My 1 year Journey with Dragon Reborn + Stark + PS


I was thinking to create a stack, stick to it and run it for one year, till 31st December 2021. Already knew 2 of the subs I would be running, Stark and PS, which I’ve been running for the past few months. Making a decision on the third one, which was going to be a multistage was a tough one. I was stuck between Khan and DR. So it was the good old grind for me, going and reading all the related forum posts I could find. Finally, I came to the decision that Stark+PS will be enough to turn me into the man I wanted to be. But I really need the healing super-power of DR. So here the journey begins.

I am going to run each stage of Dragon Reborn for at least 30 days, more if I see fit. After the 4 stages done, I’ll continue to run stage 4 till the end of the year. And Stark+PS will run besides that for the whole year.

So, from today, till the next 30 days, my stack will be:

Primal Stark Reborn
Dragon Reborn Stage 1 Q: 2x
Stark Q: 2x
Primal Seduction Q: 1x

That’s a 5 hour stack. I will be running this stack on loop overnight for 10 hours, 11:30 pm to 9:30 am.

I am not very good at journaling. But what the hell. I am running a beast to shatter all the limiting thoughts about myself. So I’ll do my best to come here at a set time everyday and ramble whatever is on my mind for 10 minutes. Things might get repetitive, since it’s lockdown here, so after a while nothing new will be there to report. But who cares.

I am really looking forward reading this thread in 31st December 2021 and say, “it was an amazing investment to make, what a journey”.


Best of luck buddy!


Day 1

DR Stage 1: 4 loops
Stark: 2 loops
PS: 1 loop

I listened to all the loops while I was sleeping. All of them were on ultrasonic.

Sleep quality: Last night’s sleep wasn’t really a deep sleep. I woke up briefly (for a few seconds) multiple times during the night and early morning. This happened after a long time, because past few weeks I was having deeper sleeps, in most days I was over sleeping, about 10+ hours a day.

Dreams: Had some really weird dreams. Could remember some scenes of them, mostly because I created a dream journal and wrote what I could remember first thing in the morning. I indendt to do this everyday and try to find out patterns from them, like find out the most occurred word etc in the dream journals.

Feeling: Not sure if I really felt it, or my mind made it up from the description of the sales page (I read it for 10+ times before making a purchase), but on few of the times I woke up for brief moments, I felt a strange sensation running throughout inside of my body.


I’m rooting for you!

Stick to this for the whole year and you will be a changed man on 1st of January.


Nice to see you man. Almost same stack here, except EQ fo Stark.

Go go :fist_right:


I admire your ambition! :+1::muscle:

If you can, I would encourage you to listen to your subliminals when you are awake. For some reason, they may be processed better if you listen during the day, and then at night have silence so your brain can integrate the subliminals.


Thanks man. Best of luck on your journey as well.


Thanks for the great words man.


Great. Best of luck on your journey as well man.


Thanks man. I also think that having a good nights sleep will help me integrate the subs in my mind better. But it’s tough for me to sit in one place for hours straight to get the full length exposure of the subs, as I have to move from room to room, but my speaker doesn’t cover much distant. But I’m planing to tweak things a bit to try the silent night option soon.


Day 2

DR Stage 1: 6 loops
Stark: 4 loops
PS: 3 loop

Today I listened to some loops while sleeping, and some while awake. All of them were on ultrasonic.

Sleep quality: Again, no deep sleep. The sleep quality is suffering much. I wake up not fully rested and kind of tired. Not super tired, but a little bit. I’m already feeling sleepy today as I had a busy day, so hopefully I’ll have a good sleep tonight.

Dreams: I had multiple dreams, but couldn’t remember the details after I woke up. So wrote nothing on dream journal today.

Feeling: Felt nothing special today.

Plans: I am planning to incorporate some conscious healing techniques in my daily routine. Will start researching about it this week. I’ll come up with the decision I make on the initial healing routine by the journal of Day 7 maximum. Writing it here to keep me accountable.


Day 3

DR Stage 1: 6 loops
Stark: Q 2 loops + Terminus 1 loop
PS: 2 loop

Today I listened to all of the loops while sleeping. All of them were on ultrasonic, except 2 loop DR and 1 loop Stark Terminus.

Sleep quality: I little better than before. I think it will gradually come back to my normal pattern.

Dreams: I had some interesting dreams. I woke up for 2 minutes in the early morning and wrote some keywords for a couple of sequences thinking I will write the details later and went back to sleep. But later I forgot the sequences, so all I have are the keywords.
I did remember one particular sequence, where I went to a place, keeping my phone and wallet at home. And there I get mugged (or I was scared that I will get mugged, not sure), and my phone, wallet or nothing was with me. So it was kind of a funny releaf.

Feeling: I guess I have hit the ‘don’t want to do anything’ feeling. Today when I woke up, I had some specific topics to study about, including the conscious healing plans I wrote about yesterday. But I did nothing all day. Although I also have a feeling this is just inner me justifying the lazyness by seeing others feeling lethargic, so I am not gonna give it any attention tomorrow.

