Medici the Golden Khan Journal

Long time lurker/user, 1st time posting.

This journal will be my fortress of solitude, although I’m clearly not alone here. I don’t have many friends on the subliminal path and that makes it difficult at times to express what is fully going on in my life even with those closest to me.

I will occasionally post here with updates, thoughts, etc on my current journey using a custom I’m calling Medici the Golden Khan ZP(MGK) along with Limit Destroyer ZP (LD). Although, I may occasionally play other goal related ZPs, those two are my long term usage programs.

Since many will ask, what’s in the custom here’s the breakdown:

Medici the Golden Khan modules

House of Medici
Ecstasy of Gold Stage 4
Khan Stage 4
Blue Skies
Carpe Diem Ascended
Lion IV
Leader of Men
Submodel Alpha
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
Secret of Akasha - Wealth
Wealth limit destroyer
Financial Success Reality Shifter
Instant Business Tactician

I’ve been using my custom any old way I want for the 6 weeks, but over the last two weeks I’ve settled on listening to Limit Destroyer and MGK at least once a day Monday-Friday, sometimes more than once a day. Sometimes I listen more often, but either way, I use the weekend as a soft break. I am also very tuned in to when I’m processing and will take extra time off if needed, but that was only necessary when I added too many loops of Primal and Libertine 2 weeks ago. I won’t be doing that again any time soon.

My overall goal is to wake up my healthiest, wealthiest, most primal and powerful version of myself. ***

Overall, I have reached a comfortable cruising altitude for my life, and I am ready to take it to the next level. I’m happily married with kids. I have a comfortable albeit stressful job. I genuinely have nothing to complain about and so this journey is all about taking everything up to a higher level of existence.

Since the beginning of June, I’ve been back on my workouts using the X3 bar and bands 5-6 days a week. The last month has been 6 days a week. The workouts are less than 30 minutes but intense as hell. My body is transforming before my eyes. I easily have 20 lbs of fat to discard. Since starting my weight has stayed the same but I am much more muscular. Ideally, I would like to put on 10-15 lbs of muscle while cutting the 20 lbs of fat. That would put me in the 10-15% body fat range and the best shape of my life.

I have another professional certification to attain that would put me in a position to earn 25-33% more than I am now. So I have to make time to study for the exam, pass the exam, and submit my application, preferably before December.

Long term, I see a way to spin my professional experience into a company that uses video and ai to provide solutions for my industry. That means I have to either learn to code or get really good at hiring and leading coders, probably a little of both, to really grow it and escape the rat race. All in due time.

Things that have come up over the last 5-6 weeks of using MGK and other ZPs:

  • I had a week where everything was sexual. It was as if the sexual spark of Khan was starving for fuel. I was in savage mode, not that I acted on it with anyone other than my wife, but I could feel the lustful energy oozing off of me and I had trouble concentrating on much else. Thankfully this passed. And now that it has, I can see it for what it was. I was drawing up my sexual energy, but I didn’t have many ways to transmute it. Now that I am channeling it into working out, I feel much better.
  • What has increased is the amount of attention I am getting from women. For a week I felt conflicted, like maybe I should stop listening to anything with Khan in it, but I plowed through. The attention still exist at an elevated level, but I don’t make it mean anything, because it literally has zero value for what I am up to.
  • Thankfully my wife has also increased her attention, which is all that matters. Even though Khan has me like an Eveready battery, on nights when things don’t happen, it’s no big deal. I’m not thirsty or hurt because my wife is too tired.
  • I also had a week of processing a lot of anger / rebalancing my emotions, reactions, and responses. A little bit of LBFH / CWN helped sort this out. CWN is a beast and after a few months of LD, I may switch just to enjoy the clarity that comes with it.
  • I’m paying more attention to my grooming.
  • I’ve increased my supplementation. I’ve been taking essential amino acids after my workouts. 50,000 IUs of Vitamin D once a week. And recently I started taking a teaspoon of pine pollen in the morning after my workouts and at night to balance my hormones and increase my testosterone. Also started taking ZMA before bed to increase my magnesium intake and support deeper more restorative sleep, which helps my body recover from these workouts. I may do a 4 month cycle of mk677 in the future. But for now, I don’t want to add anything else to my regimen. I’ll consider it more seriously in 2 months.

This is not a full list of benefits or results, just what’s top of mind as I write this post.

I’ll add that LD is doing something, I just can’t put my finger on it yet. It’s only been 2 weeks of use and for now I think it is clearing away the limits to MGK. I feel lighter after listening to it.


WOW that is A LOT of scripting in one custom :smiley:

You never had any feelings of overexposure?


You seem to take the scripting well!


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Welcome @Seneca!

I’m glad you are getting results.

What is your listening schedule plan for the next 6 days?

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I have had the feeling of heavy processing, where I am a little more tired than usual and feel like there’s a lot on my mind. When that happens I add a day between listening.

It hasn’t happened listening to only 2 programs 1-2x a day Monday - Friday and taking the weekends off.

Thanks for the welcome.

I have already listened to my stack today.

I’ll be listening tomorrow and Friday 1-2x. Then I’ll take Saturday and Sunday off.

Please listen to one loop per program per day.

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I appreciate the suggestion. It comes from customer testing and research.

I’m going to continue what I’m doing, until I see a reason to change. There was a time when I had multiple subliminal playlists for different days and different areas of life, and now I am keeping it simple.

1 playlist. 2 files. 1-2x listens. 5 days a week. 2 days off to process.

