My Heartsong Seductress Daredevil drum beats

Things are really complicated in my long term relationship. I’ve had enough of all the crap I get, and I am mentally and emotionally done with him. I deserve so much better than the left over crumbs I get. I’m tired of him falling in love with others. I discovered just a few days ago that he has a big crush on some woman who is probably around 300 pounds and appears to be homeless, but isn’t. He actually smiled like a kid who had just gotten caught and didn’t bother to deny it when I told him that he can do better. I think all women are beautiful, but I’m fed up with him not being attracted to me unless I’m a size 4 or below just to see him chasing after bigger women.

I am really hoping that this Heartsong will not get me crawling back to this man again. I can’t do this to myself anymore.

I played two loops this morning and I felt pain in my heart again. This time the pain lasted a lot longer than the other times. I felt alive again after the pain left. I felt the feeling one gets when meeting someone new romantically. That alive feeling that I haven’t felt in years.


Keep an eye out for recon. Sometimes we start a sub, and everything is going well and then… boom, we start to feel like crap. When that happens stop the sub for several days, and do less loops.


how did u get to subscub?

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Hi @lrw. Are you running Heartsong solo? Or is Heartsong is being played with the 2 customs?

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I had known about Subclub for over a year before I made a purchase. I used to listen to a law of attraction meditation. It resonated very well with me after a few months of listening. Then I went on a vacation to a beautiful place, and I felt comfortable ordering from them when I got back.

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Hey aeiouxyz, right now I am running Heartsong with one custom built around Seductress. I get one loop of Libertine daily, and I include Survival Instinct, StarkQ or Sex Mastery as often as I can.


I used to have a crush on someone before starting Heartsong. The attraction was mutual but he comes on too strong. I felt too intimidated to even talk to him afterwards. I couldn’t even look at him.

I kept seeing him, so the plan was to change my schedule until I felt I was strong enough to face him and to be able to talk to him. Today I suddenly had a feeling that this attraction was over with on both of our parts. Then I saw him within a minute of having that realization.

I wish things had turned out differently, but he should have given me the space I needed. I see him now as an immature kid, and I’m not sure why I ever found him attractive in the first place.

It seems to me that Heartsong helped me to get over that crush and to be more selective of guys who I think are attractive. I saw tons of guys today, but I wasn’t interested in any of them. Not even the hot ones.

I wanted to add that yesterday, while listening to Heartsong, I kept on feeling like listening to break up songs. Gone for good by the shins, I hope you’re happy now (Carly Pearse), Turn the lights out when you leave (Elton John). I felt so happy listening to these songs not knowing about what was going to happen with this guy today.


Well, my emotions for that guy have been like a roller coaster lately. I’m going to have to be careful what I say on this forum about him from now on, because he’s too good at guessing where the heck I am most of the time. I keep seeing him in unexpected places. He actually behaved like a professional adult this time and was very nice. He cleared things up and there shouldn’t be any tension if I see him anywhere else.


Yes, it’s helping you discern who is actually good for you in the long-term and who isn’t bad for you. Deep down inside, I think you knew (since Heartsong is just asking your subconscious to bring it to your awareness), but with all kinds of other societal traumas and issues in the way, sometimes it’s hard to see the truth.

This is your way of coping, and Heartsong is urging you to do that.


Thank you for mentioning this @SaintSovereign.

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There have been many unusual coincidences about running into that “crush” since I met him. The latest time this happened, something really unusual happened. What’s so unusual is that I saw him and I didn’t even recognize him. I was under a lot of stress at the time, and my mind couldn’t even register that it was him. I later found out through a friend that it was him indeed.

I do think that this sub helped me to end this attraction. I see things so much more clearly. If he was good for me then the coincidental interactions would at least be pleasant, but something is not clicking. I am stronger now and I have other options, so many people were attracted to me yesterday. Then I had to deal with his immature nonsense that he accused me to my friend about. I am done with him. I just spoke to him for a long time just a couple of days ago. Is it possible that the subs contributed to me not recognizing him?


I keep going out to open the pathways to manifestation that will get me to meet this special guy. I am noticing that as soon as I get to these places, I seem to have this knowing that I won’t be meeting him there, at least not at that moment. Staying in these places leaves me with a feeling of boredom, of something missing while I am there. There is only one place I go to where I haven’t had this feeling of knowing happen yet.

