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Current year 3 med student, been using subs on and off for a long time, have a few qv2 customs but now excited to be back with zp titles.


  1. Get into dream residency program and excel
  2. Great memory and efficiency to ease through a normally demanding job
  3. Great confidence and ease in my assessment, decision making, communication
  4. Excellence in my field of study
  5. Become a great doctor that is able to inspire all my patients
  6. Building personal wealth and businesses while also giving back to my community
  7. Language goals: Spanish
  8. Physical and mental endurance (freedom from physical and mental fatigue) for continuous productivity and happiness
  9. Destroy my high debt load
  10. Maintaining my relationships
  11. Love my job/life
  12. Decrease social anxiety
  13. Destroy my upcoming licensing exam

Day 1 of Stark + Limitless, 1 loop each

  1. significant increase in confidence and decreased anxiety about studying all my questions and upcoming tasks/duties - this is also motivating me to learn outside of medicine instead of feeling like I need to spend all my time studying from a place of fear
  2. feel amped up
  3. quicker processing and speed reading while doing my practice questions (very long case scenarios that require sifting through pertinent and distracting information)
  4. instead of trying to memorize everything, I feel at ease to target the most important details that I need to know
  5. notice that I was being too much of a pushover and too “nice” to my superiors to get good evals (trying too hard)

Day 2 Rest

  1. skipping class to study on my own, felt positive about it
  2. a little more distractible/impulsive but still getting a lot of random stuff done. part of me feels like this is b/c of some decreased anxiety I’ve noticed, meaning I’m able to do other more fun and interesting things rather than studying medicine all day even though I have an exam next week
  3. feel pride about sending texts/emails (taking action) and less worried about how others perceive it
  4. s/o smiling around me more than normal
  5. going to go see a movie

Love your goals. All the best, my friend!


Thank you very much for the reply! All the best to you as well!

Day 3 of Stark + Limitless ZP, 1 loop each

  1. feel a significant mindset shift after listening, feeling of focus, power, drive. makes me want to listen every day but must trust the plan. patience is a virtue. incredible for the short listening duration with ZP.
  2. started a journal practice this morning with four objectives: daily goals, gratitude, review of life strategies that I feel need work, and CBT/assessment of any other concerns or sources of anxiety
  3. started ‘routinery’ app to create a consistent morning and nighttime routine for daily success
  4. going to do a cycling workout, focused study for 8 hours, watch some sports, read, sleep early b/c I need to get up at 4AM for work.

What does CBT stand for?

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Hey there Seeker, it stands for cognitive behavioral therapy, a common, diverse, well-studied form of therapy used in psychiatry to address various mood or behavioral issues. I am not an expert, but it’s goal is to become aware and challenge maladaptive or distorted patterns of thinking/behavior and develop coping skills and more resilient patterns.

For example, I am feeling anxious and notice I have an automatic thought that my seniors are not respecting me or I feel I’m not performing well. I tell myself that this might not necessarily be true. My seniors might just be stressed. They are likely facing intense pressure from their own seniors and their dedicated lifestyle. There is a good chance I am interpreting their behavior towards me incorrectly, and it likely has nothing to do with me at all. Also, I’ve been grinding nonstop in a very difficult year of medical school, so I should also be proud of myself and have self-compassion if I make mistakes. Feeling incompetent is a normal part of the process of learning such a wide body of information while adapting to rigorous hours and expectations.

Now, because I realize I know so little about CBT, I’m probably going to spend some time tonight reading a book about it! ha


Wow! Thanks for the detailed reply.


Day 5 of Stark + Limitless ZP, 1 loop each

  1. more IDGAF attitude
  2. very noticeable, peculiar experiences of various people being more endearing toward me. for example, extremely accomplished specialist physicians being nice to me and making effort to teach me in the operating room even though I’m not really saying much. one doctor told me to come closer to her to get a better view of the operation and the other physician acted surprised as she “never does that”
  3. goal: finish this week strong and ace exam

Day 7 of Stark + Limitless ZP, 1 loop each

  1. Felt really tired past 2 days. A little bit out of it. Been studying very hard for upcoming exam. Confident I will get through. Plan to study rest of day and all day tomorrow.
  2. Feel like I’m processing info quickly and applying skills more quickly. Just need to support increased performance with better nutrition, sleep, and self-care. I have a peloton coming in the next few days which I am excited to use!