Plans: As I have decided not to give the possible sub induced lazy feeling any attention, I am going to make a semi-productive routine right now for tomorrow and follow it properly.


Day 4

DR Stage 1: 4 loops
Stark: Q 1 loop + Terminus 1 loop
PS: 1 loop

Today I listened to all of the loops while sleeping. All of them were on ultrasonic, except 1 loop Stark Terminus.

Sleep quality: Gradually getting better.

Dreams: I had multiple interesting dreams today. Was able to write the gist or key sequences that I remembered. I want to share 2 of them as I thought they were really interesting, and outside my daily life happenings, so I think the sub has something to do with these.

  1. In this sequence, I saw that I found a spot in my head (at the very top) where I can easily set a pin. not a small needle pin, the one you stick with hammer. But I could insert it with the force of my finger, because the spot in my head was that weak. And for some reason, I actually set the pin, and then push it all up to full length. Right after I set it to it’s full length, my head starts spinning, I fall (I was in a stair case on a park) and kind of thrown about 100 feets away. When I was falling, I held my brothers hand, who was standing beside me, to avoid the fall, but both of us are then fell 100 feets away.

  2. In this sequence, I saw I went to a “dog fear remover” center, a dojo type place, where they remove your fear of dogs. I am kind of scared of dogs, not phobia level, but I am afraid they will bite. So I stay away from dogs. And the “dog fear remover center” thing is something my dream just made up, because I had never even imagined it. And the funny thing was, in the dream, it was like I came here for the 2nd time, the instructor knew me, and I knew him, and we were talking about the batch mates of the last time. But I am sure there wasn’t a dream about the 1st time, and I have never even imagined it before. It was a sequel without the first episode.

Feeling: I couldn’t get anything done today. I was even bored to find informational youtube videos (my go to time waster) and binged a lighthearted comedy series on Netflix instead.

Plans: As I promised to myself, I will study and create a conscious healing routine by Day 7, I have 3 days to do that. Will put at least 2 hours on it tomorrow.


Day 5

DR Stage 1: 2 loops
Stark: Terminus 2 loop
PS: 0 loop

I forgot to charge my speaker, so it turned off when I was sleeping. I have no idea how much exposure I got then, so counting 0 from that run.

Sleep quality: I had bad sleep last night. Woke up tired due to bad sleep, and my head was spinning as a result.

Dreams: I cannot remember any dream, if I had any from last night at all.

Feeling: Today, time was gone like woosh. Mainly because I took a long nap after lunch and woke up 2 hours before dinner. Hopefully this covered my lack of sleep last night. But I do hope I haven’t overslept and it will not hinder my sleep tonight.

Plans: Sleep on time tonight. Try to have a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow is going to be fresh and productive.




Your invitation…

The Anthem

Dragon up so you can Dragon on!



Thanks man. Let’s dragon up.


Day 6

DR Stage 1: 4 loops
Stark: Terminus 2 loops
PS: 0 loop

Decided to try out something. So for next couple of days, I will try no ultrasonic. All the loops were masked ones.

Sleep quality: Again, difficulty in sleep. I slept pretty late and woke up early morning. Decided I didn’t have enough sleep and went back to sleep and woke up super late.

Dreams: Had some interesting dreams. But was too lazy to write them down when I woke up. So forgot them after a while.

Feeling: Yeah, I also hit the boredome, can’t get myself to get anything done stage hard. Everyday, I am like I will not get this the new norm, but then, next morning I wake up sleep deprived and everything starts to go downhill from there.
To solve this, I have decided to cut sleep time ultrasonic listen. For the next couple of days, I will listen to masked version right before going to bed and see what happens.

Plans: Sleep on time tonight. Try to have a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow is going to be fresh and productive.
And also, pick up a fixed time for shadow work, and meditation and perform them everyday. I will probably do shadow work before going to sleep. Meditation seems like a morning task, but I can do it after lunch as replacement of a power nap.


Day 7

DR Stage 1: 2 loops
Stark: 0 loop
PS: 0 loop

As per my experiment, no ultrasonic. All the loops were masked ones. All semi-wake up listens. As I didn’t have ultrasonic to listen, I didn’t have enough convenient time to run all 3 subs in masked.

Sleep quality: Maybe the experiment was successful. Had really good sleep last night. I just listened 1 loop masked before sleep, no subs during the sleep. Will let it go this way to see if the result is consistent.

Dreams: Don’t remember any dreams from last night.

Feeling: No improvement on the productivity issue. But I guess it won’t be this way for long. I probably have a big project coming up next week, which will force me to get to work mode. Funny how external pressure makes you do things so easily while you need so much energy to motivate yourself to get them done without the external pressure.

Plans: Follow the conscious healing routine (shadow work + mindfulness meditation) daily.


I would encourage you to go to the main shop and read about The Executive and Limitless Executive. I’ve found both helpful at overcoming productivity and procrastination.


Thanks for the suggestion man. I thought about adding my executive ultima to daily listening time, but thought it would become too dense. I’ll give the stack another week or two to see if the productivity improves.