My Journey With Emperor + Primal Seduction


Hello Guys. Just purchased Emperor and Primal Seduction. This is my journal. I might not update daily, my plan is to post weekly updates, hopefully, every Friday. But I will definitely post updates if something worthy comes up.

A bit background about me:
This is my first run with SubClub. Though I am not new to subliminals. Been running subliminals from different creators on and off for 3+ years. I have been following this forum for past couple of weeks, read a lot of the reviews and journals before purchasing and joining. I have a tendency to over-analyze things before making a decision. I like this thing about me though.

My goals:
My key goal here is to become like Christian Grey from the famous Fifty Shades of Grey series. Of course without all the mental trauma and messed up mind. A happy, mentally stable Christian Grey if you will.
You could also say Harvey Specter from Suits. They are kind of similar, except Harvey is a little less dark which is good, but also not really thriving to build his empire, which is a con.
So a mixture of both of these dudes if you will.

So all in all, the goals would be (by 31st March 2020, 6 months from now)

  • Build an Empire of my own. $4k a month from side hustle would be all I need in 6 months. My current plan is to get there via either SMMA, Dropshipping or Affiliate Marketing.

  • Being totally in control of myself, self-disciplined, master of the common successful entrepreneur habits like daily meditation, cold shower, journaling, exercise, deep work sessions, etc.

  • Not the life of the party, but when I enter, everyone stares and whispers who’s that guy, especially women.

  • Not really actively doing pickup on a daily basis. But when I see someone I like, I am fully capable of charming her pants off. (I read that with PS, women blush when you open/look-at them. I would call this goal successful if that happens 70% of the time)

  • Being the kind of man that people seek approval from.

  • A good memory will be nice to have, I hope it comes from the Limitless module that is present in both Emperor and Primal Seduction. For a starter, let’s just say I’ll be able to memorize the 33 strategies of war in 10 minutes and remember it after months.

My stack and listening plan:

2x Emperor
1x Primal Seduction
1x Emperor
1x Primal Seduction

Total 5 tracks are set in this exact order. I will keep this playlist running around me for 18 to 20 hours a day. This is the initial plan. Let’s see where I can go from here.

Hoping to look back in March 31st 2020 and have a big smile in my face.


Welcome @Grey. I look forward to reading your detailed journal :slight_smile:


I dropped suits on the season Mike was going to jail because Harvey became soft. I dislike that kind of personality. I liked Harvey before, i kinda idolized him and i always had him in mind while i was coming up the ladder in my job which happened quite fast. I didnt follow suits since then

Is this a goal or something you are now and you would like to be magnified?

I love this goal but i am not sure if it is doable. Do you know anyone who is close to this?

I look forward to your journal


This is a goal I strive towards.

I meant the 33 strategies (headlines/chapter names), not the whole book. So, 33 sentences in 10 minutes, seems pretty do-able. I don’t know for sure though. Mike ross could do it in a minute though :wink:


Hi mate Primal and Emperor work very well together looking foreward to reading more :slight_smile:


@Grey - all the best, man. Lets have them girls nibbling their pencils (and more) and being swept off their feet as easy as 1 2 3 while at the same time you being paid in the millions as easy as counting to 10.


So this weird thing happened today. Not sure if it was caused by the subs. But thought to keep it in my journal anyways.

I hit a road fork today, a sort of decision crisis if you will. I have choose either of two paths for my career. Either of them will change my life and I cannot go back on the other path.
Path 1 was my initial and only goal before Path 2 was presented, it’s about something really big but really uncertain if I will succeed in this path or not.
Path 2 is still big, think of it as a highway to a “corner-office-level” position, and pretty much certain i will succeed in this path.

So, I thought about it for a while. Got frusted and went to sleep. As you know from my intro, I strive to be like Christian Grey or Harvey Specter. So the funny thing is, I see that I went to Harvey’s office to ask him help me choose. He says, I can help you, but I will slap you in the face when you ask me the question. because you already know the answer.

That is when it hit me. I know I want path 1. No matter how hard and uncertain it is, I have to put my 110% and become successful their. I can’t just see a glimpse of certainty and quit my goals.

