Muti Sub Combined Based on Khan (experimental journal)


After not thinking it that much I decide to do an expirement of combining many subs that seem to help each other. I have an infection in my ear the last seven days and I went back to my old routine of working many hours and eating pizza+ice cream every day while skipping gym, missing all muay thai session and foreign language courses

I would like to clarify that I don’t think subliminals are a magic pill and I fully understand that I will not get the effects from everything. I think this playlist works synergistically in a way and I will explain how and why I will use everything

The purpose of the journal is to write down everything I feel from emotions to external changes. I don’t have any particular expectations, I am very happy with my sex life, please with my work life and unhappy with my physique. I get many compliments for my looks and I am getting flirted often but my physique is like a guy who used to be ripped but gained 15 kilos

I understand the way I will use the subliminals will possibly cause overload but it will be ONE MONTH expirement and I will stick to it no matter what. I will update daily in order to have a clear image what is going on and get insights from other members

I have daily target loops from the most important to least important. In case I miss loops from one program during the day, I will try to make up for it the following days during this month, if i cant its not the end of the world

Loop target

Khan x12
Muay Thai X x6
Spartan Apex Warrior x3
Sex Mastery X2 x3
Limitless x3
Libertine x1
The legacy x2
Beyond Limitless x1

Khan x12
This will be my base. It is the most important program. I already ran ST1, ST2. Currently running ST3 and I cant wait to reach the final stage. I will play this during my sleep and morning times where I am studying. I am using this program because I read somewhere from the authors that khan will force you to take action and if you don’t you will feel bad

Muay Thai X x6
I have no professional fighting experience but I will start training in Thailand and my goal is to win my first fight within a year. I will play this before and after muay thai sessions

Spartan x3
This is a complementary to muay thai x and I will use it when I am working out in the gym or working in my job. I will not use the expirement version but the regular one. I think this program will have the least impact since the script is dense and I will not have enough exposure

Sex Mastery X2 x3
I will use it before dates or in Khan’s playlist depending the day. I never thought sex could be even better but orgasms or so much more powerful for the user and for the partner

Limitless x3
I feel limitless is supercharging everything since it helps with learning. I cant find a single sub that will not get a boost by this and the reviews from everyone are amazing. It will be used during my foreign language study or during work

Libertine x1
Meditate once in the morning

The Legacy x2
Now this is tricky. Legacy is the best supercharger. I feel more focused and mentally stronger if I am working. I get a motivation boost and strength boost when working out. By far the best supercharger and I might use up to x4. Twice as warm up while in gym, twice as warm up before work

Beyond Limitless x1
Meditate before sleep

This is an expirement. My main observations will be focused on

-Weight/Strengh Measurements
-Productivity (only working hours, not studying for work or language learning)
-Motivation for working and training
-Negative talk
-Energy levels



I am looking forward to hear of your experiment and the daily progress and results :slight_smile:


Rising always nice to read about your progress with the subliminal technology keep us all updated.


Did nobody read their free ebook guide on subliminals, they recommend a maximum of 3 major programs run at the same time!


@rising clearly stated this is experimental, so we will see what kinds of interesting results he gets with his own mix of subs :slight_smile:

I personally am curious about how things will go for @rising


Wow, that’s a lot to tackle. Best of luck! Hope to see some major changes.



if i feel overwhelmed i can always stop and continue khan and sex mastery only


I didnt feel the expected tiredness. I slept 4 hours this morning and i feel fine. A bit hungry. I was a bit more aggressive while working yesterday but nothing extraordinary. I felt much more horny during the day. I ran 3x limitless 3x spartan 3x muay thai and some khan loops during the end while i was working and my focus was decent. I expected to be all over the place but i felt fine

EDIT: When i woke up i had the desire to write down a detailed fitness plan i will follow the next three. Unfortunately i am very busy until 25th September and it would be very hard to follow but writing at the moment

Finally i had the desire to have orange juice which isnt something usual



My sleep was very bad the last two days. I had a lot of frustration while working and i did some things that they were not optimal. I saw many dreams but i remember only one. I was playing for Liverpool and we won the Champions League. I was best friends with Xabi Alonso. Sidenote, i dont support Liverpool but i had the biggest euphoria in my life when we won the Champions League

I get the euphoria feeling while listening to Muay Thai-x and Limitless. Not sure about the other subs

Khan-Sex Mastery: My communication with the woman i saw yesterday was amazing. Sex was amazing and we had so much fun when we went for dinner afterwards. I tried to take a nap before working but i couldnt. This could be the main reason of frustration

