Met this girl, want to improve my chances

So I met this girl, and right now I’m running Khan st3 + wanted + PS, and listening to libertine once a week. Seems to be working, but would really like to improve my chances. My cycle is almost over and about to enter washout.

What would a good combo be to improve my chances with this girl.
I was thinking run next cycle of khan st4 + HS + PS and keep libertine in the rotation once a week (I use it as a refresher)

Maybe skip Khan and run wanted + PS +HS and just run st4 next cycle.

Any thoughts? hanks un advance guys


I think your stack is already pretty good

The only thing you should focus on is resting on the fact that you DO have some sort of attractive/magnetism power so don’t hesitate to talk to her or start entering her group of people knowing your strength and hidden advantage over everyone :sunglasses:

Just let the flow of things carry you and if you feel like trying something, just do
don’t overthink it and it’ll just work fine


the fact that you are already so emotionally invested to create this thread is a very bad sign.

if you care this much then in my experience this will not end well at all.

my advice would to hit the nightlife, get on tinder/bumble.etc…do whatever you can to meet/interact with other women as soon as possible and after that see if you still care so much about this one girl after that.


In my opinion the best thing to improve the chances with a girl is to have a life. With that I mean, have enough social contacts, hobbies, interests, a passion for something, just stuff that makes you interesting (but don’t look for things to make you interesting, do things that interest you, that sparks fire within you, by doing that you will carry that fire in you and if she is the right person for that fire she will be attracted). Don’t try to get liked by her, be the person your younger you and your older you will be proud of.


Althought Madara is right about not giving your whole being and focus on that one girl his advises tend to forget the feeling aspect, so take it as a good advise and yet don’t only focus on other girls because he say it to you

What you should trully learn is to focus on yourself like Kyuss says
Ans as I said your stack is already pretty good

Trust that the subs are giving you a power that you’re just not aware off because you’ve just not put enough trust to try it and use it

With time and actions you’ll find that by acting on that believes (that the subs is with you) will unlock immense inner strength and self confidence even at faster rate


If you don’t mind sharing, could you give us a couple examples? On a scale from “more eyes on you” to “more condoms used”…where does this sub combo land?

The other guys said it already, but something I heard recently is an easy way to shift perspective instantly so I’ll share, maybe it’ll help…

Basically, you keep the stance that you always have a long line of [insert prospect type] waiting for you (whether that’s actually materialized or not, act as-if).

It restores your stance as the prize.

And takes your mindset from scarcity to abundance.


Yes, change the perspective to abundance.

Turn it around, she is one of many women who try to qualify for you, why should you spend time with her instead of your other passion, interest or your life purpose?


I’ll echo what a lot of others have said here. The best way to get the girl is to become a man who every girl wants.
To do that, you have to focus on improving yourself and living an awesome life. Girls want to be in your life if it’s already fun and interesting.
I’m not saying to forget this girl. If it’s going well, keep going and enjoy.
Have you already run Khan stages one and two for at least 45 days (90 is better) each? If not, you may want to do so.


She likes you already with this stack that you’re running. If you change your stack, change it for your own personal growth. You will know what will work best to attract her on a deeper level as you get to know her better.


thanks guys, Maybe I phrased it wrong

While I do agree this is great advice to when people say: “what sub do I use to get this one girl who I have been in love with since I was 10”.

this is not the case, I met this new girl I am going to interact with her further, and I want to improve my chaces of sleeping with her.

My question simply is,
when you have someone specific in mind I want to sleep with what stack works better, and again while I agree on go out more, meet more girls, etc is fine when you only think you have one option you must have, I also believe there is nothing wrong wit hsaying I want to sleep with THAT girl, instead of “oh I will only sleep with girls that will let me sleep with them”


I have more eyes on me definitely, I have been at clubs girls stare at me and signal them to come to my table and they come, I get a few numbers a night. Met this one girl at the gym around 10-12 yrs younger than me, that one I’m still working. At my job, there is this girl who just got a boob job and she was asking me what do I think, and kept touching me, this other girl even said “dude, stop touching him so much” (kind of a playful jealous tone).