So, I am choosing path 1. I will be facing the first major check point there (out of 3-4) in the next 70 days, so it won’t be much till I know if this was a right choice or not.


I have been feeling pretty lethargic yesterday and today. I feel tired and sleepy. I wonder if the sub is making me feel like that.
But yesterday morning was amazing. I was looking at a mess I needed to take care but have been putting off for months. Look at it for like 10 seconds and said what the hell, and did it in one sitting. It was cool. I would really love to feel that type of motivated surge all the time.


Week 1
Listening time ~126 hours
Emperor ~75.5 hours
Primal Seduction ~50.5 hours

What I felt

  • The first two days went normal, with motivation bursts now and then.
  • After that, for the rest of the week, I felt lethergic, laziness and lack of energy throughout the day.
  • Occasionally I felt the surge of motivation, then I would take charge and complete something that I have been putting of for months in one sitting.

What is really happening (noticeable stuff)

  • I am standing up more straight without any conscious effort. Loving the posture. Although sitting posture is not corrected yet.
  • I am sleeping more and the sleeps are more deep.
  • I took some serious actions and completed tasks I have been putting off for months. Although this is rare, would love it to be atleast once a day thing. Even that could change my life.

What I didn’t notice

  • Effects on the ladies. I didn’t go out to meet women. So, can’t really say if anything is happening. Nothing different in daily chit-chats with girls though. (no blushing effect and stuff)
  • No effects from the limitless module so far. Did two same type of task this week on different days. First day I made a mistake. Second day I made the same type of mistake.

As I know dreams are an important factors in subs, I wanted to create a separate section on this.

  • Dreams were really strong and clear at the times. Some not so logical ones, and most really didn’t mean anything particular, like a friend asking me a science related question. Can’t remember most of them a minute after I wake up, just remember that I saw something so clear, weird/funny. I would like to know if remembering them is crucial or not.
  • One mentionable dream is regarding Harvey Specter, which I mentioned before in the journal.
  • Another mentionable one was a dream where I did not reach a goal of mine, which will be getting a yes/no result this December. I dreamt that I didn’t make it and was very sad and constantly wishing if I had time, I would put in more work. Next thing, I wake up and realize I still got time. So I made a detailed plan and started to work on this.

Interesting results for the first week. I didn’t really have a fully winning day, only 1 to 3 discreate winning hours daily. I would love to see a fully winning day in the next week.


Week 2
Listening time ~236 hours
Emperor ~141 hours
Primal Seduction ~94 hours

What I felt

  • More relaxed, natural and free-flowing in social situations. And I socialized a LOT this week. (quite a few meetups)
  • I am feeling an IDGAF attitude, possibly coming from Primal part of PS.
  • Stronger erections. Stronger morning wood.
  • The laziness and lethargic feeling continues.

What is really happening (noticeable stuff)

  • I love watching my face on the mirror. I really love the way I look. (Not sure if anything actually changed in the way I look, but I sure love my looks more.)
  • Sleeps are deep as previous week
  • Opportunities. I am getting offered a lot of opportunities (career). This is probably because I am saying ‘yes’ more often to the social meetups. Although these are lucrative opportunities anyone in my position would really appreciate, they don’t resonate with my real goal (building a freedom business), so I might say ‘no’ to them all eventually. The current position is giving me enough time to build a business on the side. The offered ones will for certain give better and a more flashy future, but won’t give me enough time to build a business. So it’s either a flashy corporate life or an emperor life in 2-3 year. I really want the second one, but I am scared to refuse the more sure one.
  • I took some good actions on my side-hustle, socialized a lot, and completed few tasks I have been putting off for a long time.

What I didn’t notice

  • No improvements on the laziness. I still feel lethargic. I do get occasional surges of taking charge and getting things done, and I do get stuff done at those 2-3 hour blocks. But this happens like once or rarely twice a day.
  • Again, noting major noticed on the ladies department.


  • Had an interesting dream last Sunday. Saw I was in a 2 months later date, meeting my grandmother. (I am actually going to meet her in 2 months). She saw me and told me I was changed a lot (on a positive way) and she really liked the new me.
  • Other really clear and interesting dreams, but forgot most of them. I really need to keep a dream journal.

