gym my boi

Feeling like a mixture of Ascension, Primal Seduction, Wanted and Chosen right now with sprinkles of Libertine and Diamond.

You better give me a 1 year free membership when your gym opens;)

You wish :sunglasses: gotta make those sales hehehe

Feels like I’m integrating Ascension fast, and deeply at a massive scale too.

Primal Seduction, been that one as well, I’m sure it’s partially not integrated because I have not been exposed as much to social environments and women.

Feeling drawn to Wanted again.

But I love Primal Seduction too — it is truly that, evoking a deep primal urge in women to sleep with you, the seduction aspect takes it even further, you will become so incredibly seductive all women will have no excuse but to have a taste of it, and once they tasted, there is no going back.

I went to a social event just once and the Primal Seduction program started working instantly. That same night I had dreams all night of seducing women at parties and all of them couldn’t help but to fall for me.

I like Primal Seduction it works well but you have to find a pathway for the scripts to express, at least one women that you feel attracted to.

It also a very active seduction program I’d say it probably has best effects and results on parties, in clubs, the basic night life with women who are somewhat tipsy or drunk, in that state with Primal Seduction they won’t be able to help themselves.

Wanted feels more romantic, more of a dream, it’s more of an attraction, passive, working on your looks and getting to know yourself on a deeper level and using those unending personality traits and characteristics to get women to fall totally and obsessively in love…

It’s less active I’d say.

But Sex on Primal Seduction is :fire::fire::fire:

It’s pure primal wild, animalistic sex and women deep within crave for this kind of sex… lol it’s a crazy experience.

On Wanted you will get all the women you desire but I feel like this archetype is not perfect fo a romantic relationship. It will be highs and lows for the girl which is going to make her obsessive and await the unveiling if the endless cycle of rewards after disappointment and she won’t be able to help to find herself lured into your enigmatic life and personality — at least so long the enchantment keeps her under your spell…


Wanted gives me Vampire vibes, Chosen gives me angel vibes LOL…

My question is, can I be the Vampire at night, Angel at day.

I like the Angel, but this world is so based on duality. Vampires are able to conquer the darkest feasts of the night, to live in darkness, be part of it, but not to be scared by it, because the vampire is the most elusive and compelling creature of the Night, being enforced and strengthened by the Night. Darkness has not reign of it’s being, because it controls the dark…

Very devilishly seductive.

Where Wanted takes, Chosen gives…

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I like it when I can just sit and relax, to feel the programs and integrate them at a slower more monumental pace.

Honestly, I feel like doing full loops of the Zero Point programs can be way too overwhelming and cause one to lose grasp over reality. For me, with some titles, and certainly in the beginning… one loop a week it ENOUGH.

And still it will cause recon and be intense for me.

You don’t want to reach a stage of “overwhelm” results will simply cease to exist because their is no space for execution, and when there is, their will also be internal turmoil which takes away from the full enjoyment and pleasure of the experience.

You hear that @praisetheurdtree :wink:

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Transfiguration of the Persona is one of my forté’s—I have been playing with it a little bit too much though.

Need to get a concrete archetype and personality.

See, a full loop of a program, and what happens on the Astral is so intense that it becomes a shock to me and the current surroundings.

It needs space to unfold.

Will stick to Ascension as a proper foundation, alongside Primal Seduction which seems to be starting to work better. Might swap Primal Seduction for Wanted later on, but for now, I want to have some fiery seductive pleasure and leave some girls fulfilled. Then, I’ll be Wanted and step more into romance and love not just making the women madly aroused but also building such alluring connections that their Hearts are mine too.


I get overexposed fast on these programs, I’m hyper sensitive but somehow I can go through so much reconciliation and still bear it that I even forget I’m in it.

Will need to slow things down until I’m settled into these archetypes and integrated in that life.

Initially, I was going for this Custom but for now I think Ascension should be a priority for the next year. I can still use Primal Seduction as a means for sales, and coaching — I’m sure the women would enjoy interacting with me and would feel attracted to come to the Gym simply for me and my presence.

Chosen will have to come back later on.

I also felt like I was unable to execute on it due to where my external life is it.

I stonewalled my life playing around with these tools and some things got out of balance which need proper attention and care now.

That might be next year’s stack…fallen Angel vampire… I’ve got some product descriptions to read.

Facing a dilemma —

I feel I’m too intense and dominant for my business partner.

At our meeting earlier, it felt like he was a little bit unsettled. I feel like I will have to add Chosen in order to execute on this function with more understanding, more connection and desire to see all participants grow in a positive Light.

My brain is extremely dense right now like there is so much processing. I do not want to add more to my stack. I feel like the 15 mins are already so intense for me.

And I want to stick with Ascension, Primal Seduction, Diamond so there is no space for Chosen…

My brain is full too and I’m on the 3th processing day.

I will not be able to operate in this space lol

I honestly hate this about ZP why does it have to be so intense :eyes:

15 mins there is so much change so quickly

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A combination of Ascension and Chosen, with a seduction title would be optimal for my life right now.

However, I wanted to build a foundation with Ascension first.