Mogul V2 Six Months Experience


Yesterday I began listening to strictly Mogul V2 as my financial life or lack of is my biggest source of stress and anxiety. I have the next six months planned for only Mogul V2 after the six months I will decide if I want to continue with Mogul V2 or move on to Ecstasy of Gold


Any details about your background?


@rising Do you mean work experience or a general bio?


I think he means specific goals, and specific problems / challenges / limitations / patterns you have noticed.

But work experience and general bio helps too to know who you are, so if we can notice something you are too close to to notice yourself, we can help with that :slight_smile:


I mean both. Anything to understand who he is


Ah, found your journal. Consider this, maybe one of the money making opportunities comes from this place. If you see no harm in it, might as well share your work stuff.

I’d say let people know where you’re coming from and where you desire to go. Whatever that may mean to you and however detailed you wish it to be.

And good luck!


@rising I just turned 51 back in July. I’ve spent the majority of the last several years working in call centers until I was let go from my last job back right after Christmas 2018. Since then I have been driving for both Lyft and Uber for the last nine or ten months basically living day to day and working to keep myself, my wife , and our cat from being homeless . We lost our apartment late last year when I got behind on the rent. My wife is unable to work because of health issues and getting her on disability has been an ongoing struggle.
I grew up with two very different parents who divorced when I was two years old. On one side I had my mother who went on endlessly about how broke we were while at the same time wasting endless amounts of money on unnecessary things. On the other side I had my father and stepmother who always had debt collectors calling and declared bankruptcy more than I thought was possible.
I was renting a car to drive for both Lyft and Uber. Unfortunately this past Wednesday I was in an accident that made driving for either not a possibility at this time. Basically we are starting over and working on getting our lives back to what I obviously took for granted in the past.
As of right now my goals are to take care of myself and my family the best way possible by getting us a place of our own where we feel safe and can call home as well as our own car. Once that is accomplished I want to become debt free and start building an emergency fund. I can’t recall the last time I was debt free or had a considerable amount of money saved. I do practice minimalism which has been almost a necessity given our current situation


Made me think of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad. One family that had much and always believed they needed more, and one family that had little but felt prosperous nonetheless. Not exactly the same, but similar enough for me to make the connection.


I was also doing Uber Eats as well. So a minor mistake on my part of not seeing an oncoming vehicle in an instant cost me three souces of income and between $1400 and $1600 a week


Day 2 Nothing really to report. Because of how stressed out I am and with how much I am facing I decided to add Sanguine.
One thing with running Mogul is that whatever work I take on here shortly that my efforts and worth ethic is noticed by people that can help me and maybe get hired on to something permanent


Day 3 - Stll not a lot to report other than some possible full time job opportunities. Right now having the health insurance that would come with a full time job would benefit myself and my wife immensely as we have had to go without medications we take because we have been without the previously mentioned health insurance.


I am seriously debating switching to Ascended Mogul to get the benefit of Ascension. I feel my lack of confidence and self belief is badly hurting myself and my family

I have been reading the journal of @Michel and to read about the increase in confidence he has had with both Ascension and Ascended Mogul is inspiring


@JCast, Ascension will give you that “alpha” respect presence and self assurance on top of the Mogul benefits. If you feel it, go for it.


You can also stack AM & Mogul in a playlist.
More push on money, not missing out on confidence.

Looking forward to your progress. :+1:


@Simon I was actually thinking of that earlier today. I’m going to drop Sanguine and just go with Ascended Mogul and Mogul in a stack


That seems like a solid playlist.

@JCast what priority is missing in your life right now that makes Ascended Mogul more beneficial to you than Mogul? And is now the right time to divide your focus a bit and reduce the money focus?


@AMASH lack of confidence and self belief. I am just worried that because of those things missing that even if I do get into a better situation financially that I will sabotage them out of fear or whatever. I am responsible for three lives including my own and I’m done making the mistakes that cost us so much


Well, Mogul seems to already have things that will cover that. What do you think @JCast?

  • Ultimate Wealth Motivation
  • Destruction of Wealth Ceiling
  • Ultimate Debt Management
  • Weakness Destroyer
  • Eliminate Procrastination
  • Eliminate Fear
  • Eliminate Doubt
  • Rebirth
  • Extreme Independence
  • Extreme Will
  • Extreme Personal Power
  • Extreme Happiness
  • Extreme Confidence


Please do keep in mind that Ascended Mogul was designed to blend Ascension and Mogul together more effectively than running them separately with only a minimal increase in density.


@AMASH Valid point. I will stay strictly with Mogul