My Total Breakdown


A couple of weeks ago I purchased Khan strictly for Stage One Total Breakdown. I desperately need to demolish the dilapidated structure that is my current subconscious and rebuild from the ground up. I won’t say I want to just not care anymore about anything but I will say I want to live my life without letting anything outside of my control get to me. I have seriously debated adding Sanguine in a stack but as crazy as this sounds I’m not looking to be optimistic. I just want to deal with whatever life throws at me and not be reactionary


That’s good to hear @JCast. How has your experience been on Kahn so far?


Would love to see someone running this for a year.
For me even that one month that I run was way to tough.
Good luck with your plan!


@Flake_And_Milk it’s tough, but since you have some experience, why not give it another go?


@subliminalguy Too soon to say. @Flake_And_Milk I was going go with six months but a year definitely sounds like a better idea. Mental and emotional maturity has been my goal for as long as I can remember. With what Total Breakdown is meant to do that may finally become a reality


My life is quite active right now. So I wouldn’t be able to run ST1 Total Breakdown, it would affect my reputation quite badly.
I had wild experiences with ST1 like laying in the bed for way too many hours.
Feeling depressed all day.
The craziest was when I was taking a walk in the park and I suddenly started crying like a little bitch.
I felt way to many times emotional on ST1 Total Breakdown.


I haven’t had any negative experiences so far. Just really weird dreams. Maybe running Regeneration for a time helped clear the way. The only other thing I have noticed is I am rapidly losing interest in some things while looking for things I can learn about such as installing a coding app on my phone. Running Regeneration made me feel anxious at times. I have yet to feel that with Total Breakdown


Understood. During my time on ST1 of Kahn, I maybe had 2 rough days where I could clearly point to the sub. I expected to be shaken a lot more emotionally.

What I did notice weeks later (it took time for me to see it) was my drive and productivity had clearly changed. I reached out to a few men’s organizations since I knew I wanted some guidance. And by the end of that first month, I felt much more like an adult male. I’d been attracted to things, thoughts, and people who had coddled me year after year, and it’s like it wasn’t even a consideration anymore. TB had changed my thinking, and I had been looking for it to change my emotions.

Keep on it. You will make good choices for yourself while running it.

EOG: No small change

Correction. I did notice one day early last week that I had this feeling that at this time I am doing what needs to be done for myself and my family as well to improve myself. I am rapidly letting go or have let go of any feeling of FOMO ( Fear of Missing Out) which I have struggled with so much in the past which has unfortunately led me to sabotage myself quite often.


Total Breakdown Day 3 - Feeling a bit depressed and incredibly bored today. I was reading the sales page for Khan and how to be a Khan you have to be ready to take on the toughest challenges. In so many ways I couldn’t describe any better probably my biggest reason for running Total Breakdown is to be able to handle difficult situations


@JCast, I’ve seen you here and in other forums for a few years, and I can safely say you’re going to be a real bad-ass even before you finish all 4 stages. I know you’re focusing on TB alone. But I have no doubt you’ll fire up (or fan your flames) and JUMP IN.

I don’t see and hear a man who feels weak sometimes and fears his future. I see a man ANGRY and DETERMINED to NOT SETTLE FOR A CRAPPY LIFE.

I see that in you.


Thank You @subliminalguy. One thing I was really hoping Total Breakdown would help me with is to stop focusing on unnecessary distractions. Like I said in a previous post I am already losing interest in things I used to waste time with. I’ve had that happen with other healing subliminals but not to this extent and so quickly.


I’ve been wanting to do one of the Total Breakdowns but have not yet wanted to commit to any of the multi stage titles.

I ran Regeneration by itself for three months and am still not sure what to say about that. Seemed kind of uneventful and I don’t really know what I got from it. I am not saying nothing, but it is hard to characterize or quantify. I did have a lot of down time while I was listening to it.

Right now I am running Sanguine in my stack, but with four other titles, UA, Spartan, PCC and Primal.


I have run Regeneration. Probably not as long as I should have but for whatever reason I find it easy to stick with Total Breakdown. Most likely because I am accepting or more accepting of the process as opposed to the end goal or goals.


Total Breakdown Day 7 - I continue to be blown away by this audio and I have only been listening for a week. I am beyond excited for what a month or three will bring. I feel as if the wrecking ball has gotten to work and the dilapidated edifice that is/was my subconscious land fill is being torn down and demolished. Tomorrow I will go into detail my results and experience so far


It seems so cliche or cheesy to say that I feel like I am finally starting to see how things really are and not just how my fears and insecurities wanted me to feel or look at things, but its so true. And this is with only a week of listening. Alternating between the masked and ultrasonic versions. I am finally realizing my own power and abilities. I know this is only the beginning. That in the not too distant future I will absolutely refuse to be subjected to anyone or anything.


That’s awesome to hear @JCast!

And, I am wondering, is that the most empowering metaphor of your subconscious as a “dilapidated edifice”?

If there existed other metaphors that are more positive, more empowering, and more beneficial to describe your subconscious now, and further into the future as you getting closer and closer to the awesome person you are already become – what could examples of such metaphors be?


@AMASH I’m sure there are positive metaphors that I will possibly use in the future. I said what I did to accurately describe what is being dealt with and removed. I very much consider the build up of trauma and self sabotaging beliefs to be paramount to a mental and emotional hoarders paradise. I’m not feeling overly optimistic or positive at the moment. Which isnt a bad thing. Right now I’m just enjoying the fact that I am not stressing out over or focusing on stupid shit for probably the first time in my adult life.


Total Breakdown Stage 9 - Not feeling the best today but doing ok. Just felt really antisocial most of yesterday and today. Actually felt really natural as there have been so many times in my life where I made myself be social or talkative out of insecurity. On the plus side I won’t say I am learning not to give a fuck about anything but I am learning the value of being very selective about the fucks I do give


Total Breakdown Day 11 - If I can best describe the process so far with this sub it would be of letting go or learning to let go of what holds me back and isn’t relevant to my growth in any way. Fears , anxieties. distractions , and insecurities are all being rapidly eliminated. Yeah there are times I am not so much antisocial as just very ok with not talking. Being someone who has always let the drama or moods of others impact me mentally and emotionally this is very liberating.