Limitless: I got the euphoria feeling during my loops. I got many ideas to explore while working and i have a notepad to take notes. I explored those ideas this morning with interesting results

Spartan-Muay Thai X: I lost my first loops of Muay Thai but i will make up for them the next days. I had to run more Sex Mastery Loops. I didnt work out yet since i am working more than 7 hours every day and i am studying/exploring things for my job more than 5 hours. I didnt fix my nutrition yet but i felt very guilty when i ate cookies. I still dont know if i want to have a calorie nutrition or lower calorie

High Calorie Pros
-When i did it i was a beast in muay thai and my work
-I felt very powerful
-Sleep was better
-I was losing weight slowly

Low Calorie
-I was losing weight faster
-My training was up and down heavily depending how i slept the previous day
-It seems i am getting more frustrated

The choice seems obvious writing down those

Promise to myself, i will start on Wednesday since i have planned to watch a movie in cinema today and tomorrow i will spend the day a woman. I hope the new Dicaprio’s movie will live up to the expectations that the actor set over the years. Many big names are playing in this one


i mean I have been running UAx2, khan st 3, limitless 2, and alchemist st1 everyday since alchemist came out. Some days i get 8 hours listening in at work and then usually 8 at home.


I think it is better to set target goals for the most important subs. For example i always need to hit khan loops but it is ok if i miss spartan. I dont have a playlist. I just listen subs in sets



I dont feel tired or overwhelmed yet. I anticipate tomorrow where i start working out and eating healthy again

I had a date yesterday. I had sex like crazy. I just couldnt stop. It was weird because we came back at my appartment around 2200. We had sex three times until 0230 and it wasnt just a quickie 5 minute sex

When i woke up today i had a burning desire to work but i cant until midnight.I hope this desire will not be over by then. I get many ideas for how i would explore different options on my job. This happened in the past regularly but now it seems more structured


And before subliminals, how did you have sex before? Was it like that 3 times, for hours?


It was similar when it comes to frequency but i was feeling exhausted afterwards. Now i feel more rested. Also the orgasms are stronger now



I was more calm during my working hours than the days before. I didnt sleep well before my job but i had a really nice night sleep. I saw many dreams the past few days but i cant remember any of them. Today i feel lazy. No mood to work out like i promised myself but i will try to do a written plan at least

I havent manifest anything but using so many subs at the same time i was expecting much worse things. Things arent bad. Actually i feel pretty good comparing to what expected and i can see an improvement on how things are going with the woman i am most interested in

Big plus is that i get many ideas for my work which was similar than before but most important i am taking action on these ideas because they are more structured


DAY 5-6

I feel very tired lately. It is a combination of working a lot, still eating bad, not working out. I am very busy working lately. I am sleeping 2-3 hours the past few weeks which messes my motivation to train and eat healthy. All I do is work and then study or study and then work. I am obsessed with my job

Unfortunately I have to work from midnight until morning. I wake up around 1500 and muay thai session is at 1600. If I push myself I can do it but I always find excuses or I feel tired. That been said it is better to do a session tired than not at all

New promise to myself which I will do my best to keep now.


-Create a detailed nutrition plan

-Create a daily workout routine

-Create a daily study routine


-Buy healthy food

-Muay Thai session

I don’t feel Spartan is doing anything while I can The Legacy’s effect every time. Of course script is dense, I am listening only three loops and I didn’t have any expectations

When my playlist is playing Limitless+Spartan I have more quality in my job while Khan ST3 is playing I feel much less focused and tired. I didn’t use Muay Thai during that time and I cant really comment

Khan ST3. I don’t feel the need to meet any woman the last 2-3 days and I am masturbating a lot

I gained weight since doing the expirement but I don’t work out at all and eat crap every day. My room is a mess and I feel more obsessed for my job that doing anything else like cleaning or take care myself


Because Khan is so dense, your brain is trying to process what it is hearing from the Khan script as well as do you job. So your attention is distracted.

But this is good. It means you are getting reprogrammed. The stuff is not yet in you, there is more change. But over time, it will become easy, when the script of Khan becomes normalized, and less processing is required.

In my experience, this takes at least 21 days for each sub. Not just Khan. Primal did that to me too.

It doesn’t mean the script is not working when you get used to hearing it. It just means there is more reinforcement than programming in my experience.


Interesting. Propably i shouldnt listen khan when working and just do limitless spartan loops


Of course, you know better @rising, it’s your brain and transformation after all :slight_smile:

Just realize the less you listen, the longer it takes to get to that point where Khan is totally smooth and leads to extreme focus.


