My Transformation Journey


I have been using SC products for about a month now. I would say I saw substantial improvements in myself but still lots of room for improvement. An incident happened yesterday made me want to document the changes in myself. Decided to keep a public journal to keep myself accountable and receive feedbacks.

My main goals for using subs is to help my career as a sales. I have graduated college two years and started my career as a corporate sales in the tech industry. I have been told that I would make a good sales as I have good presentation skills. But it takes more much than that to success in the business. I am not a disciplined person, have low motivation and don’t do well in conflicts. These are the qualities that I would like to work on.

On the relationship front. I got into huge depression for over a year after a breakup. I have never loved so much before. But after listening to the subs, I’ve been feeling a lot better. Sometimes it still makes me sad, but I am in a much better place now. I am not actively pursuing relationships now, but I am open again.

My current stack
-Inner Circle

Since I am mostly working from home now. I played the ultrasonic subs in the background, so I guess I got about 10 hours of exposure daily. Any feedback or suggestions on the stack would be great!


That stack is a bit dense. I’d recommend dropping Mogul Q and possibly even Inner Circle for now. Both StarkQ and Seductress has Mogul and Inner Circle integrated into the script. Those two alone should give you a strong base. Add Mogul and Inner Circle back in about a month @ 1 loop/day to boost those results.


Thanks for the advice! I admit that the stack is quite dense as I encountered signs of reconciliation, have to drop StarkQ Terminus after 3 days of listening. I think I will dial back even more by taking your advice. So just SeductressQ and StarkQ for now and see how it goes!