Military Method (True or false)


It’s a method to develop eidetic memory, do you believe it’s true or false?


Never heard of it. Got a link?


Of course! (they’res not much if any scientific research on it so take it with a grain of salt)


Awesome link. Thanks! I’ve not heard of this. Have you tried it out at all yet?
Seems like this could be a decent thing to do while listening to Limitless or QL


Never tried it however I’m skeptical about it working because of two reasons.

1: Basically no scientific research this has been created from thin air

2: Anyone I asked that is or was in the military told me they never even heard of this method.


This isn’t a subliminal question, so it should be moved to the Emperor’s Lounge.



I haven’t read it, it may’ve been an experiment held within a small number of contributers in the army, rather than a scientific research.


Yes, sir!

Actually, the military may not use something like this to be able to read, but to train situational awareness (reading is useful for spies though). Every seen the exercise where somebody sits down in a restaurant, looks around for 5 seconds, then closes their eyes and somebody else ask questions about what is on a table or who came through the door or what color somebody’s shirt is?

True photographic memory seems to be limited to those whose brains are “compromised” like those high on the autism scale. Like savantism.

I think the method above may actually be able to work. Our brains are programmed for survival and if you only get flashes of a text that you believe you must remember, the brain will with enough repetition adapt to be able to recall after a single flash. I don’t know if that also translates to other stuff in the environment, but according to the article it does. Next there is the question if you can only remember it short term or if the recollection is as clear a week or a month later.

It might be a cool experiment, since it is definitely a skill I would love to work on. My memory is only selectively eidetic. I’ll put it on the list next to taking cold showers.

Be careful though, there’s a reason perfect memory is reserved to people like savants. Without our brain filtering the massive amount of information coming at us, we are unlikely to be able to function normally. Like a telepath unable to stop all the voices from coming in or an empath unable to stop all the emotions.


If you try it make sure it’s at night that you do it from all the articles I’ve read the best results would be doing it at night, unless you do your cold showers at night then never mind what I said.

True, however people with eidetic function well from what I’ve seen so far however they’re a limit when it’s too much then you can’t function normally.


Technically I believe eidetic memory is not photographic memory. Small difference though.

I do my cold showers when it’s time to inflict cruel and unusual punishment on myself, regardless of the time of day. :slight_smile:

I prefer showering at night, lets me jump right into a nice warm bed after. But why would the results be better at night? I know things like stretching are, but the brain is usually more awake late morning after being up for a few hours.


As opposed to the normal cruel and unusual punishment you inflict on yourself?


Well, the normal cruel and unusual I simply call living. But with cold showers, I go out of my way to make the effort.

You could have said “as opposed to the cruel and usual punishment” as well. :wink:


Ah okay I understand.

Reasoning behind why you would do it at night is to maximize the results, it must be in complete darkness which means night would be perfect because that’s when they’re will be the less amount of light in the day.


I live in the city, complete darkness is hard to come by at any time of day. I’d be sitting on the toilet with a flashlight. I’m sure the toilet would be happy if I didn’t give a crap for once. :slight_smile:


I mean it might be worthwhile for the toilet since it’s owner will have super powered memory:)