Mogul vs Ascended Mogul in my own Business


Whats more suited while running your own business? I read a while back that ascended mogul is better for the corporate setting

Thank you in advance


Once you are familiar with the underlying core principles of each program (and even of some of the modules that make up the programs), you can apply that knowledge to answer questions like this for your own unique situation. Otherwise, the recommendations that others here give you will necessarily be based on generalizations. Useful, but also may or may not perfectly match your situation.

Ascension is about rank, status, esteem, power. Moving into your best role and best style of power vis-a-vis others and vis-a-vis yourself/your identity.

Mogul is about business and wealth mindset and orientation.

Depending on how much your business involves negotiation and persuasion, Ascension may be vital.
Mogul, on the other hand, will always be vital to running any business. Frankly, if we’re honest, any independent business owner needs to have a sense of esteem and power.

The only trade off is that the denser the program, the more time is required to internalize the effects. Also, the greater the distance between point A and point B (where you are now and where you want to get to), the more time is required. Other factors are: keenness of motivation, magnitude of obstacles, and willingness to take action. All of those influence how long it will take to integrate the effects of the subliminal.

(more than you asked, I know)

bottom-line: if you’re already extremely happy with your ability to negotiate, to establish interpersonal/power dynamics, you might just go for Mogul. And that way, it would work even faster.

But this is planet Earth and most people are not happy with those areas. So, Ascended Mogul would probably be the best way to go. Then since you’re already running your own business (Nice!), you don’t have to worry too much about taking action. That’ll already charge up the process, and you can just tie up your shoe laces and go kick some ass.