I listen while I workout and accomplish two goals at once. Mental and physical programming.

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Towards the end of yesterday, I felt deep mental processing going on. I wasn’t lethargic and I didn’t have a headache. There was a clear sensation in my brain of activity/processing. I’m taking today and tomorrow off from my stack as planned.

Overall there’s a noticable increase in the people making eye contact with me. I say people because it includes men, women, and children.

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Be aware of all that you are asking for

To be a Khan is to be the leader of a growing empire. A growing empire has people who need my guidance and leadership in order to maintain and obtain all that they are capable of. This means more people will depend on my efforts and abilities. I must be constantly increasing my capacity for wise stewardship.

This is not a path for the faint of heart or those seeking to be liked by everyone. All those under my stewardship, will not agree with every decision, and while I am fine to seek trusted council, I also accept that such council does not bare my responsibilities.

Some quick updates:

  1. Aspects of Sultan are beginning to show up. Purchased a new car that more fits my family’s needs.

  2. Over the weekend, my oldest car was stolen. I was not bothered by this in the least bit. In fact, I thought to myself “The Universe works for my greatest benefit, even when I don’t understand it.” Why? Because I was going to sell the car anyway. Now instead I will receive those funds through my insurance company. If anything, this saves me the issue of advertising the car and finding a buyer.

  3. My sexual desire has increased in a positive and balanced way. I have little to no desire for pornography. It’s so low that if the thought to view some crosses my mind, I easily dismiss it. It feels like a waste of my power. I know my custom doesn’t contain any “no fap scripting” and yet the thought I have is that I respect myself too much to fap or view pornography.

  4. Mentality shift: “A woman is tested when her man has nothing. A man is tested when he has everything.” While I don’t have “everything” yet, I have that illusive quality “enough”. More trinkets would be nice, but they don’t define me. The quest to be my best is about being, not having. My version of Khan, doesn’t need to attract additional women, because most are not on my level or compatible with my goals. Crude language alert I keep coming back to this question, “What’s your d*ck worth?” Mine is worth an empire. I have the capacity to build a woman up, support her growth, goals, and ultimate financial success, and give her a legacy of children with greatness in their DNA. Why would I offer that to just anyone? I have seen too many men set fire to all that they have built chasing women on the side of their relationship. I choose a different path. And I choose it knowing that even if my marriage doesn’t last, I made my wife better during it, and I will gain back anything loss and more, if necessary.

  5. I ordered some new shirts / hoodies last week. I took time yesterday to go through my wardrobe and remove shirts I no longer wear and organize my clothing better. I’m shedding clothes that no longer fit me physically nor aesthetically. I’m simplifying my wardrobe to have more basic black t-shirts, polos, etc.



It’s awesome to meet someone else who uses X3. I deliver furniture so now I’m slinging couches and stuff like it’s nothing lol. I tried listening to subs while working out, but I prefer high energy music, helps me get more reps in. Good luck with your journey!


This is maybe thanks to Limit destroyer. You can read this on LD reviews.



Congratulations for making a wise investment in your health. I don’t think I’m ever going back to a gym.

I bought one during Covid and it’s been the easiest way to get in a hard workout with my hectic schedule. And the physical transformation is no joke.

I’ve made it to the wide grey band for a few exercises, and for the rest I still use the white band and a shorter version of the white band that I picked up from Serious Steel. It’s great for bicep curls and single leg squats.

I have to laugh at myself for buying the elite band thinking I would be using it quickly. That was all ego. I’m nowhere near using it anytime soon. I could lift heavy for another year or two before I get there.

I used to listen to music, but there’s something about lifting while listening to LD, I am able to push harder.


It could be LD.

This wasn’t a goal or intention that I had, but I am happy with the result.

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What’s the difference between an artist and a con artist?

An artist creates value through their self-expression, while a con artist creates the illusion of value through their self-expression.

I’ve been processing where in my life I’ve been a con artist, all the areas where I have been inauthentic with myself and others. And to what purpose? To protect my emotions, ego, or reputation?! It disgust me and at the same time I forgive myself. I forgive myself for stopping because I thought it was the easy thing to do. I forgive myself for lying because I thought it was easier than facing the truth.

I no longer choose to hide my truth.

I choose to embrace my truth, for it is the only one I have.

My truth is my totem. It can only tell me whether I am dreaming or awake, if I honor it, not play with it or disregard it.

Medici the Golden Khan is an artist of life. A creator of value. That golden hue is the light of the sun reflecting off the value created.

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Today is my last day of this cycle. I’m going to take the rest of the month off for processing and blooming before starting back up at the beginning of October.

I’m up for another cycle of Limit Destroyer and MGK.

I am strongly considering a modification of MGK. The new custom would drop EOG St 4 and Medici and replace them with Lineage and a few as yet to be determined results enhancers from the Q store.

I have yet to fully feel or realize any major development in the wealth related areas of my custom. I do feel more aligned with abundance in general and less concerned with the cost of things, but I have not have come into new consistent income flows. I have a theory that there may be too much wealth scripting, if that’s possible.

I’m not making any changes just yet. After my next cycle, I will reflect on whether the change is necessary.

Also, would one of the Mods kindly reclassify this journal under Journals- Customs? I incorrectly choose Major Programs.

Thank you in advance.

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@RVconsultant @DarkPhilosopher Please see the above :wink:

@Seneca how has Medici been treating you?


Oh, right.


Thanks for the tag.



I’ve been reflecting on my parenting and where I can improve / be more patient.