My Journey with Emperor


Hi guys,

Today I looked through this forum and I was pleasantly surprised how cordial everyone here is. I learned about Subliminal Club from a friend and I just bought the Emperor program.

A bit about myself. Observing myself in different situations I would describe myself as not very confident. My self esteem is quite low I feel, and I see it too. I am single and I am literally afraid to approach girls I find attractive. I feel I don’t deserve them and I don’t have much to offer them. Logically I could offer them quite a lot I would think, but I just don’t feel it. I am currently in a low-paying job. Previously I was unemployed for almost 4 years, so that’s a huge success for me, but during that time my self esteem took a plunge and it was never great to begin with. Much of that I think I could contribute to my stutter, which limits me so much in life I feel. I could go on, but that’s not the point. I just wanted to provide a bit of context, not to list all my life challenges, which each of us has.

So that’s my starting point. I generally feel very happy in life because of my active interest in spirituality, but I never managed to change my subconscious beliefs so much as to get really concrete results in life. It is my intention that with Emperor I will be able make the changes I prefer.

I will be listening to the sub during the night over my bluetooth speaker and whenever I am home, a little at work too I think.

I will also be updating this thread daily with my progress, because the community here is so great and I think it could also help my subconscious better assimilate the new information.

I am excited to be here!


I listened all through the night and only a little at work. The instructions said the subconscious mind has to have time too in order to process it, so I’m not gonna listen at work and it will be my subliminal downtime. I’ll be listening after work (which I’m doing right now) and at night. My recently acquired bluetooth speaker has an SD card reader and can play tracks on its own without my phone, so it’s great. Very handy.

Today at work I talked with a friend and neither of us is satisfied with our job there. About one month ago I said to her that I’d be looking for a new job come the new year. I got reminded of that statement today and very soon I will indeed start looking for some other occupation for me. One thing that I am glad of that I got from my current job is an increased level of confidence in my skills and myself. I feel much better in that respect now, although I have a long way to go as I previously stated. I have quite a few goals for this year for myself and right now I feel kind of overwhelmed with them and I’m not following through. It’s weekend soon and I’ll catch up.


Tonight I had quite a strong feeling dream. My roommate was in it. That I remember, but apart from that, the memory very quickly faded. I do remember I felt emotional in it. I haven’t had this kind of dream in quite a while. I’m not sure if it was before or after (or even during) that dream, I heard something really loud and I woke up. I have no idea what it was. Everything was completely silent. I just thought that maybe someone set off a firework outside my window.

I listened to Emperor through the night and I will in the evening too (I’m at work right now). I will listen more over the weekend as I will be home most of the time.


Today at work I was looking through new job listings. I don’t feel motivated at all to go to work for someone else. It’s been my preference/wish for some time now to find some type of work or career that would be truly mine. So that I could feel that it is my work, that I’ve been made to be doing this even. So far I haven’t been able to identify such a path for me. I’ll continue to be on the lookout. As of right now, I feel my best move is to get another job that is more preferable to me. Finding a career path for myself is my main goal for this year, so that’s why I keep talking about it so much.

I recently had kind of a fallout with my close female friend and I also decided that I’m ready for new deep relationships with girls. I’ll see how it goes. I’ll soon further specify my plan of action in that respect too. Exciting :slightly_smiling_face:


I got very inspired by reading @Yardbird’s journal. He’s making amazing changes to his life. I was so happy seeing it. I love seeing people self-empowered. This is my goal as well - to be able to make the changes I want and not feel limited. I feel Emperor can turn out to be just the right tool for that. I’m very excited and ready to go after my goals.

He also convinced to start writing a physical journal. I’ll be doing that in addition to writing my thoughts here.

Today I had some dreams, but nothing stood out. I was also walking around shopping with my headphones on. I was listening to Spotify and Emperor at the same time. I was a little concerned if the volume was too high for the ultrasonics, but I decided to give it a try. It turned out OK, but I think I’m not going to push it and it will be my first and last try listening to Emperor with music over the earphones. I value my hearing too much :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m having thoughts of deserving more in life. I’m no better or worse than anyone else. These kinds of thoughts have been with me for a while, but I haven’t managed to get myself to break through my limiting beliefs in order for them to become more than just thoughts. For example, I still think and feel that my stutter limits me massively and if only I didn’t have it, I would be free. I’ve been working on my speech and it’s gotten better, but I’m not yet free from this condition by any means.


I’m very happy to hear that my journal has inspired you! Congratulations on taking huge steps towards bettering your life. Limiting beliefs can be crippling. It’s taken me 12 years since I first identified that I had them, to overcome them and I still feel pangs of them from time to time.

I look forward to following your progress.


Today I had a dream of which I remember some parts. Nothing spectacular, but it was fun. I woke up also with a very stiff neck. It continues now into the evening and I’m about to do some exercises to remedy that.

I noticed a new Sub Club product came out today - Limit Destroyer. I was tempted for a moment to get it, but I’m firm in my decision to stick to only one subliminal at a time for the foreseeable future. There are a couple of reasons for that in my mind.

