Million Dollar Luther 🤑

Current stack: Emperor/Mogul/RICH

Goals: Become a multi-millionaire.

I don’t know if I should be sharing numbers on here, probably not a good idea. Here in Canada, I’m nearly in the top 10.7% (apparently lol). My goal is to become the top 1%.

I have a much different approach than most people with subs… I do a lot of manifesting type of things lol. For me, this journey will be extremely simple. I will be using the same method that I used to go from being unemployed/struggling, to getting to where I’m at now. The only difference is that the set point is different, (in this case higher).

That’s about it, I think lol.


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Do you mind sharing this method ? Adds more perspectives.

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Sure, lol. Wealth/Money/Abundance has always been easy for me. It’s one of the easiest things in my opinion.

The first thing you do, is clear limiting beliefs about wealth/money/abundance.

I’m not just talking about things like “money is evil”. I’m talking about far deeper than that, like… for example “no one will hire me unless I have a college degree”. I’m talking about even deeper than that, such as one’s entire framework on how they view wealth/money/abundance. How you view the outside world. How the average people are programmed to view wealth/money/abundance. There is in the box and there is outside the box. Once you leave the box, then things become very easy. I am of the firm belief that one can manifest anything and I’m congruent with that belief. Not only that, but I live it every day and my experience is a product of it, with which I’ve seen countless amount of success with. Some people believe that they have to grind like a hustler 24/7 and sleep 3 hours a day or whatever the fuck, in order to make lots of money or what they perceive to be as “making it” and “achieving success”. In my opinion, that’s nothing more than a belief system. The amount of money I make currently, is with not much effort at all lol… that’s why I have so much time to be screwing around, dating women, having fun and enjoying life. I’ve set it up like that, through my own power as a manifestor. Of course, most of this will be foreign language to those who are still operating within the box and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m becoming more selfish these days, where I don’t really like to argue or care to debate those types of people… I just look the other way and win/get everything I desire like nothing LOL. Actions speak better than words apparently.

Anyways, I have cleared a lot of these money limiting beliefs already lol. Most of my beliefs about money mainly have to do with “what am I going to do with so much”, fear of being overwhelmed by what it will allow me to access, lol. That’s why I manifested the income that I have now, because it’s stable and comfortable. I started with something small, got exactly what I wanted and didn’t feel the need for more… until now. My goal to become a millionaire isn’t based on status, becoming alpha, becoming proud of myself, being competitive or anything like that. My self-worth and self-love is infinite regardless of anything. I don’t attach it to anything external in this perceived reality, I know what I am. My goal is based on the new experience that it offer in terms of the doors it unlocks, as well as what I’m able to learn through that experience. Also, to have fun - because I don’t take reality seriously at all.

After you have removed all the wealth/abundance/money blockages and limiting beliefs. You then decide on a specific wealth goal or amount. You have to have a specific idea of what you want your reality to be. I always have a specific wealth goal and I establish that daily to my subconscious mind. This is equivalent to setting a GPS destination in your GPS system.

I use the subliminals as a form of stepping on the gas, where they auto-guide my to my destination through working with my subconscious mind.

This is pretty much a combination of LOA + Subconscious Belief Work + Using Subliminals. This will work 100% of the time for any wealth goal, in my opinion. However… one needs a strong foundation in general. You need to be able to get outside of comfort zones, you need courage to take action, you can’t be afraid of things falling apart in your life to replace something new, etc. You can’t be controlled by fear. You can’t be afraid to follow something in fear of what other people think, etc.

You have to have a strong foundation to where you don’t self-sabotage yourself and once you have everything in check, then things become very easy.

Now that I’ve set a new destination in my GPS system, I will just be auto-guided to becoming a millionaire by my subconscious mind. The key is to have 101% trust and to keep focusing on the destination while using the subliminals. They push me towards the reality and manifest opportunities, guidance, mentors, manifestations, etc that I confidently take action in and advantage of because I’m in a high trust flow state, acknowledging my subconscious mind putting in effort to help bring me towards my goal.

So yeah, nothing too crazy.


Note: This is all my opinion, I’m just explaining my perspective because you asked. I’m not really going to debate or argue anyone - I don’t care lol.


Interesting, ZP did make me feel like all of this is happening somehow on my will only. This post greatly adds on to that. The comfort zone has always been a problem for me. I will have to do some deep work to find what stops me from going out of my comfort zone.

I recently had a similar revelation that anything you wish to manifest just comes down to one thing:


Same thing.

Not trying, knowing (!) it will work. Then it will come to pass.
Plus of course, first healing limiting Rich v2 did this in one loop lol
I mean there’s more to unravel but these subs are just insanely powerful.

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Definitely add in EOG asap. More important than RICH.

