My Experience with Primal Seduction, Primal Seduction Iron Throne, and Sex mastery X2


Update: Recently I’ve been caring less and less about trying to get a girlfriend or fwb. I find myself not even trying as much as I used to. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing.


Maybe introspect and see if this “caring less and less” feels like an apathetic or indifferent kind of feeling, or is it more of a self-satisfied and independent kind of feeling. Or maybe something more nuanced.


So I think there are steps that my phycology is going through right while I’m listening to these subs

1st: I want a girlfriends or fwb
2nd: I don’t really care anymore
3rd: I’m actually indifferent and perfectly ok with myself. Just focused on enjoying life.
^ I think this is where i’m at

4th: ?
5th: ?


If Subliminal club partnered with (binaural beats) they would probably have a very powerful program. Their Recharge Refresh & Deep Sleep haven’t failed me once. I am an audio editor so I could combine the two but I don’t want to give subclub’s or Ennora’s stuff out for free


I think my intuition is sharpening on what to say with girls. I am going to focus on Iron Throne specifically because I have heard good success stories. Then once I get a girlfriend or two I’ll add Sex mastery to my stack.

Since Iron throne is just an ultrasonic, I will be running it while I slept mainly (the playlist is 9 hours total) and if nobody is around in the house (2-3 hours max) during the day time.


Currently sick today so i’m stopping all subliminals


Update: I’m back use PSIT all night. I found out that my throat chakra was blocked. Every symptom I had related to a blockage in the throat chakra. To balance it, I listened to some throat chakra binaural beats, drank plenty of water, eat healthy (as usual) and lit a throat chakra incense. I just have a light cough now. I’m going on a date tonight so I’ll update in the future. But I’ve been caring less and less about having a relationship. I don’t really care if i have a girlfriend or now. I’ll take it don’t get me wrong but it’s like if someone was giving away free pizza: It’s not the end of the world if i don’t get a slice. Speaking of food, I have been eating a lot more than usual and I have been losing weight! Weird. I’ve been the same weight for about 6 years or so.


@AMASH - will definitely check out your book recommendation too. And it’s so true that women are turned on by a desirable man desiring them.


All the best, @Grasping_infinity. Coach Corey Wayne’s “3% man” is a good book. Not wildly focused on sex I believe. More of a “Finding purpose and being your best and attracting women in a non-needy way” kind of book. I could be wrong though since I have it on the shelf and have yet to read it. I did go through a lot of his videos though.

Sigh, reminds me that I have to get back to reading my collection.

Hope the subs do the job for you. Looking forward to your review on the seduction subs since I plan to get them after am done with Khan even though Khan has a good amount of affirmations for sex in it.


Yeah 3% Man is kinda like an “everything” book in regards to women. He takes them most important stuff and leaves out anything else. Which is why you have to read it more than once. I remember I was on my 6th round (on the audio book) and I said to myself “wow, i totally missed that”.
So that book basically touches a lot of different topics at once (oppose to “The Sex God Method” by Daniel Rose which just talks about sex).


Update: The date went pretty well. She actually wanted to move it to 6 instead of 7 because she wanted to see me that bad (and since I wasn’t doing anything, we met at 6). She was very talkative and I just kept asking questions. When she asked me questions, I would keep my answers brief and positive. I was the first one to end the date and we agreed on meeting next week (friday) we kissed at the end of the date as well.
Yesterday she wanted to skype (sunday) and since I was planning on setting up another date, I agreed. She seems very happy to see me and talk about her day.

The 3% man book taught me a majority of the things I did


So happy for you man!


She’s been over to my place twice now. Very last minute texts but she “wants to see me”. We made out a few times the first night (Tuesday) and then last night (thursday) we watched a movie on my laptop. At one point she was so horny she told me she had goosebumps. She also said if she wasn’t on her period we would probably be having sex. I felt like I could easily turn her on. Thursday was our 3rd “date” so i understand if she’s not ready to have sex with me just yet. But i’ll keep gently leading it towards that when things get heated again


Just to keep everyone up to date on my stack:
I’m maily playing SMIT all night when I sleep (on my mac speakers) and I listen to SM whenever I get a chance during the day (masked with headphones). I don’t listen to SM at night as much bec I wake up really horny and it’s annoying. I have this gut feeling that SM is powerful and doing a lot of the work. But SMIT also helps with having an attractive personality and charisma (i think).


She got off work yesterday and wanted to come over and see me. We started watching the rest of that movie but we’re not even halfway done with it. We started making out and eventually had sex. She told me that I was really good. We had sex 3 times last night and I lasted pretty long. She didn’t cum probably bec it was her first time with me


when I’m doing work on the computer, I usually listen to music over my masked or ultrasonic subs (depending if i’m using headphones or not). I make sure its positive affirmation music and gets me feeling good (NO sad, angry, or bad affirmation music).
The better you feel, the easier the subs can go into your subconscious


The girl I have been seeing has been more distant lately. One of her close friends died and she needs some time to herself (which I understand). She told me she’s not ready for a relationship and that I can see other girls. Bummer. If you guys could send some love and good vibes I would appreciate that a lot :pray:


Sending you good energies man, that’s a bummer.

AND go get new girls. You can’t be a Top 3% man or whatever with no girls.

This will help:


Sending lots of love, ur journey has been great so far and I know u will continue to grow :heart:


I have been reading (listening to) "The Preventive Medicine (The Rational Male Book 2). I’m 2 hours in and this is such a powerful book omg. I Would highly recommend. I’m seeing another girl tomorrow so I’ll keep you updated. Also thank you for all the love, It means a lot.