My top 3 subs, reviewed :D

So I’m bored at work, and I feel like writing this since last night marked the 1 year anniversary of my favorite sub of all time: WANTED, so without further comments, let’s begin:


From being an insecure, somewhat skinny, and to becoming the dream of every girl around me, I’ve never ever in my life felt as amazing and sexy as I do due to WANTED.
This sub alone changed my life in terms of EVERYTHING, and yes that includes wealth aspects as well, but that’s a bit due to the fact that I work in a women-dominant organization, and them liking me helps me :wink:

What has WANTED blessed me with:

  • a minimum of 3 to 5 girls approaching me on a daily basis.
  • a better physique, harder erections, better hair, better facial aesthetic, a bit of height.
  • a sexual aura that can be directed to make any girl go crazy (one of the things I never disclosed on the forum, but I’ve tried it on a milf during the last event :sweat_smile: “by mistake”).
  • a type of confidence that is unparalleled, even by the likes of Emperor and Stark, it’s a type of confidence that truly makes you accept every little inch of your being and truly make you perfect and attractive, from inside out.
  • halo effect, to the point where it almost feels like people are doing it with an ulterior motive :rofl:.

One thing which I sometimes feel like it’s a bit off, is that my presence sometimes makes some girls insecure, but hey, I’m not gonna be the one to gift them Seductress :eyes::rofl:.

2- Mind’s Eye

Didn’t get to use this back when it was in Qv2, but from the first time I used it in ZP, I instantly realized how it feels to truly be “supernatural”.
@SaintSovereign can probably tell you guys how much I praised this sub, because there have been times when I would message him just to tell him how good the sub is, and how I feel like I have superpowers :rofl:.

Things I gained from Mind’s Eye:

  • extremely high level of precise predictions, as in being able to precisely predict events and things before I even get the time to consciously analyze them.
  • extremely vivid visualization, imagination and dreams.
  • a better connection with my subconscious, which enhanced my “flow factor” even further, as well as my intuition.
  • stronger manifestations, I mean, I got the job I wanted after not getting anywhere for months on end :rofl:.

Mind’s eye to me, is more than just a sub, and anytime I use it, I feel like I control my reality even more, as in, instead of being the main character of my life, I become the director and the screenplay writer as well :sunglasses::rofl:

3- Emperor & Stark

What do I even say about these?
Everything about these 2 is just too amazing for me to do them justice with words, and the reason I put them together is because to me, they feel like 2 sides of the same coin, with the former being more focused on raw inner power (pure alpha-male power), while the latter more on external power (fame and influence).

Things I gained from them:

  • recognition at work, to the point where I’m looking at a promotion before I even get done with my probation.
  • a 6 figure pay job as my first.
  • a social circle of highly successful individuals.
  • fame and reputation, people don’t just know me as the magic guy anymore, but my name gets spoken by even the chairman of my organization.
  • and more (many of which are secret for now :wink:).

The main reason for these 2 being together is simply because, to me, they’re best together, and an individual who can combine them, will truly be a superior being.

And that’s all folks :smiley:


Brilliant post. Loved reading every word of it. Hopefully you review more in the future :pray:

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Congrats on the success bro ! This post has motivated me even more to run a wanted + stark combo in the future

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I would for for this forum to have a dedicated section to “long term product reviews” like you did.

Its one thing to get impresions after 1-2 weeks of running a sub, and a completely diffrent animal to read some long term reviews.


Great post but where is Chosen :)?

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The issue with this though is that VERY few people have actually dedicated themselves to a sub for longer than 6 months … most of the users can barely handle one cycle without getting shiny object syndrome.

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Nice list bro :facepunch:

Question I know you mentioned being insecure and skinny before Wanted, was this insecure in looks or confidence with women? Like did Wanted turn you into the guy who you always wanted to be with regards to women or did you already have good foundation beforehand?

Keep up the work, aspiring to be in the same shoes of yours some day soon!


