Military Method is the real deal


I’ve tried the Military Method at night (preferable time for maximum results), to be honest thinking it would be a waste of time however I was wrong.

It’s hard to explain my experience because of how abnormal it is but I will try either way.

10:00 PM: I started doing it at first it was strange I was like able to see the pages in complete darkness and then it would fade away.

10:05 PM: At this time even in complete darkness I could see the light and blurrily see the imprint of the paragraph when it was dark. It seems that the more I did the flickering light, the less and less the paragraph got blurry. It’s like my brain was finding ways to decrypt an encrypted paragraph (I swear it was some out of the world type of stuff)

10:10 PM: Whenever I was a darkness I was able to see small lights whenever I was looking at the book, the exact location of where the paragraph was located, and what was written on it.

10:13 - 10:15 PM: After finishing the experiment, I still sorta remembered the key points of the paragraph minutes later and even the next day.

Day 1: Experiment succes