MP3 player with built in speaker


MP3 Player - 2019 New Updated Model, Bluetooth 4.2 Metal Touch Button Sports Music Player, 60 Hours Playback, Build in Speaker, HiFi Sound Voice Recorder FM Radio, Expandable 64GB TF Card, H29-Black

Seems like it could be a good player for bringing your subliminals with you, or a cheap simple option for set it and forget it.




MP3: Bitrate: 8Kbps~320Kbps, Sampling rate:8KHz~48KHz;
WMA: Bitrate:5Kbps~384Kbps, Sampling rate:8KHz~48KHz;
APE:Bitrate:800Kbps~1000Kbps(FAST normal compressed),Sampling rate:8KHz~48KHz;
WAV: Bitrate:32Kbps~384Kbps, Sampling rate:8KHz~48KHz;

Is this good enough to play ultrasonic. I dont know what sampling rate is etc



Have you found the answer to what sampling rate means ?


i didnt search