DAYS 7-9

I yet haven’t started to work out yet. I am eating slightly better but I have 0 time to do it. The last three days I worked 8-12-13 hours while studied 2-2-3 hours every day. That will go on until 25th where I will do a u-turn and I will start working 4 days every week, study every day and hitting gym or muay thai every day

I felt limitless is giving me a massive boost when working and I decided to listen only limitless yesterday. The absence of spartan was obvious. Even though I listen Legacy religiously I felt weaker when working than when I had both Spartan and Limitless in my playlist

Nothing for Muay Thai yet. I can really expect something because I don’t train yet but with my current expirement I start to understand a bit better how I should construct my playlist

Legacy . Best product in Subclub period. Music is amazing. I feel mentally ready to confort everything. I am very happy with this supercharger

Beyond Limitless . It works better listening one time. If I try to listen back to back I feel more drained and much less focused. I listen 1-2 times before work following by 2x Legacy

Khan. If I ever listen to Khan while working I am distracted. If it happened one I would say coincidence. It happens every time so I will stick listening to Khan while sleeping. I had a dream about my ex and my ex’s father. I was talking to her and her father went in. He came to shake my hand and I gave him a disgusted handshake I don’t even want to touch your hand. Side note: I am successful in my job and well known but I got chastised by him because I work many hours. I broke up with my girlfriend and we never talked again END OF SIDE NOTE. My ex girlfriend looked at me and I told her, what? I don’t like the guy

I am not sure what benefits I am getting listening to Khan to be honest but I will keep at it

Sex Mastery . This works. It works better if you listen 5-6 loops before sex but it seems such a minor sub when you have sex every day

Through this expirement I get many insights. First of all it seems I can handle every sub because I see/feel effects from everything except Khan(the beautiful woman I talked about in the previous journal is all over me and that could be Khan

Note: I was never into watching fights regularly. I never saw Tyson and I watched only McGregors fight because I liked his interviews. I thought he was good but then I saw fights from Khabib, Jones and Tyson. OH MY GOD. Those three are another level. Tyson and Buakaw are the only two people I could feel the hate when hitting their opponents. I never saw someone literally trying to get the head of someone. Buakaw is a bit more clever but this could be the reason of myself not understand boxing tactics that good, plus I saw many fighting breakdowns for Buakaw. Both vicious, I felt the same aura when I saw kobra show in Thailand. You can feel how mean they are when they are doing their things. Yes all of them. Tyson, Buakaw and kobras

I finally decided that I want to follow a high calorie diet. Most MMA fighters are having 2.6k-3k caloric intake. I was thinking to follow a 2.1k but my intensity was very random then. Around 3k it is BUT healthy nutrition heh? No burgers pizza and ice cream

I think I gained around 5% body fat at least this month. Every day pizza, cheesecake, chocolate brownie, coconut paddings. This will change. I have an appointment to take my body composition tomorrow. I will be happy with anything bellow 22% body fat. The good thing is I haven’t lost much power. Maybe that isn’t true but I will have an accurate understanding when I hit the gym. Maybe this is Spartan’s effect

Spartan: For me this is the most weird sub. I don’t feel anything when I run it but when I stopped for one day I felt much less focused and much more mentally weaker. So there is no way to drop this sub

I don’t understand how the new power sub will affect everyone to be honest. It is very weird because I don’t know what action we should take to force the effects. I will wait the journals for a bit and I might replace Sex Mastery with Power sub

From this expirement I got many insights

  • I can handle everything. I feel tired but not too tired. This month I worked+studied 221 hours so far yet I don’t feel burnt out even though I am running all those subs
  • I can see every sub has some effects more or less
  • I get a clear picture how and why I will run every sub after the month of expirement is over

Limitless+Spartan equally when working with 1x Beyond Limitless 2x The legacy as warm up to get myself into the state of my job

Legacy 1x as a warm up during gym and Spartan while in the gym through Bluetooth headphones

Khan while sleeping

Muay Thai 1-2 loops before training and 1-2 after training mauy thai with 1-2 loops in days I don’t train in muay thai

Propably I should run 1x Beyond Limitless before sleep as a cooldown from my job but I am always lazy to do it

I am seriously thinking to add Power in my sub. The main reason is I am addicted to success and power. I want to believe it might help me more. I know it will sound stupid since it is a fictional character but for me POWER=TYWIN LANNISTER I don’t remember seen any fictional character to have this vibe of I am the boss and everyone listening to him. Also I think I am too kind with people. I want to have a more vicious aura. I got jealous when I saw how Tyson strikes felt. Not for the opponents but the awe of the people watching him

I know I know I am writing many stupid stuff but this is how I feel at the moment