My Emperor Journal


Hey guys, this will be my journal for the next 2-3 months based on how fast I can learn the material.

I am planning on using the Limitless ultrasonic on my phone’s speaker because I don’t have any other and I can’t concentrate while listening to the masked version. My phone has 15 levels of volume I am starting on the 5th volume level to check what’s the safest sound level, If i don’t see any improvement in 1 and a half month I will raise the volume with 2 levels.

So i have this course that I already failed 2 times, and 2020 January will be my last try or I will loose my scolarship and end up in debt.

I have around 1600 pages of ppt presentations scattered in 13 presentations, and I plan on learning it in the next 2-3 months.

So my goal is to pass this exam with a B atleast.

What tools I am gonna use: I plan on using Anki, a spaced repetition tool, where you basically make cards where the front has the question and the backside has the answer. I can synch it with my phone and laptop and check the questions when I am going somewhere or while in bed. I have to make the cards manually sadly I already finished making 1/9th of the cards, it’s quite boring

I have done my research on the storytelling method and the memory palace method.
The storytelling method is when you have a bunch of random worlds and you make an abstract story out of it so you can memorize it instantly like: ant, candy, elephant, phone, pool. The story would be like
A house sized ant carried a poisonous candy which was made from a pink elephant who used to curse on the phone whenever he was at a nudist pool.

And the memory palace method is when you make an image in your head about a familiar place and you put the information there like. In the kitchen above the oven lays the mitochondria the powerhouse of the cell.

I don’t know if I can incorporate these methods into CS material, for 1600 pages I would need atleast 40 palaces each with 7 rooms and 8 places in them, and the other method is mostly for shopping lists.

What I can do tho is memorize ideas that I don’t understand with abstract images, like comparing Voltage with water flowing.

I also plan on watching a couple of study courses, maybe they have some good ideas.

What I am hoping to accomplish:
- to learn the material
- to increase my focus while studying ( i usually stop focusing after 3-4 minutes)
- to enjoy learning boring stuff
- to have an open mind about learning


Hi, just wanted to tell you I personally use the lowest volume possible (1 of 15) and I still get (very noticeable) results.


thank you for the information it’s very reassuring


Day 1:

Had 2 study sessions today sadly I fell asleep on each one. Didn’t make any cards today aswell, I might make some in the next couple of hours before I go to sleep.


I know it’s recommended not to switch subs but because I just started I don’t think it will have much of an impact.

I will be switching to Emperor the reasons being I saw it had the limitless core in it. And I will have to start my intership in late september/october, and i figured it would be good to have a more domineering personality when i get there.

Also I am quite sceptical with ultrasonics, the reason being I get an headache after I listen to masked for 3-4 hours and I think that shows promise. Sadly I can only listen on earbuds because I have roomates.


Day 2:

I found a couple of interesting udemy courses about learning and I have been watching 2 of them. I was able to focus for more time than usual and didn’t give up after the first video ( When i watch online courses I usually give up after the first couple of minutes if the talker isn’t fast enough or I already have a begginer level knowledge about the subject), so this is quite an acomplishment for me.
Finished the first half of one and 1 quarter from the other one, got a lot of new ideas about how to approach learning, which I hope will be quite fruitfull.

Sadly I was alone today and didn’t go out, so I can’t tell if there is any change in a social environment.


Day 3:

I had a lot of inner conflicts, some of which I couldn’t even tell the reason. I barely did anything today, found myself with an headache from the moment I woke up. Took 2 sessions of napping. My inner conflicts have stabilized by now, and the headache went away after i stopped listening for 1-2 hours.


Day 4:

I woke up tired, thought of oversleeping but I have been conditioning myself for the last month to wake up at so I woke up just to not break the cycle.

I started to organize a couple of things (which is new to me because I am 99% of the time disorganized.

Found myself telling my family usefull trivia about their health ( I usually don’t talk with them about these because I know they won’t change anything they are obese and like to eat a lot) this time the reaction wasn’t any different but it’s still a change.

Found some bootcamp courses which I checked out they look promising, sadly I got more motivation to study things that interest me than those that I have to do (my exam), which is good in a way but bad in another.

I would have never thought that I can drink so much water. I drank atleast 6 liters today (i normally drink 2-3 glasses a day). Had a lot of headaches I still got them but in the end I think I had a more productive day today with headaches and lot bathroom brakes than I had in the last 3 months.


How long do you listen every day?


around 15 hours on masked


Woah respect. Do you listen to v3 or v2?


I noticed this change too on Khan. I’m a lot more tidy and organized, and motivated to lean things in their place and cleaned up after use, and to keep my desk organized etc.


i listen to v3


Same with Ascended Mogul. At least there is more inner awareness to it.


Day 5:

Woke up again tired today because of yesterdays headache I didn’t play it while I was asleep luckily it went away.

I found myself being passive today in the afternoon. I was sometimes quite disgusted when I saw someone relaxing, wasting their time with instant gratifications, others could literally tell the disgust on my face. This was after I read a book from Tony Robbins on money managment.

Watched a couple of workout videos ( even though I never worked out and I have been conditioning myself for years that I can’t workout till I get a place to live in the city) it seems the Rebirth part is making me reinterpret my past.

Watched a single video from a memory bootcamp and a voice bootcamp sadly I didn’t feel energetic while I watched them, I only did it to not break the cycle. And lastly I managed to do around 5 cards today for my exam.


Day 6:

Another day where I woke up tired, luckily no headaches through the whole day even though I was listening to it all day, it seems my mind is adapting to the masked subs. Had to pickup my university courses through an online platform, so I didn’t do much mostly refreshed a webpage every 20 seconds for like 7 hours.

Apart from that the most intersting thing that I observed today is that when I listened music it seems I somehow learned the lyrics I can pretty much sing the song without even trying to memorize it. I always sucked when it came to memorizing. I usually get a 5/10 when I have to memorize 2-3 pages, so if this continous I believe I can make major progress.


PS. DAY 6:
After my post yesterday I had a great small programming project idea that will hopefully help me tremendously next week. I managed to finish it before mindnight can’t wait to see if it will work.

Day 7:

I felt today was an ordinary day. I barely did anything today, I woke up tired, walked around the house, listened to music, and my day went away, I didn’t feel the need to work on myself.

I tested that program I wrote yesterday it should work with 99% success the other 1% is if I get a blackout and end up without electricity. Also I don’t need to drink 6 liters of water anymore I can do fine with just 1-1.5L.


Day 9:

I had to travel a lot today, so I didn’t manage more than 2-3 hours of listening.
What made me surprised is that I had to message a lot of strangers today around 20 I would usually think about how I would message them when I would, just to stall time. This time I didn’t have such thoughts I just wrote them what I wanted and waited for their response.

Also it seems I am more fixated on my own opinion than of those who I don’t look up to


Noticing something similar.
Isnt it pretty subtle? You only notice it, when you think about it, at least that’s how it is going for me


Day 10:

I had some work to do after midnight so I went to sleep later. I woke up 3 hours later than usual (didn’t set up my alarm on purpose) but it seems I woke up anyway thanks to my routine at 6am.

In the first half of the day I was really spaced out. I stayed at home and walked around the house like 5-6 km and I didn’t really have any thoughts. I just wandered around aimlessly.

And in the second half I felt kinda lost, I didn’t feel bad or sad, only lost. And my whole day went away. I remember I once calculated that if I live for 80 more years than with every day passing I have 0.0034% less time to live, and sadly most of us (including me) do waste our time like this.