My Journey with Emperor subliminal


Hello Everyone,

I have been listening to emperor subliminal audio since last month. I mostly use Ultrasonic version on the set and forget method. I have experience following changes -

  1. I felt very organized and disciplined in the first 3 weeks, but last week has been very difficult for me. I am sleeping more, I feel lazy and haven’t worked much.
  2. I have become more confident. I used to think a lot when saying something ( things, like how, will others react, will they get offended etc ) but I feel more comfortable in saying what I want
  3. I am looking for a job change. I am happy with my current job and I am doing well but I want a more challenging and engaging job. In the last 2 weeks, I have recieved calls from 7 different companies and things are in progress.I am sure, I will have atleast 2 offers by 15th October.
  4. I have also noticed, interest from girls. I also feel comfortable in flirting . I usuallly talk to receptionists , when I go for client meetings. I have had good time with flirting in the last few weeks.

That’s all for now…I will keep you guys posted. Please recommend me, what can I do to improve my results.


Awesome @akki21, welcome to our community, and I hope to read more of your journal :slight_smile:


2-4 happened for me also. You are definitely in for some great changes!


Weekly update-

  1. I spent the last week in my hometown…vacation time…However, listened to subliminal audio everyday for 7-8 hours.
  2. I got a job offer from one company…I am not getting a good hike here, will take the risk and pass this offer… will look for better opportunities…


Hello Guys-
I have been listening to the emperor subliminal for last 5 weeks and I got my major breakthrough today.
As I mentioned in my first post, I am happy with my job but I used to feel bored and disengaged.

I got a 25% hike in my current job today and also I got a different role. I was handling the Business Development department and now I have been assigned the advertising work.
I am very happy today as I wanted to do something creative and I got a great opportunity today.


That’s nice.


In the last 5 days, I have experience following changes-

  1. I am back to being organized. I start my day with to-do lists and priority lists, this helps me to accomplish things in a better and planned way.
  2. More respect from people…I have heard people talking about me, random people coming to me to ask questions, …it feels good to be popular.
  3. Calm and composed all the time…I met 3 people today and all 3 meetings turned out to be not so beneficial for me…I didn’t lose my temper…will start fresh tomorrow



The last two weeks have been difficult for me. I feel very irritated and angry,I have no idea whether it is because of subliminals or something else, but even small things are troubling me these days.


I get like that too. And it usually happens when I think everything is just going smooth and all lining up and then bham! A freaking week long of anger irritation and unhappiness. Back to life on the edge. It could be from all the changes going on within your self. Reconciliation?