Most essential masculinity stack?


I am figuring for developing a pretty pure level of focused masculinity, without other elements being tacked on, a combo of Ascension, Primal and Spartan would be a great combination.

You’ve got the alpha, the instinctual and the physical aspects of masculinity combined together.



Yes this playlist is pretty good for only alpha traits


what about godlike masculinity ?


@dorfmeister - Godlike Masculinity is also a must. Since it is a stacking module, it will amplify your already masculine stack without overloading it. It just works for me. Will be posting more in my journal entry in a few hours (related to masculinity and GM)


GM is probably already a component in all three.

I stick to major programs rather than using stacking modules. I suppose it is possible that is an incorrect strategy.


Would love to read about your results after running that stack for a month+ :smiley:


I wonder what Primal Ascension’s product page would look like. Have you considered The Legacy to start the day with? People using both Spartan and the alpha-programs have been very positive about it.


@dorfmeister - yes, even though GM is included in these subs, my masculine quotient rose up after adding Godlike Masculinity. Totally worth the add especially if you want to focus on the masculine aspect.


Thank you, Raphael. I have Godlike Masculinity. I may try it. I guess I have figured that the stack modules probably offered the least transformative power for the listening time given them, but maybe I need to rethink that.


Hi Raphael when you say your masculine quotient went up. Can you please elaborate.


Ok, so now I have shifted my playlist to Spartan and Primal.

Thinking of adding Ascension Lite as I have never purchased regular Ascension.


I dropped Ultimate Artist as it had been in playlists since April and was the only Sub I was playing from mid Sept. to mid Oct.


I’ve mostly ignored the stacking modules, but:


Well, maybe, but I am going to stick to the full programs. I’ve never been too excited by the fact that a full program is usually 45 minutes long, but the stack modules, which deal with something far more limited, are still 30 minutes long. I guess I don’t see the stack modules as a particularly efficient use of my listening time.


I concur. I was thinking to add Sanguine to my playlist but 30 mins long doesnt worth the listening time since i already have 3 subs in my playlist


@blackadder - Please check my latest journal entry where I explain this. It is:

Day 11 and 12 Khan ST2 + Ultimate Artist + Spartan + Godlike Masculinity


While the stack modules are long(ish) in length, consider that they are WAY more focused. Programs like Godlike and Sanguine will reinforce very specific scripting repeatedly throughout those 30-40 minutes versus major programs which repeat their broad spectrum scripts a few times in their respective track lengths


Yes. I guess weighing everything, for me, the stacking tracks are not something I am particularly excited about using. If others find them more useful, then great.


Anything that is more specific is great since it doesnt give you much meaning your subconscious could use at is own way. I would love to try the God like masculinity with the Spartan. I guess it would be the extreme qualities of the alpha male? :smile: :slight_smile:


GLM + Spartan would probably make you super alpha with the massive desire to get into peak physical condition