My Mogul V2 Progress


Today November 22 , 2018 is my first full day of running Emperor Ex & Limitless X as a stack. I did get some listening time in yesterday. I have it playing 24/7 on my tablet with computer speakers. I also listen with earbuds on my phone while watching Netflix or YouTube. Found an mp3 player app that keeps playing while I have a video going. I admit I am feeling quite anxious. Some of that may be related to the audio but I think it’s more about my current situation and trying to do so much at once while being there for my family.
Like I said in the journal by @Yardbird I am committing the next 360 days to this. I will add more later. To be fair a big reason I chose to start a new journal is to track my progress more than anything else. I used to write in a journal and I’m not sure why I stopped. It’s fascinating to go back and read some things. I’m often surprised by the level of clarity or articulation with which I write . I’ve always doubted my intelligence because of having ADHD and what I was told growing up. I’ve always felt I have an inner genius waiting to be released but some unresolved trauma or whatever is blocking it.
I may be over doing it because Emperor has Limitless included in it but I feel I’m hoping that by running both long term that it will bulldoze over what inner blocks I have. I was watching part of the movie Limitless the other day and the one part that keeps sticking out for me is when the main character said he had to keep moving forward. I’ve gone a long way in eliminating some procrastination in my life but I’m also in some ways terrified of indolence and inertia.


Awesome, why did you choose Limitless X – which is experimental – over the standard proven Limitless?


@AMASH because I have read the results @Yardbird is getting with Emperor Ex and figured Limitless X is probably going to have similar or more input power


Definitely write every day, even if it’s online in a paper journal. It’s a great way to track your progress and find little breakthroughs and a little encouragement goes a long way.

Watch this video whenever you can use a boost of motivation:


I’ve really enjoyed a couple of podcasts Joe did with Henry Rollins recently.



Thanks folks. I love Henry Rollins


I’ve been listening to Emperor Ex and Limitless X almost entirely since I woke up just over twelve hours ago. Right now I don’t feel any of the anxiety I did this morning. As a matter of fact I feel scarily confident and focused. I’m looking forward to going to work tomorrow morning and having the same level of confidence and focus


I edited my last post that mentioned a future plan I have because I don’t want to take any of the focus away from what I’m working to accomplish and achieve now. One thing I’ve noticed about Limitless since I began running it is that I’m always asking myself what needs to be done or taken care of now? It’s made prioritizing almost ridiculously easy. Some of that though can probably be attributed to my overall shift in focus when I accepted the reality of my current situation. I’m no longer relying on luck or wishful thinking to resolve issues or obstacles. I understand now how important problem solving and hard work is.As one book title famously says " Ego is the Enemy ". I am finally beginning to understand how important mindset is but only if it’s followed by massive action. More later


Having a bit of anxiety this evening mostly from not sleeping very much last night but also about working on the next phase of my current situation so I can begin focusing on the things I need to do to resolve this and have at least some stability in our lives. Like I mentioned in previous post I was watching part of Limitless last night and the part where the main character talks about having to keep moving forward is starting to sound like me more and more as the listening days pass. I feel like the the stack Limitless X and Emperor Ex is really making me more aware all the time of what my true desires , goals , and priorities to the forefront. I’m also beginning to realize some goals I thought I wanted I really don’t care about anymore or at all.


Third day in with the Emperor Ex and Limitless X stack. I realized this morning that I have been without my main ADHD med for just over a week which would explain a lot or a major portion of the anxiety I have been feeling. When I take it daily it usually reduces any anxiety to a dull roar if that. Thankfully I can get it when I get paid this week. Will make focusing on resolving my current situation as quickly as possible a whole lot easier. The combination of that and the stack I am running will probably help me also progress quicker at work.

Something else I got to thinking about last night when I was reading back what I have been posting in my journal is how the Limitless module in Emperor Ex as well as the stand alone Limitless X is that not only does it help with learning about various subjects but you also learn a lot about yourself. Learning what’s important and a priority to me on a deep level has had both good and sometimes bad results. Mostly good because it has really should me what I want and need to focus on but on the flip side I wonder how I wasted so much time focusing on such ridiculously silly and trivial shit? For my own sanity and evolution I am not going to dwell on the past. I will just continue to learn and evolve.


