Module Rogue Experience

Hi, I am thinking about this module to add it to my next custom but I fear that I would become a rude person. Please can anybody tell me any experience with it?

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@Achilles if you are already a nice kind hearted person it wont make you rude. My experience it just helps you stand your ground and know when to say yes or no.


I remember this line of your journal. This might be what @Achilles meant. Can you still remember what happened there and could elaborate?

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@friday it wasnt the rogue module as in later customs i had ir removed and i was still the same.

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in my experience you will become more outspoken and expressive about what you really think without the sugarcoat


Doesn’t make you rude at all, especially if your baseline is somewhat “nice guy” as I was. Frees you up to live life on your own terms without getting bogged down by the opinions of others. Truly one of my favorite modules out there.


You won’t become rude. But you might be called rude by people that just want to control you. So in that respect, it’s all perspective.

I had this in my first few customs. It’ll help you set boundaries better and shift your mentality into putting those in line who want to violate those boundaries.


I can only speak for myself

I sayd things to people that nobody would say with such great pleasure that it didn’t even matter to me if they are offended.

For example

A girl asking me if I like the Peruvian women

I sayd : yes and no

Yes because they really like to have sex quickly but no because they have sex like a Animal, similar to a starving person you give food.
Bang bang bang bang, that’s all they do.
They really need to take time for sexual pleasures and enjoy the whole thing.
Also some of them like to get payd afterwards, who do they think I am, a walking bankautomat,
I am a human first, so if they are after money they need to tell that from the beginning so that I can reject them. Because it’s really stupid to throw them 2 min after I came out of the apartment because they expect me to pay :joy:

I love this module

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I love all of your experiences :slight_smile:

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I have another one for you.
Rouge in action
I was 10 weeks in peru.
A Frend work in the same little village i live.
I gave him my key so he can water the plants, pay my bills and if he’s to tired sleep at my apartment
until I am back.
He is from Srilanka

2 days after my return I was doing laundry the whole day. We have in the cellar the community laundry room. All of a sudden (let’s call her Natalie) Natalie stand in the room and is greeting me.
Natalie and her Husband are living 35 years in this house, they are over 70 years old. She is The Police of the house. Not really in a negative way but other members miraculously bend to her will. I found this kind of funny.
So she is asking me : how I am, she didn’t see me for a longer time, do I work again nightshifts ond so on and so forth
Old lady’s talk

Then her energy change and very sharp she ask who this other guy she saw entering my apartment with a key is.
She told me that she find it strange, one day she saw him open the entrance door with a key and then put the key into my apartment.
Then she started shaking and telling me : you know I don’t have anything against that and don’t get me wrong but who exactly is he?

I told her it’s a Frend of mine who works shifts with disabled humans 500 meters away from here ( she knows the place) and sometimes he’s finish at 2 am and then he Ned’s to pay 60 dollars for a Uber to get home. So I gave him my key, whenever he wants to hang out at my place he can do that.

She says : aaaaahhhhhh oooooookkeeeeee

And I say to her :joy: you know a little bit more Brown in the house doesn’t hurt anybody

I see that everyone during this lockdown turn into an alcoholic and I don’t like that at all. It’s like these people drink themselves into an abiss

I like to smoke some good weed, not much 1-2 puffs are enough for me to enjoy music, get sensitive to touch and like food, also I like to wander in nature and enjoy it. Sexuality is Great and I love it.

I realy dont understand why people drink alcohol
It makes them stupid

Her mouth was open for 20 seconds after my speech, then all of a sudden she says: yes if you do it in Moderation it can be a good thing

I answered : that’s the key to everything, find the dosis and don’t overstep it. Then your golden.

Do you smoke weed?

Then she laughed and wished me a good day

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Guys any comment on rogue module?

When you use Rogue in your custom, add the Empath module too. That will keep you balanced and also you will not have to worry about whether you will be rude.

EDIT: I just realized it is an old thread but hey am sure it will help someone.


That someone would be me
I think it also depends on the whole build of your custom


It definitely depends on the purpose. Some people don’t feel guilty about being blunt and it’s okay too.

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