Action-taking-wise, I am still on week 1 level, no major improvements. I am feeling lazy and mentally exhausted, mostly during my allocated time-blocks for working on my goals. I hope things get improved next week.


Love this quote


Week 3
Listening time ~321 hours
Emperor ~193 hours
Primal Seduction ~128 hours

What I felt

  • The lethargic feeling is mostly gone. Still a bit here and there, but I’d say about 80% gone.
  • I felt limitless module might be having some minor effect, but I cannot pinpoint it.
  • A bit of disgust about some of the things I do and a burn to change them, but I haven’t taken any action on them yet. I noticed them previously before using the sub at different points. But I am seeing them multiple times daily now.

What is really happening (noticeable stuff)

  • I started taking action on different domains of my life, main work, side hustle, skill improvement etc.
  • I am not trying to actively socialize, but when I do, I feel super free-flowing, charming and taking the lead in the interaction.
  • Deeper sleep continues, plus getting crazy dreams ever night.

What I didn’t notice

  • Well, my main goal for this week was to snap out of the lethargic feeling. That is starting to fade. I didn’t focus on anything else to “not notice”


Had some really clear dreams about my personal life. Can’t remember all of them, only a few, but don’t want to share these. But what I felt, they were more like telling me my personal values and what I, in my core actually care about. Like family, even though I don’t like a few of them for one or more of their characteristics. In one dream I became very sad when one of them cried as I was mean to them, I really wished I could undo what I did, but later realized it was a dream.

In another incident, I wasn’t totally asleep, I was kind of in a trance before sleep. At that moment I felt I had to forgive everyone who ever cheated me or treated me very bad, as these memories are not really helping me and some times cause anger and bad mood. I tried to forgive, but realized that I can’t, cause another part of me doesn’t want to. I mean I’m sure I won’t take any action to make them realize anything, but I thought if karma taught them a lesson, I would be happy. That’s not a feeling you get when you have forgiven someone.

I think I have been feeling the resistance for the past two weeks. Finally, the sub actually started to kick in this week. The funny thing is I have watched more TV shows this week, but still managed to get a more productive week than the past week. Still not at a satisfactory point though. I am looking to get there soon.


Week 5
Listening time ~440 hours
Emperor ~264 hours
Primal Seduction ~176 hours

So, I missed a week of journaling. But I have been listening to the subs atleast 8 hours a day continuously. Missed one day in between though, it was last week.
The thing is I have been too busy for the past 2 weeks, and will probably be busy for the rest of the month due to an important project. I have been waking up, working, and sleeping. Didn’t have enough time to notice any difference created by the sub. But I hope when I get off the project, hopefully succeeding, I will notice all the results at once. This would be really amazing.

What I felt

  • I am working harder and for more time. But the chances are it is because of the pressure of the project, not because of the sub.
  • Deeper sleep, more personal and emotional dreams.
  • I think I am getting some benefits because of the limitless module. I can easily detect any pattern that I previously tackled in the project.

What I didn’t notice

  • Didn’t get any time to not notice any thing.


As usual, don’t remember the dreams. But I can remember that I saw some very strong and unusual dreams. All of them included my personal life incidents, many had alternate versions of past occurrences, many had my family in them. One thing to be noted, I was not helpless or beta in any of them. Not totally alpha, leading and stuff, but relaxed calm and standing up.

Nothing much to report actually. And I won’t have anything much to report for the next two/three weeks either. But I will still post once a week and try to not miss.


Your dreams seem to be very in tune with your changes. You’ve mentioned wanting to keep a dream journal, have you given that any more serious thought?


I am trying to keep the dream journal. but I am not consistent with it as I have to rush after waking up for the days work. And by the time I get some free time, I forget almost everything, other than the fact that I dreamt something significant today and maybe one or two names.


Week 6
Missed two days this week as I had to be outdoors all day. Interestingly I had paused the Emperor v3 from my stack and was running PS solo. And suddenly today saw that Emperor v4 is being released. My current super busy schedule will last 2 more weeks. I hope v4 will be released by then. After that, 2 days rest then I’ll go solo on v4 21 hours a day and work on my business.