Missed a few days because of my current situation which is a bit more stabilized for the moment. I’m back to listening to Emperor & Limitless tonight. I’m running the standard version of both for the time being instead of the extreme versions. Another positive thing is that today I was able to get the main ADHD med back that I have been without for close to a month .


I hope you’re doing great and look forward to an update soon.


I’m back and will update soon. Only running Emperor Ex as it has Limitless in it and I’m loving reading the progress of @Yardbird


It’s been a crazy and chaotic couple of weeks but I am finally back to listening to Emperor Ex after missing quite a few days. I have been doing a lot of inner searching related to what audio would best help move me in the direction of the multiple current and future goals I have and Emperor won out. I considered going back to an extended run of Ascended Mogul but I want everything Emperor has especially Limitless and the module related to personal evolution. Obviously my main goals are becoming the best version of myself I can be for myself and my family. Recently I came across products from another provider and I compared what they offered and what Emperor has and it wasn’t even close. One thing that caught my eye when I first came across Subliminal Club was in the description for Mogul it mentions " destruction of wealth ceiling ". I’ve always been curious how some beliefs I may hold that I’m not even aware of have made it almost impossible if not damn difficult to keep from sabotaging myself in some ways so I keep myself at a certain income level and don’t go any further. I know @Yardbird said you shouldn’t compare yourself to others but it can be very difficult not to look at the performance and commissions of some of the people I work with and wonder what you’re missing or not doing that they are that they do so well. I know a lot of it is experience which is a huge reason why the Limitless module is so important to me.To cut down the learning curve as quickly as possible. I honestly feel fear and lack of self confidence are the other two issues that hold me back. I think the lack of confidence is tied to the wealth ceiling issue because I don’t believe I should or deserve to be debt free or earn a lot of money although on an intellectual level those are two things I want more than anything.
@Fire can you please reset my downloads for Emperor? I don’t currently have access to the standard version of Emperor. I would like to run both versions as a stack . I will update as often as time allows. More soon


I know man. This is a BIG BIG problem. Not just with money, but in all aspects of life that we don’t have the success we want in.

I am excited about Primal. It seems to help destroying the “intimacy & sex & women ceiling”. Hopefully.


It blows my mind yet is so refreshing to have Emperor. I say that because I have always craved personal growth and evolution. Two things that often get promised but rarely if ever deliver on. It’s not forced either. It is a natural growth and progression of what I always felt was possible but had yet to experience. That said unless something that rivals Emperor is released I am not putting any end date or time frame on how long I will run this amazing audio


I agree so much.

I have always been into self-development. But in the last 10 years, I really seemed to have something holding me back, and I kept sabotaging myself when it comes to women, money and health so much that I actually gave up.

I tried and tried and tried, and in the end I felt it didn’t even matter (yes, that song would be what I’d play after taking massive action just to fail).

I thought all I would get out of life is simple mediocrity. That trying is useless, at some point I will sabotage myself or things won’t go my way, and all the effort and hope will go to waste.

In many ways, Subliminal Club were my last hope. The last thing I’d try before I’d completely die inside. And I am grateful, so grateful to @SaintSovereign and @Fire for doing this. For sharing their gift with the world.

I ran the Subliminal Club products 24 hours a day. I gave it my all, and it is paying off. Just today, I had a serious confrontation. Usually, this would shake me deep inside and I’d ran away. But today, it was much more tolerable. I was able to hold my ground, look the person in the eye, and be assertive in a way I never was able to. And even if I did it before, I’d by scared inside while doing it. I was much much calmer inside, to my own surprise.

I hope at some point @Fire would consider doing a wealth track. That would be the ideal thing, so we have here everything that a man needs, aimed at from all angles, putting the power of his subconscious to help him rather than hinder his efforts.

In all cases, and for the first time in a long time, I don’t feel alone, given up on, and helpless. I found something that can support my massive action, rather than taking action again and again and again just to sabotage myself and end up disappointed for the 1000th time.

Thank you all. Everyone here. Thank you.


SubClub’s got your back, always. :wink:

Right now we’re going full power on Primal and Libertine, but… you’re going to love Mogul when we update it.

We got grand plans for 2019.


Thank you SO MUCH!