I do have a journal which I keep focused on how I feel not so much on how many women I sleep with, I do not feel comfortable sharing that but sex life has increased.


If you only want sex then why do you care so much that its specifically this girl?

I had assumed this was about wanting something more meaningful/long term with this girl.

If you are just looking to get laid then this entire thread makes even less sense.

Are you sure you are not lying to yourself when you claim you only want sex with this girl?

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dude how can I want something more meaningful / long term with someone who I haven’t slept with and just met, talk about scarcity mentality.

I want to sleep with her, and get to know her better, long term / meaningful, maybe. Can’t tell until I know her more. I do think she might have potential this is why I am creating this post, to increase my chances.

So ok, what sub will help me sleep with her and get her to want me, so if I get to know her better and want something more “meaningful / long term” as you say, the subs will have worked her magic and she would be open to it.

I want a sub stack that works like a sniper, a sniper has the skills, the personality, the ways and can choose the target. A shotgun shoots and calls whatever it hits the target.
I know the sub wont attract the specific person, that I need the skills, attitude, etc. So I want the sniper skills to improve my chances.

English is not my first language so I might be miscommunicating something,


You are contradicting yourself and getting defensive so i doubt you will listen to anything i say from here but again i stand 100% by what i said initially. The fact that you care this much about a specific girl you just met is a very bad sign and in my experience situations like this do not end well. But good luck to you.

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Why defensive? It’s true I do think she has potential, but how can I say I want something long term with someone who I just met?

Jsut want to increase my chances to sleep with her and get to know her, and that she wants the same with me. Since I’m ending my current cycle I was wondering if there was a stack that could help me do this.

How did she react to you on this stack?

If positively and you feel good about your chances, I’d say keep doing what you’re doing and run the same stack. The fact that you’re posting here asking about it indicates you might have some doubts.

Heartsong could be good to add, but keep in mind it may subconsciously push her away IF your subconscious mind doesn’t find her to be “ideal partner” material. If you’re cool with that possibility, then I would definitely consider running it.

If I were in your shoes I would wait til your washout and see what unfolds before deciding what to do next. I find washouts to be particularly clarifying times, and often the stack will bloom results showing you clearly and definitively what needs to be tackled next.


@Ice sounds like great advice. Washout might help. I do find this particular stack is the one that I have gotten people who know me to respond more positevely. Khan st3 + wanted + PS + Libertine once a week. Wonder if changing Khan st 4 (since it will be next cycle) for HS might hit better.

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I don’t know if she likes me, I do think I’m having a positive response but would like to improve it.

Would Heart song + PS + Wanted be better or just keep khan st4?

I’m thinking HS is a good match. Also somehow I’m starting to feel curious about ME, don’t know why.


Just my 2 cents but I’d finish khan then move on to heartsong. Isn’t the last stage always what ties everything together? Skipping out just seems so counter productive.

You’re getting a positive response with your current stack, why not just continue building upon it with more action. Less reliance on the sub, more reliance on taking actionable steps related to your stack.

Hold the line bro, finish what you started and reap the rewards. :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:


Geoff does make a good point here. In which case Khan + WANTED + Libertine will do.

Heartsong does give some initial recon and healing which could affect the attraction momentarily in a negative way.


Probably would be better to stick to your plans.

Heartsong is good for improving your long term relationships. If she’s not long term material then she might start becoming more distant, and you should be prepared for that result before starting Heartsong. It’s better not to use HS to attract a specific person. What’s great about HS is that it can show you when someone is not right for you, but you will also be doing a lot of healing at the same time.

It’s been months since I ran HS, but I’m even discovering recently that the sub did healing in some areas, I just didn’t understand what it was doing back then.

I like using ME for just three minutes at the end of my stack. I don’t do it all the time, but I do think that my results have been improving by a lot.