Mystic's alX Journal

I started this sub yesterday in the afternoon, and will be on it for roughly a month. Maybe less depending on how fun the new upcoming S&S sub will be. :smiley:

Right off the bat, I want to mention that I have lucid dreamed and even astral projected before. But it has been such a rare occurrence, and I’ve had so much fun when it happens that I want it to improve. I’m also not a person who regularly remembers their dreams.

Day 1: I did get some minor movement last night however, after listening to the program for a few hours (about 4) I started to pass out. When I was sleeping, I felt my subtle body vibrating and the closer I got to actually passing out the stronger it got. Unfortunately I did not AP, or if I did I don’t remember it. I did not experience or remember my dreams as well.

But it’s early days for this sub, I will attempt to report regularly.

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Much thanks for testing this. There’s actually four versions of the program, lol. We have one for experienced lucid dreamers and astral projectors – the one I sent you is the “training wheels” version, which will probably take a bit longer to get results because it has to first “train” the subconscious to project properly. If you’re not getting anything in a week or two, we’ll give you the more powerful person.

The last person to reach the target goal took about 8 days – but he’s an avid meditator and alchemist too. Would be very interested in hearing about your experiences in astral projection. Might be something we can use to improve the program.

Well even though this doesn’t pertain to your sub, but the last few times I attempted to AP my astral body got stuck on my head lol. My physical body was laying on the bed while my astral body started to separate but hinged at the head (yeah I know lol) being completely perpendicular. I was upside down, and I’ve had that issue the last few times I’ve had an OBE. I dunno if you’ve got something in the script for that but it’d be really nice lol.

Day 6: I’ve been listening to alX each day for at least 8 hours a day. I haven’t noted many differences, and haven’t recalled much as of yet. But what I do recall is having a recurring location twice now. As strange as it sounds, it’s been a very fancy restaurant inside of some mall.

Other than that not much to report, I haven’t had the vibrations I experienced on day 1 happen again. Also this sub is more audibly noticeable than Emperor. Just a weird observation.

Good observation. I built alX with an old build method. During testing, we had a number of people complaining about their ears hurting, even when the volume was low, so we lowered volume in production subs.

Can you describe the mall? And are you projecting there or dreaming about it? How vivid is the dream?

The mall was pretty modern tbh, the restaurant I recall was pretty fancy. With a strange Chinese themed temple like building close by. I honestly don’t remember entering the mall or exploring around it. But the restaurant was right next to a main entrance. Overall it was a place that looked pretty normal actually.

I also dreamt this, and it was pretty vivid at the time. I’d say 8 out of 10 on how vivid it was. Not bad considering I’m usually not good with dream recall.

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I’ve astral projected many times. I had a kundalini awakening in high school.
next time you get stuck in your head, try imagining a rope from the ceiling and use your arms to pull yourself upward and out of your body (if this doesn’t work, let me know and i have something else). Also, try listening to theta waves (while meditating) before attempting to AP.
I have a few books to recommend if you are interested.