One is in this way I demonstrate to my subconscious (and to myself or my conscious mind) that this is it, there is no distracting me from my set path, I’m going to do this, I’m using Emperor and that’s it, I won’t be trying to improve it upon because it screams to me doubts. And I don’t want to start entertaining any doubts. If I was 100% sure Emperor will get me where I want to be, why would I want add or modify my approach? I am dead set on it working for me and I will deal with everything that comes up.

Another reason is that by adding some other track that may be 30min, I’m automatically extending the time for the current Emperor programing to take 30% longer. On the other hand, it could also maybe work synergistically and speed it up, but I don’t know that and I’d rather get on with my life than experiment with different strategies. There’s also the previous reason, which is super important to me and outweighs everything else.

Besides, there’s already so much stuff in Emperor that I don’t feel like adding anything at all. I have seen a couple of people here who have used only Emperor and their results speak for themselves. I will follow in their footsteps.

My journal now will be focused more on my actions that I take in order to get where I prefer to be. I take listening to Emperor for granted in a way now, it will be with me for the next few months. I’m listening as much as possible. I kind of feel I want to start taking real solid actions on my goals, but I’m not sure if Emperor already works on me enough to help me in any substantial way, hehe. Doesn’t matter really, I will do what I want. After I get back some feedback from reality, then I’ll know if something or someone or I respond differently than usual.


I started to listen to Emperor at work as well, through my phone’s speaker. I think I feel the ultrasonics in my head or maybe it’s just that I may be tired. I also continue to have dreams, or rather I seem to be able to remember them better.

Today I had a thought to get into programming. I think I’ve always been curious about this topic. I like new technologies a lot and from what I’ve seen there’s a lot of elements in programming that I like as well. Such as technical problem solving, working within a set structure, location independent or an abundance of learning materials on the web. I have no idea what I want to do more specifically with programming, but I’m going to explore it further. I already found a couple of nice and even free learning resources.


I spend too much time talking to my roommates after work and I find myself with much less time to for my things. Since yesterday I haven’t touched anything programming wise. I feel pretty tired too but that’s maybe I don’t sleep well or long enough, which the latter is most certainly the case as I’ve noticed.

I started reading and doing some exercises from the book Integra Protocol. I’ve heard very good things about it.


I started watching a course on programming fundamentals on I have a few others in the queue too. I installed a couple of phone apps that teach programming and played with one. I read through a programming forum feeling out the subject matter and people there. I also looked through job listings for developers. I’m still not sure what programming language I will choose as I have still very little idea what they all are about, but for now I think I might decide on Java.

I like the idea of coding, because among different things I imagine it’s quite a complex subject. I prefer a good challenge at work rather than menial or uninspiring tasks. I like when I have to figure something out. I don’t like when I know perfectly well how to do something and then it’s just a matter of robotic or repetitive work to transfer it from my mind into a computer. The work I do now is very often like that. Programming is also very in line with my interest in new technology. It’s also something I have always been curious about. I’m quite excited and I feel I can develop a real passion for it.

On another note, I downloaded the upgraded version of Emperor. It seems to me that listening to it I’m feeling much lighter energy from it. I had that conclusion before I read here that it is supposed to be smoother in a way. I can’t speak for the results just yet, but I may be starting to notice some changes. It’s very subtle, though.


Coding is challenging. And to become a great coder, you need a good level of math abilities as well.

For learning coding, Lynda is quite basic. The highest quality coding courses are offered on this platform.

I am not related to them in any way. I’m just a happy customer sharing a valuable resource.


Great, thanks!

I noticed too that there are basic courses on Lynda and for now they look appealing to me as they explain the fundamentals, which I lack right now. And I have a subscription there already, so it was an easy call.

I’ll check out the website you mentioned. Any good resource is appreciated. If something else comes to your mind, don’t hesitate to put it forward.


Yes, to get any good at programming, you will need this foundational course from them :smiley:


Sold me. Just bought a yearly subscription :rofl:

They don’t have Java, but if I get interested in frontend more, I’ll have a closer look.


FWIW, I use these subs overnight only, and not during the day. Seems to work perfect :slight_smile:


I continue to get more interested in programming. I like the idea. I have always been curious about it and it is something I wanted to learn in this lifetime. To what extent, I don’t know yet. All I know for now is that it is my path right at this moment.

I listen to Emperor all the time. I feel good. I feel light and smooth energy coming from it. I’m listening to the Masked version right now. I remain firm in my decision to run Emperor exclusively for the foreseeable future, despite many other subs available. As far as I am concerned, Emperor already has more than enough material for my subconscious mind to absorb. I would say my biggest challenge right now is my limiting beliefs impacting my self esteem. I really feel them blocking me. I can’t be myself at work for example. Other people are overpowering me in a way. It is interesting.


I am, however, trying out something. I put my name in the file name of Emperor. I kept the original name, but just added my name to it at the end after a dash. My thinking was the subliminal may be better directed to me specifically in this way.


I think that if you believe that, then it will be so.


I agree, belief is truly powerful. It can open worlds, possibilities and opens, or close them for someone to not even see them.


Today I had quite a challenging situation at work in regards to my pay. Because of that I am now very determined to improve my money situation, I just deserve better and won’t stand for that. I wonder if Emperor had anything to do with that manifestion of such a situation.