More sex in marriage


What’s the best and most appropriate sub for having more sex and attraction in marriage life? my wife had a high stamina before she delivered our little one, and now it’s pretty low.
Would it be Primal or Primal Seduction? or maybe even ascended mogul?
Thank you!


Primal and Primal Seduction are solely created to enhance men’s seduction abilities. I mean you will probably end up so seductive and sexual that your wife can’t resist ripping your clothes off buuut this extra attention from all women could also harm your marriage :wink:

I would recommend Sex Mastery v2. You both can listen to it and it helps with any physical actions to increase pleasure in yourself and others. Also, it will increase your and your wife’s sex drive, which will motivate both of you to have astounding sex.


Thanks! Maybe i’ll mix primal seduction with sm2.
But which one? Primal or primal seduction? :wink:


Depends on your goals and experience with subs in general.

Because you will probably not go out constantly to seduce chicks, I would go for Primal. Primal has older tech but should be still very powerful… Let’s wait for @DarkPhilosopher’s reply.


Sex Mastery by far. You dont need anything else


** I agree with rising. Start out with Sex Mastery and see how it goes. Maybe you won’t need any else and you can always add it later to your stack.


Agreed, start there. If you want to add Primal Seduction you can. I’m assuming you have enough self-control not to accept the offers from women throwing themselves at you when you prefer your wife. It may make her try harder if she sees women throwing themselves at you though.

I do know of one case where a woman broke off the relationship because she felt she wasn’t good enough compared to the other women and she didn’t want to hold the guy back. That was really sad, she was absolutely amazing.


Command her to do it with you. If she doesn’t comply, take away attention.


Thank you guys :slight_smile:
Will start with SM2 and maybe will later add PS


Sex Mastery


SM works like magic , it has given new turn to me n my women . I just enjoy her like anything and she has started relishing me !!
It has done wonders to my sex life , and ofcourse it didn’t tempt me to go out, I feel so complete with her . Also she is now game for even twice everyday .
Best of luck , it’s good choice !!