More thoughts on Libertine Ultima

I’m listening to LU at one loop per day. I don’t know if I’ve reached the maximum power of LU, or if it will keep getting stronger with each consecutive use.

Now I’ll start this with a possible effect that I didn’t expect. Men in general seem to be treating me with more respect and kindness. This could be from the effects of a module such as Leader of Men. However, I wonder if many men might be reacting to LU as charisma or respect.

Do all women respond the same to LU? No. Some become very talkative. Some get initially more talkative and then get shy. Some just look at me and smile. Some seem very tongue tied. Some say almost nothing. Some say very little and walk away. Some seem disengaged and quiet. I’ve wondered if LU amplifies what is already their inclination, such as extroverted women might get more extroverted and introverted ones might get more introverted.

Do all women seem to be swooning over me? No. Some are very withdrawn. I don’t think they are acting very shy. I think some are simply withdrawn, and that’s just how they are with others and the world.

Men are not hitting on me or ogling me. Have I encountered gay men? Probably. But as I said, men are treating me with respect and kindness, and none have hit on me or ogled me. Which makes me wonder if there is some small potential for directing the aura.

As I said, I’ve wondered if there might be a small potential for directing this aura. More specifically for me, directing the aura to women I think are attractive. I think @HypeDaddySovereign mentioned there is no such feature to direct it. If I am able to do it, it’s a small effect as far as I can tell. If it is showing up, it’s more showing up with the obvious signs of sexual attraction coming from women, while none that I can tell are coming from men.

Some notable observations:

One woman who works at a store I frequent said to me it’s a honor to serve me.

One woman who is often acting confident, bold, attention seeking, and sometimes smug suddenly got really shy on me the other day. This was an unusual departure from how she is with me and other people.

There are some women when they see me they get this hunched over posture. They’ll lower their heads forward, elevate their shoulders a bit, fold their hands in front of their sternum, and lean forward, while they maintain eye contact with me. It looks to me like they are holding some sort of bowing posture.

If a woman seems to be completely unaware of my presence, all I have to do is to say “hi” to get things started.

It’s fairly common for women to get very giggly around me.

More notes:

For men who are using LU and for whatever reasons are not approaching, I would encourage them to read about Panther, ARES, Potentiator, and Regeneration at the Q store.


Any particular reason to refer to regeneration ?


Yes, I’ve wondered if some men might have traumas associated with women or trauma in general, and perhaps then have difficulties approaching, talking with, or relating to women.

I think that Regeneration is intended to remove traumas.


thanks for the details and suggestions.

can you say more about Potentiator please…
how does this assist and it that module purely romantic/seduction related?

I couldn’t figure out if it was for potential in all areas or woman who might be interested etc…


Potentiator as of now is listed as “Categories: Results Enhancement, Romance and Sex” so that would be one reason I mention that. Also women tend to find powerful men sexy.

I am also inclined to agree that it can help in all areas of life. I certainly have thought about my ideas of power and how to increase the power I have to guide my own life.

So I’ve concluded that Potentiator directly has influenced my ideas of power, and power in general in my life. Indirectly, I believe it has probably helped me be more attractive to women because women seem to find powerful men a turn on.

Here is another way I think about Potentiator: I also think going to a woman I find attractive and talking with her is an example of being powerful because it can be difficult. Doing so is brave. Bravery takes power.


Yes, well said, this looks a great module, that has been overlooked so far.
I will include Power Awareness, Power Unleashed, and Potentiator in my next custom

and thank you for the detailed response.

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Limiting people remover and attachment destroyer (because it removes traumas related to people) may be good. Also “direct influencing aura” to be able to direct the aura as you thought @RVconsultant.


I like that idea of “direct influencing aura”! Thanks!


Its in my terminus custom-incredibly effective.

@Azriel what have you experienced?

It feels like whatever I intend with people they go along with or they relate to me in the way I would like. Even when people come to me upset, and I stay calm and put my attention on them, it’s like they have no will to be upset anymore. This is specifically with one difficult friend it’s happened a few times. I may write about it in more detail in the Q module section soon. It’s not mind control of course, but it just seems my intention and attention has an impact.that moves people more along the lines of the directions of my preferences, interests, and desires.


@Azriel it sounds like this has the potential to improve one’s ability to manifest for others as well, depending on that manifestation :-). This is definitely one to put in my next custom.

Do you use Auric Overdrive?

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maybe…what do you mean manifest for others? Like help them manifest things for themselves?
I really like what I perceive as it’s effects. As I said on Emperor X Terminus custom I have-the persuasion, attraction, and diplomatic dominance is next level.

I do not, it’s the only pure aura specific module I have, aside from temptation which I believe also has an aura as well. Emperor and Sex Mastery both have auras as cores as well of course.

Example would be manifesting someone ending their addiction to something.

Curious as to whether Khan Q ST4 Core has an aura. I plan on limiting # of aura modules (probably 1 or 2 at most)

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Less seems to be more with auras, unless your energetic development is insane.

oh lol-that would be useful, I don’t know if it lasts once they leave my presence. Maybe with remote seduction I can haha. It seems to influence in the moment, which could influence people long term, but I don’t believe it’s auric effects continue to engage from afar.

are you looking to support someone in ending an addiction?

Survival Instinct or the Oath may be better for that–coupled with Direct Influencing Aura-could be positive for supporting others in transforming their health.

I would imagine so, if it’s in Emperor and related to sex,
its probably in Khan x10

I’d say most men have traumas associated with women, honestly.


There’s nothing more alluring than a self-actualized individual that exudes a powerful aura of strength, confident and self-respect (from ascension). Sex Mastery containing ascension lite… More respect through sex than sexual aura (Preselection/Social Proof).

Khan ST3 and ST4
Add or enhance a polymorphic aura to enhance your results in ANY of our subliminals with AURA.

Aura (Sub) is part of Daredevil, Iron throne(?)… Social Sexual Aura.

2 cents.