Im also curious how you were before WANTED. Did that sub manage tot turn you from zero to hero, or did you already have some succes with woman but WANTED kicked it into overdrive?


In my custom :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t spend as much time with Chosen as I did with those, so it didn’t qualify, but it was gonna be the honorable mention, as it’s still one of my favorites for all the connections I made using it, as well as the amount of positivity it gave me.

Here are the things I love about chosen:

  • positivity and optimism.
  • better relationships with everyone, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, or occupation.
  • more respect from people due to love.
  • kindness that isn’t weak.
  • oh and my favorite thing: LIGHTER EYES :rofl:

It was a self image issue, as one of the biggest causes of insecurity I had was due to my past (I was anorexic), and my past relationships made me feel so insignificant about myself due to me getting cheated on more times than I could count (or left for someone else), which lead to me turning into a fuckboy (I played girls better than I played video games :sweat_smile:, many of my stories from those days are unbelievable, but @GoldenTiger and @Ingress know about some :eyes:).

However, that was not the solution, and I was basically covering pain with promiscuity, and after that I got into the most toxic relationship anyone could ever be in, for 2 years, which lead me to therapy for 6 months, and right after that I met my current girlfriend (who’s an angel tbh), and found subclub, after which WANTED was released, and the rest is history :wink:

Ma man, I lost my virginity at 16 to a 35 years old milf :rofl:
What do you wanna know more than that :rofl:

I guess my “fuckboy” phase built a foundation for WANTED, because if you read the description, it does mention “heartbreaker”, and that is exactly what I was :eyes:


@Invictus are you going to continue cycling between these subs or are you going to do some deep work with something else?

What are next steps? I’d love to see you dedicate yourself to few other subs.

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Currently I’m running King ZP (Emperor + Chosen + EF3 custom), as well as something that I’m keeping a secret from everyone, which probably only the subclub staff know about if they checked my customs history :rofl:
But I spent quite a bit this month on perfecting my customs (2 ZPT2 customs and 2 ZP customs), but since I’m happy with both, I’m gonna stick with them for a while.

The next step after that would be to upgrade King ZP to Invictus ZPT (yes I have a secret ZP custom project named after me :rofl:), and run that till the end of the World Cup, as that would be very exhausting to organize :sweat_smile:
But I’d run that with my current “secret” custom :wink:


My top 5 would probably be:

  1. Stark
  2. ME
  3. Paragon
    4/5. Wanted & AM

Everyone needs to try ME IMO, insane how that sub can integrate with anyone’s stack so seemlessly.


What makes you choose Stark over Emperor?

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I think we can all agree that mind’s eye since ZP at least is Trully a gem in itlsef

Feels like a new foundational sub to have


Who me?

Just in case you are replying to me, my primary reason is that I only just started running Emperor so I don’t have a legitimate frame of reference from which to compare both subs.

My secondary reason is that the fame and social aspects of Stark are genuinely unreal and quick to act. I do believe that Stark integrates seemlessly into who I am/always been, so I could definitely be biased.

With that said, the ‘wtf’ moments from Stark regarding fame and socializing felt like they were bending reality, especially for someone like me who didn’t experience a lot of those things before I used Stark.

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I wouldn’t quite say ‘foundational’ as I don’t believe it’s strength is in establishing a foundation from which a person could grow.

What I will say is that ME, for someone who has been using subs, is a complete game-changer and a genuine result-booster for every sub.


Yeah I was asking you.

I’ve really been struggling on determining which route to choose. I love both Emperor and Stark but assimilating both of them is a daunting task because they are both insanely dense subliminals with a bit of opposite scripting so they kind of clash a bit.

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Then yes

My bad I’m keeping that habit of using Word I feel like using without taking enough care of their strict meaning

I felt that it was a really important one and that anyone should use it at some point

Edit : would be an awesome experience to see a newbie use that one and grow from that precise sub mainly tho


I have a question about Wanted.
Have you experienced this?
“* Male sexual enhancement — increase penis size, erection strength and quality, staying power, etc.”