Day 9 of Stark + Limitless ZP, 1 loop each

Tough last couple of days but survived and did well. Got a peloton bike and been getting some great workouts with it. Spent the day cleaning up, running errands, recovering. I would that say my biggest weakness these past couple of weeks has been proper sleep hygiene, so that will be my number one focus this cycle. I think I will choose one habit each sub cycle to be consistent with instead of trying to do everything at once. I will evaluate myself on the following aspects of my sleep hygiene goal.

Sleep hygiene goal

  1. No heavy meals a few hours before bed
  2. Turning off tech/screens before bedtime (9-10PM)
  3. Quality of sleep
  4. Quantity of sleep
  5. Feeling refreshed

Random thought: Went shopping other day and female sales rep went above and beyond to help me get everything setup. She was smiling alot and acting nervous, had a really good conversation. Kinda cute and flattering, but already in a long term relationship.

Day 11 of Stark + Limitless ZP, 1 loop each

Slept really well yesterday! Feeling good today. Big shift mentally. Peaceful day.

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Should be about Day 27 listening to 1 loop Stark and Limitless ZP every other day. A bit over the recommended 21 days so I will take a week off.

In reflection, I passed a big exam, started a new rotation with a new team. Doing well. Not easy jumping into a new specialty and working with seniors who have been doing this for 3-50 years longer than you.

I have been sleeping well. I’ve been biking/cycling most days of the week and my fitness is significantly improved! Woke up this morning really liking what I see in the mirror. Feel like my mood and resilience has also taken a boost.

It’s good to hear that things are working out for you.


Nice meeting you man am a medical student too. Where do you base ?

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Hi! I’m in North America, how about you?

Interesting reading back on the log that I stopped updating. I continued to listen to the loops and did about 2 cycles with break in between.

I have been studying for a month for my licensing exam (8-9 hr test) that I am taking next week.

I made a new ZP custom targeting my social anxiety and the results so far have been great. I am very happy to only have to listen to 15 min every other day and achieve results.

QLQ4, True Social Core, Organization Perfected, Dragon Tongue, Lifeblood Fable, Lion IV, Joie de Vivre, Perfect Style & Smell, Story Teller, Song of Joy, Carpe Diem Ascended, True Sell, Virtue Series Hope, Way of Understanding, Approachability Aura, Chiron, Polyglot, The Oath, Natural Winner, Gratitude Embodiment.

It is sort of a mix of 2-3 of my previous Q customs. Mix of cognitive, communication/social, influence, teaching. All things that I think contribute to being a good doctor.

Today is my third loop listening every other day. So far, things I have noticed:

  • Social anxiety has decreased
  • More confidence
  • Making small talk and conversations with random people in the public that I probably wouldn’t have before
  • Old friend I haven’t heard from in years messages me. I also seem to be more proactive in sending messages to people and building relationship
  • Noticed that maybe I am more aware of observing details about people to prepare for talking points as I am approaching
  • People in general seem to treat me nicer
  • Free stuff: Yesterday, I bought the cheapest car wash and the attendant (who was awkwardly nice) surprised me with the highest level wash. He didn’t tell me but I only noticed at the end. I am traveling right now and went to two separate gyms on different days. They both waived the day pass charges so that I could enter for free.

So, these effects have all been pretty noticeable, which is welcome and sort of astonishing. So far so good. Going to ace my exam this week. One more exam the following week. Then I plan to look for a gym membership with more free time after the busy mess of last year. Also, think of if there is any other ZP custom concept I want to make from the modules I already have from previous customs.


One more astonishing effect I want to recall:

Earlier this week I was very stressed out and arguing with s/o. I received the custom and played it. I noticed a big shift. Even though I felt that many unfair things were going on that I was frustrated about, those things seemed to matter less. There are still things that I am annoyed about but I guess it took the edge off. I became more apologetic about adding more to a stressful situation with the arguing and getting frustrated. I had more strength. Instead of complaining and indulging into the emotions of being a victim, I became more supportive of others.

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Nice progress man.
I base in one of the Universities in West Africa.
Currently am running Wanted and Am.

I noticed that medical students face this deep social insecurities within them, which I don’t know the cause maybe either by to indulging in books limiting his social activities. I can’t tell .
Make sure you fix this before you finish med school because your confidence matters especially when providing value to people online.


Awesome, nice to meet you and wish you the best. Do you have a journal?

You might be very familiar, but I write this for my own therapy and for those who don’t have an idea what the medical training process is like.

I think that the insecurity stems from the environment and the immense demands placed on us. You take some of the smartest, confident, compassionate people and throw them into a toxic system and training process and they become burned out, anxious, and depressed. Mental health is rampant in medicine, at least in the west, with many cases of suicide. On top of this, COVID happened during some of our toughest years which brought a lot of fear and isolation.

I go to a fairly “prestigious” institution and I come from a lower SES background. So in my case, I felt that I sort of didn’t fit in the first place as many of my peers come from wealth and ivy league backgrounds. It isn’t correct to compare yourself, but that’s just the nature of the medical training process when you are endlessly “competing” against the “best in the nation” to advance at every stage which requires its own exams, interviews, application process, fees from HS, college, med school, residency, jobs. Every step becomes more demanding. Suddenly, you feel very average when you are always surrounded by smart, driven, high achievers. It can be a toxic environment as you are graded and evaluated endlessly. One misstep or negative evaluation throughout several years can impact your ability to apply and interview for residency selection, another competitive and difficult training process. Without residency, your years are wasted and you are left with hundreds of thousands of debt. During clinicals, you rotate through each specialty, constantly adapting to new teams, people, patients, environments, witnessing serious disease, trauma, death, while still expected to go home and study to demonstrate your knowledge and pass difficult exams after long work hours. There are no breaks. As you finish an intense rotation and final exam every month, the following Monday you are thrown into an entirely new environment and field of knowledge and expected to perform, learn, finish assignments, H&Ps/notes, do research over and over and over again. We often have to forsake our friends, loved ones, hobbies, physical health to succeed. Med students are constantly bombarded with pressure to perform academically, socially, kiss ass to superiors, work on their CVs, burdened by hundreds of thousands of debt, treated like slaves and idiots at the bottom of the totem pole, and we have to eat up all the crap with a smile in the name of professionalism and service. I can work my hardest and do everything right to help my residents, but still be hit with an unfair or inaccurate evaluation at the end, subjective evaluations, by people who are stressed and burned out themselves. Because of our debts, we often don’t have the power to complain or make changes.

As it is, I have done better than expected in my evaluations and grades, etc. I have made incredible connections with mentors, students, patients. I think I have done a great job in balancing time with my loved ones and hobbies. I am confident that I will succeed to become a great doctor. Everyone has different capacities though and I have to say that it took blood, sweat, and tears for me as I always give it my all. It is just difficult because I don’t get a chance to decompress or take care of myself because the BS tasks and duties never end, resulting in anxiety and fatigue.

Will it be worth it and will I be happy in the end? I think it will be worth it when I am able to go out and work, have more control over my life/career, and actually connect to and serve my patients! It is hard to say if I would go through this again though and I am only about halfway through!

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Yes currently running Wanted Zp. Just search my Subliminal steroid.

Brother it’s always like that in med school you see people with different types of intelligency (high IQ)selected from best schools.All of them trying to show I am better than you ,so I deserve to be a better doc. All these are just an icing in the game.

Medicine becomes fulfilling when you can solve people problems not getting high grades in school.

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