My Subliminal Steroid!

Hey it’s been a long time I posted here. Off and on I came about Wanted Zp,a subliminal they say every man should run, so I read journals here and there to convince my naive rational mind to run WZP.
This day came about I decided to purchase one for myself and see results I will get from this so hyped sublimal.

So far I ran Ascended Mogul QV2 (3 months)and Regeneration Zp solo for 2months, washed out for 5 days and today I want to start WZp Solo for 3 month at Least.

BODY STATS : Weight–64kg
Waist size --31inches🙄

Goals √√√
•Develop wider back,chest, big biceps ,infact attain the highest possible masculine body.
•Develop a wider broad waist.
•Possess Thicker Eyebrows and masculine jawline.
•Overcome any insecurities concerning my body physicality
•Increase my height to least to 6ft
•Posses massive strength wherever I hit the gym.
•Heal my Sexual insecurities.


Ran Wanted masked zp around 2am in the morning, felt radiating pain in my chest 2mins to one loop, slept of after then.

Woke up , ran 100pushups and Left for study.
In school meet my course mate {girl} came over to me asking me to look after her bag saying she is going somewhere, I agreed when she leaving ,She started ranting that I can’t even smile and left off talking to her self.

She came back , started reading at a table around 7m distance from me, she will read ,look at me and remove her eyes when I came in contact with her eyes. Later how we smiled at each other after I caught her trying to remove her eyes.
When she is about to go came over and started asking me why I don’t smile at women. I waved it off and she left.
Felt a bit headache and also my brain flooded with chemicals and hormones.


Day 2: REST
Woke up with Strong erection, and I felt am cleansed of some debris at my low abdomen.
No dreams yet. Ran 120pushups and drank 5 raw eggs.(I do this everyday)

Had a verbal fight with my classmate, I noticed I talked with high pitched voice trying to catch attention, I got angry but I forgave him immediately after the quarrel. My Emotions weren’t in check I practiced letting go method and drew back after a long push and pull with my classmate.
Left for exams, I did my best to attempt all questions.


I just started Wanted ZP also. I’m wishing you much success, I think this subliminal is going to produce some amazing results, I’m happy :smiley: lol


Yeah I hope so. So far I haven’t experienced any noticed effects.
I am actually waiting for it’s breakthrough. At some point I started wondering if maybe am not listening to WZp well and I always have this doubt that my earpiece might not be great for the subliminal.
But I think I need to give time for the subliminal to start it’s manifestation!!


Day 3: 2 loops
Nothing much, went for any exam and came back and slept off my whole time. Right now thinking about how to start learning Coding and downloaded some python videos on YouTube.


Day 4: Rest day
Slept of around 11pm and dreamt about me killing people, I think I killed one because he invaded my territory it was so brutal and no funny. I woke up famished and i hit the gym immediately.
Ran up to 10 sets of bench press up to 10 reps, 5 sets of squats about 10reps, hand program and some other stuffs. It lasted for 1hr30mins.
Came back and took 7 raw eggs and right now trying to get some insight from my mentors.

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Day 5 : 2 loops
Woke up early around 6.09pm with Strong erections,I urinated and slept back. Woke up again around 8.00pm with wet dreams.

I have been on semen retention for 1 month now. I sniffed the fluid and it didn’t have any smell(like that of sperm). I washed it of, ate 5 raw eggs and currently am cooking.
Installed Python and editior on my laptop and started introduction part.

I sense minute headaches.yet to run any loop
Meet my female friend, spent some time with her . Tried to romance her but seem she is paying her monthly dues. So I did not touch her down there. Talked to her few minutes and left from for home .

Played pes 2021 game till 2.00pm and slept up along the way.

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Hello !!!
Been going through shit!!. It up to 2 months of semen retention. I feel back to the loop of Pmo ejaculated up to 6 times within the span of 3 days.

I came to understand that I actually tried to deny my sexuality nature, but the truth is that I have to accept my Sexual nature besides that what makes me a human. I have decided to meet up with the Feminine start up relationships with them and learn how to live in the moment.

This fear of am not grounded yet to deal with the Feminine both financially, mentally and otherwise makes to back off when ever the idea of dealing with the Feminine comes to play.
No obvious changes on my physicality but I noticed I drink a lot and urinate a lot.

I am having this feeling that wanted reconciliation comes up like one been to restless and horny something of sort. I can’t really explain it


Added AmZp to my stack. I noticed running that wanted solo am becoming to sexual and restless. I think Am might calm my nerves a bit.
Ran 1 loop of Am and 1 loop of Wanted. I noticed that WantedZp is more denser and stronger than AmZp.
Let’s see how the stack goes!!


Today free day.
Nothing going much but I noticed I seem to check myself out in the mirror. I bought a PDF workout plan on how to bulk up in 90days which am starting on Monday.

I feel this all the time like am kinda of on malaria drugs,I can’t really explain it. Wanted makes me feel like am sick inside of me.
I drink lots amount of water in a short time.


Washout :Day 2
It seems to be hitting me more at this period. I dreamt yesterday about myself escaping some force like that. Though am now only running Ascended Mogul solo.

No special attractionnor something of sort. I checked my weight today I was disappointed I dropped down from 64 kg to 62kg. I don’t know if it might be related to excessive Pmo sessions this last week’s. Let wait and see. I must see results in wanted, l will continue to run it with Am.

Urges to drink water excessively and urinate 10 mins after drinking.
Bought a gym plan and am starting out a new gym schedule from Friday.


Starting a new streak, after 5 days of washout.
•Run one loop of Wanted and Am ZP and rest the next day . Repeat.

•Follow a gym plan I just bought last 4 days, the plan contains mostly squats.

*Increase weight(70kg) and rapid muscle growth within the span of 90days.

•Download Ascension Chamber to guide my Subliminal journey.


What plan are you using?

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Afyaspace gym plan, @

I noticed I grew much faster as far as muscle growth goes (Probably more then if I took TRT in the future). Did you notice getting taller or are you still 5’8?


You trying to get taller as well?

Cool. Thank you for sharing.

Am still 5.8ft no changes even my muscles I don’t notice much growth.

So far. In a night. I get more scary dreams than ever. I would me so tense that I wake up in pains maybe on my feet or on my ankles.
So of those dreams l don’t remember.
I think am on reconciliation stage, because I experienced headaches and weird dreams.