RICH will help you find 50 bucks here or there. EOG will remove blockages stopping you from getting to the top 1%

And EOG makes ALL other wealth subs way more effective.

My business was slowly improving until I had my first cycle of EOG, then it skyrocketed.

It wasn’t even EOG’s scripting entirely that was so helpful…

It was that I had a year of positive wealth scripting at that stage, through AM + Mogul, but I wasn’t able to fully express that scripting until EOG removed the blockages and made me a blank slate in terms of money.


Will do but probably after a month lol. I’ll definitely be exploring that EoG soon but my stack right now just feels good and I’m familiar with it. Also seems to work well for me :star_struck:


Can’t argue with that logic! Carry on soldier

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Today was a very productive day and I’m already seeing results. This shit is weird LOL. Does anyone start cracking up when they start manifesting results through people? Or is it just me lol

Listened to my wealth subs and ate my dinner in quiet. Boom a friend of mine calls and we start talking. I literally sat at the dinner table for 1 hour just talking. Had a long discussion out of nowhere about businesses, investing, ceo’s, stocks, jobs, start-ups, side-hustles, marketing and money in general etc. He started asking me about super rich people.

Mind you, I was just giving yes or no answers because I wasn’t in the mood to talk and he was kind of annoying me LMAO. I was trying to be reserved and he just kept talking and talking like he was possessed. Everything about the conversation, the context of it, the ideas, etc was his own volition. I was just munching going “uh huh”, “yep” lol. Halfway through I realized that my subs were probably affecting him and I began to crack up inside as like an “inside joke”, I’m sure people can relate here LOL. Maybe it’s the wealth energy? Yeah I don’t know.

We haven’t talked in weeks, and when we do talk it’s usually about random shit. This was out of nowhere, it’s like an instant manifestation. Very bizarre lol but funny


I notice that same thing when I listen to Libertine or WANTED. Women start texting all types of dirty stuff out of nowhere from their own volition.

When I did loops of Chosen a while back, I would get random texts from people right after the loop, telling me how I’m a nice person.

I run a loop of Spartan and suddenly people start asking me if I workout, despite me looking the same.

These subs sometimes can start initially being very reflective when I start using them. Or very quick manifestations or something. It’s pretty cool but yeah lol.


I’m definitely taking a long break from the forum for now.

Whenever I’m focused on finances/wealth or just 1 main goal in general, I find that when I cut out distractions then I take off very fast and powerfully.

Not to say that this forum is a distraction or anything like that because I like the community, journals and it’s great people. But I mean it more so in a way that… Attention = Energy and I need to maximize my energy expenditure towards my goal. It’s mainly about focus.

So yeah, I’ll be back in like a month or 2. Lol… :wink:

Cheers SubClub!!!



Build well, Young Bull (or Young Koala)

We’ll cheer you on from over here.

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That doesnt so RICH justice. I manifested THOUSANDS with that sub, WITH somewhat shitty money beliefs. Plus, it DOES have scripting to remove wealth ceilings and limiting money beliefs as I recently reported in the RICHX thread after just one loop.

I like RICH because it’s more focused. EoG is VERY broad. Which is what you need for the 1%, but you gotta start smaller imo.
I see RICH to EoG what Elixir/Regen is to DR.
The first step :slight_smile:

Nah, makes me chuckle every time when I see my thoughts manifesting in real time before me, I am like “LOL coincidence? I think not haha”


Maybe adding a loop of Ascension Chamber once a week won’t a bad idea.

From RICH list of objectives

  • Destroy any and all wealth ceilings, become infused with the vast, limitless energy of boundless wealth.
  • Dissolve financial traumas, negative beliefs and energies that are holding you back from being R.I.C.H.
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Sorry to interrupt Luther’s thread but sounds like he’s gonna go MIA anyways.

Nothing you’re saying is wrong.

I just from experience personally noted that EOG made every other wealth sun infinitely more effective.

The vehicle is the most important thing. You already have a business @alexsq so it’s more plausible for rich to manifest 1000’s, meanwhile, that’s a trickier situation for someone without one, where their income is more linear regardless of their output.

Business is exponential which makes even a small manifestation very effective.


Quoting the rich page doesn’t do much, just like how quoting the romance section of the objectives for Chosen and Stark is useless since we expressly know that they’re not heavily focused on romance. It’s just one small part, insignificant in comparison to its main goal.

Rich is a cool sub that has a lot of benefit. EOG is just more transformational. That’s all. And my biggest regret in my wealth journey is running mogul and rich before EOG Because of this belief that EOG1 is more like DR, when in my experience it isn’t, it’s not a high recon sub, it’s more like QL1 in many ways, you don’t need to prep for it, it just depends on the timeline of your goals.

Rapid, smaller results: beyond limitless/RICH

Medium size medium speed: Mogul/Limitless

Massive results, longer time frame: EOG/QL





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