Mogul V2 Journal


Hello fellas!

I am Sam from Australia and i have been reading the posts of this forum from quite some time and finally decided to share my experience with subliminals. My goals are to have financial freedom and healthy relationship with my family, partner and friends. I am starting with the goal of financial abundance because i think my financials believes needs critical reprogramming.
I am starting the below stack from today and will post once or twice a week with my progress and observations. If you have any suggestions please feel free to share. Cheers


  • Emperor v4

  • Emperor v4

  • Emperor v4

  • Mogul v2

  • Mogul v2

  • Mogul v2

  • Rebirth

  • Rebirth

All masked versions, total playlist time: 7 hours 51 minutes * two times (total 15 hours 42 minutes).


Welcome, @Sam. This is an excellent playlist for developing your financial status.

If I were you, I would add Daredevil to this playlist after a couple of months to help with relationship and social goals. All the best, my friend.


Thanks Raphael! Really appreciate your suggestion, i will let things settle Emporer a bit and then i will add Daredevil to the playlist. Cheers mate.


Looks good to me too. Focused and strong.

One other thing is that once you start to get used to it, you may consider increasing the playing times (particularly for Mogul which seems to be your core focus in this first phase). No need to go extreme with it. On the thread called ‘Experimental Listening Pattern’ it was reported that many people found good results with about 6 hours of a given track per day (and also 1) listening during the day and 2) taking one day off per week). So, those are some parameters you can play around with over time.


The newer QuantumTech is pretty strong, I only listen to Emperor 3 loops a day, same goes for Quantum Limitless and I’m getting great results, I’m also doing two loops of sanguine. This is my daily stack, sometimes I go through it two times, sometimes only one time.

It takes a little time to integrate the scripts but once you did, you can change your inner state by only a few loops and make apparent changes in your outer reality. Even though you haven’t integrated much of the scripts a lot of things will shift!

To much loops for a beginner would most probably end up in reconciliation anyway. This is the number one reason they start asking for refunds or neglect the power of subliminal’s all together. They get hit by reconciliation badly.

I agree but I also disagree, it depends on the programs. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I just read that thread about listening time and it makes sense. I will follow this approach and will publish my results. So far its been a great day. One thing i can tell after playing Emperor my mind was shocked, its really intense but then after playing Mogul things seems pretty ok. On the other hand, rebirth is a very relaxing sub, it put my mind in absolute calmness.


Thanks for sharing your experience. I will start a new day with your recommendations. Emperor three times, Mogul 6 times and rebirth once or twice.


3x Emperor, 2x Rebirth then 3x Mogul looks like a good playlist. This is how I do it. 3x Emperor followed by 2x Sanguine to finish off with 3x Quantum Limitless. Anyhow always listen to your intuition.


Day 1:

Day seems to be alright and i didnt played subs during sleep as per Saint’s suggestion in thread ‘Experiment Listening Pattern’. However, i could not sleep well. I had four dreams, three related to regrets i have in my life and one was related to my fear. It is quite strange that i had all these dreams in one night, never happened before.


Sure will add quantum limitless to my stack in two weeks time.


@Sam - it would be nice if you could shift this thread from “News and Updates” to the “Journals - Major Programs” section.


Thanks, still learning how to use this forum. I moved it now. Cheers


I was just sharing my stack. I didn’t recommend adding in Quantum Limitless, if you’re interested in that subliminal I would recommend sticking with your current stacking until your current goals are accomplished.


Day 2:

Normal day, I understand it will take few days for sub to kick in. I am just following the normal process of listening. No mood fluctuations, pretty chilled day. However, i am only listening Emperor three times a day. I do have time so i am thinking to run two more loops of it. So my stack will be as follows, not many changes though.

  • Emperor v4 X 3 times
  • Rebirth X 1 time
  • Mogul V2 X 7 times
  • Rebirth
  • Emperor V4 X 2 times
  • Rebirth

Total listening time: 10 hours 38 minutes.

Just a question, can i do few more hours?


Why not a concentrated focus on a major program like the EV4? I’ve seen faster results by focusing on solely one major program, instead of stacking it crazily with other program.

Albert Einstein quote: Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy.

What happened when the energy isn’t focused? You bet, nothing will be attained nor achieved. Be discipline.


Thanks for the suggestion. Its a really good point, I must have lacked focus. What You think is the best way to run two program’s together?


Or should i do only one major program at a time?


That’s why you should focus on one goal and not many goals. Nothing to do with the way your subconscious is programmed. I’m getting good results running three programs (Emperor, Quantum Limitless & Sanguine). Patience & focus is key. With subliminal’s containing Quantum Tech, less is more to be honest. Focus on action not on listening to get results.


Thanks. I am still keeping the same goal. But i was unsure with listening patterns and time. Wisewalker and your suggestions helped in clearing these doubts. Thanks again.


Day 4:

I changed my listening pattern a little bit again and now focusing more on one sub which is Mogul V2 with Three loops of Emperor V4 and two loops of rebirth during the day. Not listening to subs during sleep time, which is actually helping because i don’t feel exhausted. Its too early too jump into conclusion but so far i am having an improvement in my beliefs. I don’t feel anything negative and my emotions seems to be more controlled. Whenever my mind wanders about wealth issues, it seems like there is something inside me which says don’t think about it and then i focus on something else. Also, i am having dreams every night and i mean long dreams. I try to remember them but keep forgetting. I ll try to remember them tonight.

P.s: whenever emperor v4 starts playing in my playlist, i feel the difference straight away. Seems like really powerful sub using brain to maximum extent and make my head a little heavy, but i like this feeling :slight_smile: