My Limitless Journal

I purchased Limitless last Sunday and plan to record my progress listening to it.

As I am working from my laptop in the day, I am running the Limitless subs on my laptop, while I sleep with my earphones listening to the masked version (at an appropriate level of course).

Haven’t had anything interesting coming to report - no bursts of energy like some people have. Had an intense dream last night which made me ponder about some stuff when I woke up in this morning.


Awesome! Limitless works best when you’re actively working on learning or creating something (like a business, or even a novel). It’s not something you’ll necessarily “feel.” You’ll note additional drive, or quicker recall.

How does Limitless help someone in building a business? Isn’t that more of the Mogul territory?

It helps with the learning aspect. There’s so many things to learn when running a business — everything from the legal structure of the business (sole proprietorship, LLC, S Corp, C Corp, et al) to marketing, to product development. If you’ve never done it, or you don’t have a mentor, it’s incredibly hard to keep up with everything.

SubClub is my first LLC — all my other businesses were / are sole proprietorships and I thank the universe that I had the old Limitless prototype to help me get it started.


Thank you for saying this. I felt really inadequate having false starts in business, and needing to learn so much.
It seems so many people online promote effortless success, and that “All you need is to do it and you will succeed”, and if you’re not successful fast then it’s your fault for being lazy and not putting enough effort into it. They even seem to say that learning is distraction, you can just figure it out while you’re doing it.
But business isn’t really like that. I believe you have to work hard at working smart. To know what to do then do it, do it, do it, do it. Not just randomly dart things in the air, especially if you have no mentor and don’t really know what to do.


So that is where “mentor manifestation” comes in I guess?

By the way, does my mobile phone need to have stereo speakers in order for me to play the ultrasonic subliminal without earphones?

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Yes, but we left “mentor” open ended, so that it doesn’t have to be a person — it can be a book, an ecourse, anything that helps you take major strides ahead.

For example, I was in San Francisco earlier this year st TechCrunch DISRUPT and just happened to bump into this random brand manager and we hit it off. She gave me some amazing advice about how I should position SubClub and she gave me a free book.

Haven’t spoken to her since, and while her suggestions were good, the book was AMAZING. It’s a prototype copy of a book written by the guy that founded LinkedIn. It specifically talked about scaling businesses, something I’ve always had problems with.

Also, I play my subliminals off an iPhone XR with no problems.


Well, SubClub will be helping to fix this very soon :wink:

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