My Transformation Journey


I have been using SC products for about a month now. I would say I saw substantial improvements in myself but still lots of room for improvement. An incident happened yesterday made me want to document the changes in myself. Decided to keep a public journal to keep myself accountable and receive feedbacks.

My main goals for using subs is to help my career as a sales. I have graduated college two years and started my career as a corporate sales in the tech industry. I have been told that I would make a good sales as I have good presentation skills. But it takes more much than that to success in the business. I am not a disciplined person, have low motivation and don’t do well in conflicts. These are the qualities that I would like to work on.

On the relationship front. I got into huge depression for over a year after a breakup. I have never loved so much before. But after listening to the subs, I’ve been feeling a lot better. Sometimes it still makes me sad, but I am in a much better place now. I am not actively pursuing relationships now, but I am open again.

My current stack
-Inner Circle

Since I am mostly working from home now. I played the ultrasonic subs in the background, so I guess I got about 10 hours of exposure daily. Any feedback or suggestions on the stack would be great!


That stack is a bit dense. I’d recommend dropping Mogul Q and possibly even Inner Circle for now. Both StarkQ and Seductress has Mogul and Inner Circle integrated into the script. Those two alone should give you a strong base. Add Mogul and Inner Circle back in about a month @ 1 loop/day to boost those results.


Thanks for the advice! I admit that the stack is quite dense as I encountered signs of reconciliation, have to drop StarkQ Terminus after 3 days of listening. I think I will dial back even more by taking your advice. So just SeductressQ and StarkQ for now and see how it goes!


Haven’t been able to update this journal as frequent as I intended.But lots things happened since I started listening to the subs. Works become much busier and more challenging than before. I felt immense pressure from dealing with my coworkers and customers. My productivity sunk when I got overwhelmed. Work used to be easy as business was good before the world went into a spiral. I felt grateful that I got to experience these events early in my life(I am 25) as I can learn a lot and have little to lose. There are people who are married with children who got pay cut or lost their jobs. I am very fortunate that my salary hasn’t been affected at all, in fact i make a little more than before.The wake-up call to me is that things you take for granted can be easily taken from you. I have always had work ethics problem, I never gave out my best for work, not even half I think. But the events lately make me realize that if I keep going like this, sooner or later i will lose my job as well.
So I am prioritising working on my attitudes.

On the dating front, I have been casually seeing two guys. They are both nice and fun. But I am not sure if there’s anything more than that. Even though I wanted to move on from the last relationship, there’s a part of me still doesn’t want to let go. But I guess it takes time to forget. At least I dont get depressed anymore.

I have added Mind’s Eye to my stack now and very excited to see what will be manifested in my life. I have switched to the masked versions as the ultrasonics gave me anxieties sometimes and personally I think they work much better on me.


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