Melody: As Life Unfolds…

Reached a point where too much progress has been getting held back by underlining stuff so gonna clear the path for next year. Not going to expect much of myself till then for now.


Work was a nightmare as I was in a childlike helpless recon but realising how I’ve been lacking taking responsibility to defend myself and I’m allowed to, even if they are managers.

Also noticing I struggle to communicate properly and speak out my side of things.

I’ve been getting the creeps as one of the managers (female) uses physical touch as a way to manipulate but I fail to tell her to stop.

One thing I’m learning quickly is that far more things are my responsibility.

It seems like it’s ingrained in me to be nice to women no matter what, but that’s bullshit because if they mistreating you like any of human, you are allowed to defend yourself and not have to put up with it.

I’ve been looking my weaknesses as a man in the face recently.

Been seeing home clumsy I’ve been socially however I feel more detached in some way too.

Death of the old self sure isn’t for the faint-hearted, but I believe I am becoming a better man, more so for others. It’s not until you can separate from it all, that you realise the impact you’ve been having on others and your life. I thought I was more mature than I actually was — humility and responsibility dialled to 100.

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I can tell I’m working through all my faulty ways of perceiving things daily and I can tell that things are working and changing.

Thinking of making a custom for my music career which I had somehow dodged for so long. Had a habit of making things 10x harder than they need to be.

I seem to be starting to understand and put together a checklist of the type of person that would achieve and thrive long term as a successful songwriter in this current climate. That seems to me to be a great way of coming up with a working strategy instead of focusing on everyone else.

What are you considering putting in there?

Become a Successful Songwriter and Performer

  1. Ultimate Artist Core
  2. Virtuoso di Musica
  3. Ultimate Music Producer
  4. Ultimate Writer
  5. Voice Master
  7. Lifeblood Fable
  8. Furious Ascent
  9. Victory’s Call
  10. Carpe Diem Ascended
  11. Blue Skies
  12. Unlimiter
  13. Entranced
  14. Dopaminergic Revival
  15. Mimisbrunnr
  16. Subconscious Flow
  17. Cashflow Catalyst
  18. Virtue Series: Diligence
  19. Negativity Displacer
  20. Courage Reclaimed

Other modules I’ve Identified as essential are:

Natural Winner - (Ascension could cover this)
Machine: Action (Optimising my day, pretty essential)
The single Focus - (The ability to focus is always a foundation)
Emotions Unfettered - (Emotional control is pretty essential)
Joie di Vivre - (Enjoying the journey is pretty essential)
Ego adsum - (Living in the present instead of worrying about the future would be useful)
Stop Porn and Masturbation - (The fact i thought i finally kicked the habit but then eventually returned doesn’t do good for integrity, self-belief and self-esteem and also zaps mental energy, focus and dopamine)

This is where I’m at currently, any suggestions on how to make a final decision from your experience?

Many thanks


Most of the modules make sense to me, so I thought I’d ask about these:

How do these mesh with the objectives of

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Mainly to tackle roadblocks that I’ve identified as things that hold me back…

Blue skies - develop self-love further (gives me room in my stack and replaces LBFH long term) Also it says it does this which seems useful, ‘take the user’s cognitive, artistic/creative and spiritual abilities to the next level.’

Dopaminergic revival - I’ve now swapped this out for the Stop porn module. Although I don’t frequently do it and it’s far more under control, I want to make sure that I overcome it completely for the next phase of my life. Also, porn seems to affect connecting with people and collaboration is an important part of the industry.

Mimisbrunnr - Mainly added for making better and better decisions aspect and the wisdom i gather can be useful for inputting into the stories my songs tell. Also, I’ve had a distrust in my own judgement so seemed pretty important.

I’m thinking long term and short term, what problems i have now and what will ensure i stay on track long term. Self-love would help with morale and so forth.

Lastly, I’ve decided to change out negativity displacer for emotions unfettered. It’s tough having restrictions (aka 20 modules) but can’t have everything haha.


This makes sense to me now.

You also mentioned:

How would you decide to add one or more of these?

What about after 90 days, consider or re-consider that list of alternatives?

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@RVconsultant I think once I’ve ran it for 6 months, I can then re-adapt the custom and some of those alternatives may get swapped in.

However I thought about what results I could potentially get and for instance being in the present moment more might just naturally occur from the combination of modules like carpe diem ascended and practicing my performance and meditation more consistently anyway.
I had to make a decision and be okay with it not being perfect.

Damn DR ST4 is really working haha

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DR has been really helping me work through my career blocks and I’m getting back my old way of viewing my music career path. I seem to be feeling like things can work for me far more. Month 1 is going well.

I’ve thought that although some modules might be different, the end results might be quite similar.

I think @Fire once said that I AM is like fire, and FEBRUUS is like water. Both are healing modules, though.

I think that when someone uses DR, they might have different ideals of modules they might want or need after 6 month. Planning is wise, but also may be wise to hold off on building a second custom for the same purpose until DR has had more time.

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That’s interesting, their’s so many ways to approach a custom and how to pick modules. Pretty cool tho.

I totally agree, I feel like I want to get it right away but being patient is probably wiser.

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Been feeling far calmer in social settings, very detached and just being. Seems like worry is dissipating.

I had this thought yesterday which is an excellent sign of progress. It went something like, ‘That old version of you is completely gone now, you never have to be that person again, don’t worry.’ This hints that the old self-image that I had been clinging onto for so long is finally starting to shift permanently and not temporarily. Does some part of me fear that? Yes, but that will soon fade as I accept that I’m allowed to be someone far better.

I’m starting to get annoyed that I’m simply using DR as an excuse to avoid my goals.

Women seem to be liking me more at work, probably from my my more congruent, relaxed, self-assurance.

Realising and accepting harsh truths about life and reality. No one really cares about you as much as you want them too, especially about your problems. They’re yours to fix and people don’t like unsolicited advice either. Your implying they can’t fix it on their own.