Minimum Age for listing to Subliminals


I am planning to buy Limitless for my daughter who is 15 years old and is preparing for a major examination, just want to know whats the minimum age and which one is better or her masked or ultrasonic. Is there any other title which can be referred for her success. Regards


Hello, welcome to Subliminal Club.

We wouldn’t recommend exposing children under the age of 13, while for children over the age of 13 it is fine with parental guidance.

Masked or ultrasonic is a matter of convenience. Masked has the sound of water playing, while ultrasonic is silent.

For studying for a major examination, Limitless is perfect.

Ascension for Women might be helpful to improve her confidence generally and for the exam, but Limitless is definitely what you’re looking for.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.


Hello @Fire, I got a question about Limitless. I understand Limitless will help a person learn better and faster if he has the desire to do well in school. But will Limitless also influence someone who has no desire to get better grades get the inclination to study?


Hey @Fire, I bought Limitless some weeks ago for my sons (13 and 15 yr old). It is played through speakers and only for bed time, so that’s about 8 hours. So far the only thing I’ve told them about it is that it helps with improving their learning. But I’ve always wondered what you meant by parental guidance. How should I guide them in this case?


Make sure they are taking action towards the goal so as to ensure maximum effectiveness of the subliminal and be wary if they start experiencing anything negative related to their ears, such as ringing, as well as reconciliation.