Morphic Fields experience


Hey guys,

I have been listening to Khan St1 for around 41 days now. In this time I came across (manifested?) a YT channel called “sapien med” which is uploading free videos with energetic frequencies. These videos contain morphic fields which work extremely fast. I could literally see results in just a few days. I personally use “stop procrastination”, and “automated upper body workout”.

Do you have any experience with this channel? Or morphic fields in general? Is this something you guys @Fire @SaintSovereign have looked at?


@Peter Hey man, from my understanding, morphic fields are like energetic fields that are created around you, kind of like you are uploading informations to your aura. As opposed to the subliminals you will find on subclub, morphic fields will not re-program your self-beliefs, your self-talk, so to speak, which is, I understand, the real power of subclub subliminal. As a metaphor, for instance, Morphic fields could be compare to NOS injected into a Honda Civic as opposed to upgrading the engine to 1000 horse power.


I’ve been using Sapien Medicine and can say that the stuff works for real. At least the videos are for physical change, I can fell/see the changes in a very short time after listening to the programs. Amazing!


Been using the fields for over a year now. They’re safe and really useful.
If you want to be more “dominant” use the Androstenol field, it’s dated back
to 2012, and be CAREFUL. Just loop it two times, more than two you make
people aggressive and they move out of your way. If used correctly it gives a immediate commanding aura and it’s awesome the way people respect you. Works even better with females.


Have you ever used the ones about money/wealth? If so, got positive results?


Yes, I’m aware of the concept and I’ve read up on it quite a bit, however, I’ve never actually tested any videos or files, primarily because I’m constantly testing experimental subliminals and I have to stay “clean” in order to get accurate results.


This company also has tracks with energetic frequencies.


I am trying out the Sapien Medicine tracks right now.


I have googled a bit and found out that the sapien guy / Dreamviewer was into some occult vampire shit a few years ago - where he talks about feeding of energy from clients…

I am not sure what this is about or even if it is possible for him to receive my energy due to me
listening (but when I think about that a 45 music file, where I don’t even hear anything when I play it, changed me so much… what else is fucking possible)

Disclaimer, this is nowhere linked to this company***


He has a video on his channel adressing this.

btw. i tried sapiens videos, didnt work for me (sadly)


The “Subtle Energy” site is selling exceptionally overpriced sigils. Anyone with a bit of practice can make their own. And by practice, I mean the time to just sit down and draw one. The more energy and effort you put into creating it, the more powerful it is (allegedly). I would highly recommend not spending a ton of money on anyone else’s sigils. You can learn more about sigil work in any introduction to Chaos Magick book. Since we don’t sell sigils, I won’t delete the link, but be careful not to link to sites with competing products.


You can check out Damon Brand books for sigils and stuff like that.


Never used them, however my father did. From what I remember, he manifested some quick business opportunities. Eventually one month later he managed to save enough money to even go to a family holiday to the beach. (First time we go to any holiday in more than 12 years)

He stopped using them though, didn’t really know why. It gave us a small economic boost to withstand the harsh months of January to March.

So yeah, I can assure you they help to a small extent, but any form of money manifestation is welcome in my opinion. :moneybag:


Elma Mayer made a healing modality that works with morphics fields. Low cost to learn, unless she raised prices. Look up now healing


Thanks for bringing this channel to my attention. I added them on patreon to get access to all files.
After that i tried facial symmetrie with muscle toning (also on youtube) and was realy amazed how this felt. Dont know how this is working but if anyone is in doubt he should try this file.
The sensations in the face are awesome. Will put it in my daily routine with automated upper body workout and andostrenol for men. Realy curious how this goes.


Sapien Medicine is real deal!

Did you listen with headphones/earbuds, or speakers?


headphones/earbuds. Imho you get better results as listening with speaker but thats only an assumption.


You’re correct. Speakers are better option. I actually spoke with the Sapein guy about this and he told me to listen with speakers.


ok thanks for the info. I thought its less effective with speakers. but those sounds are nothing for my enviroment so i will continue with headphones.


Not familiar with Sapien Medicine, so tried a few loops of this. Didn’t notice anything unfortunately. Maybe I’m already too good looking. :man_shrugging:

I also tried the lucid dream one before going to bed last night, but unfortunately no effect with that either.

I got the impression these have an immediate effect. Do I need to listen to these for a period of time before I notice anything?