I don’t really have a type as far as looks go. If the guy is good looking, then it doesn’t matter to me what part of the world he comes from. This sub is causing me to be more picky. I actually have decided on physical traits I want this man to have. I would be curious to see where this goes.


I played one loop of Heartsong this morning. Then I went somewhere today and even though it seemed very unlikely that I would meet someone there, I had this strong feeling that I would meet this guy there. I didn’t meet him there, I didn’t meet anyone anywhere else either. There is a dullness that comes over on people now. Even good looking guys just are not appealing to me anymore. It’s like I see them and the thought “no, not him” comes to mind.

I know that I am getting impatient with the manifestation aspects of this sub because of all the problems in my own romantic life. My long term partner seems smitten with me lately. I’m really nice to him but I resent him… He has worn out my forgiveness, and I’ve been just f* him about once a month purely out of sexual desperation.

I didn’t want to look outside of this relationship, but I can’t go on being desperate anymore. It was this desperation that left me open to falling for that “crush”. The dullness has not come over on this cursh.
In fact, I can’t take my eyes off him. He is absolutely gorgeous in my eyes, yet my friend said that he is homely looking. I wish I could see what she sees because he’s going to want to have full control of the relationship and that is not what I want. I know he’s not right for me, but being faithful to my cold, emotionally unavailable long term guy has left me desperate for sex.

I want this to be the year where I can have sex, friendship and love with someone.or with several guys on at least a weekly basis.

I want to let the sub do it’s thing, but I’m starting to feel so empty.


Great stuff. Sometimes when we’re dropping the old reality for the new and those beliefs are shifting it can seem like the great abyss. Remember that right around the corner those new possibilities will present themselves.


Thank you for your words of encouragement and inspiration!

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I got my Heartsong/Daredevil custom last night and played it right away. Thank you Subclub and everyone who helped me to design this sub. There are fantastic modules in there.

I went out for a walk this morning and this girl was really nice and friendly to me, almost acting the way I act when I flirt with guys. I think that the daredevil in the sub is causing women to want to be friends with me.

My long term partner and I had passionate sex last night. i don’t know if we have ever had passionate sex. He’s not romantic or passionate when it comes to sex. Ugh, just when I am trying to increase the distance between us, he all of a sudden tells me that he can see us having a great future together. I keep telling him that it’s the subs that are causing him to feel this way. He tells me that he doesn’t care, and to keep manipulating him even more if that’s the case. I was super horny last night and maybe the daredevil helped me to just go with it and enjoy myself. He tells me this morning that there is an air around me that says “I want sex”.

The problem with f* him is that it does something to my brain where I feel satisfied the next day to the point that I avoid all social interactions of any kind. I don’t feel like talking to people, and this has given guys who were interested in me the impression that I had too many other options, that I was using those options, and that I was just toying with them.

What can I do to prevent myself from not wanting social interactions after I have sex with him? I’m hoping that Love without attachment will help with this.


I think about flirting scenarios in my head as I listen to my Heartsong/Daredevil sub. Apparently I’m seeing that I need to lighten up in that area. I understand I have a problem in this area and I’m glad the sub is doing something. Maybe the Charisma and Flirting Automatic Mentor Improver is at work here.

LTP (long term partner) Looks at me in awe and tells me last night that I look like a sweet social treat. He keeps thinking about cake, fruit and pastries when it comes to me lately. lol

I can’t get enough of Underwater by Mika these past few days. What a beautiful song.


The Enchanting Smile module is working. LTP says that I smiled so sweetly at some guy and that he has never seen me smile that way before. He also says that I have the same smile, but that’s now a beautiful smile and that I actually look happy when I smile now.


There was a really hot guy who was attracted to me. What was special and different about this guy was that I was looking down at my phone, but I instinctively knew the position that his mouth was in as he looked at me. My head was also turned away from him, so I couldn’t see him at all, but I knew that he was walking over to try to make a connection with me. I also instinctively knew when to turn my head to look up to him (he and I turned our heads at the same time) and I mirrored his mouth before I even saw him. Pretty cool. I couldn’t talk to him because of the people I was with. It should be interesting if I see him again.


This is the least attracted that I’ve felt to that crush since the day I met him and it’s the happiest that I’ve felt since this mess got started. I have now learned that he used some powerful psychological tactics on me, and something happened that makes me think that he also uses pheromones. At this point the dissociation is getting stronger. The only problem is the crazy attraction whenever he’s near by. I’m going to have to work harder to keep my distance.