Maybe a consistent journal

I read somewhere in SC that growth never comes easy and I am feeling it now after following the guidelines for somedays and realizing you will inevitably go through some pain.
I was running commander and GLM along other unrelated subs for quite sometime and definitely without complying with the guidelines; and that definitely diminished and hurt my results.
My current stack is GLM, The commander, Power Can Corrupt and WANTED.
And I listen to 7.5 minutes of each altogether every other day; so:
23 April(night)-The complete stack-7.5 minutes each
25 April+only day of 26th April: rest
26 April(night)- The complete stack-7.5 minutes each
There is definitely entranced modules in any of these sub files, people get hypnotized and do what I say, maybe it is in wanted or PCC, then there comes the authority of The Commander which adds an explosive aggression to my Commands which makes people obey.(these are all hypothesis).
I am unpredictable and court attention everywhere I go, but subliminal journey has it’s ups and downs and today I woke up reconciling; there was a trauma getting released and I was feeling it in my gut; I noticed people not very interested in me and recon was clear.
After less than an hour it passed but I am still experiencing mild recon in forms of anxiety, poor planning and poor performance.
It’s Ramadan and honestly I listen to subs before Sahar which was 3:30 am of 27th April(I wrote 26th cuz Ramadan is getting finished and I will listen before 12 am)
Today(27 th April) I woke up hungry as a hostage Although this particular early morning we were late fo Sahar. I suspect two scenarios:
1- we ate fast before Adhan so the food did not get digested (I went to toilet in the morning and released a lot of ….)
2- The recon consumed my energy and WANTED’s physical shifting is happening.
Anyways I talked about my reconciliation on this day.
Even with recon I have my assertiveness and obedience from people which is because of processed scripts.
I was running khan but it was not for me and it was much shallower in terms of POWER than PCC.
Lets differentiate between dominance and power here.
I reached to the conclusion which PCC is my favorite sub of SC.

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Report on the same day: 27th April 2022
As saint asked, I stayed under the sunlight for 30 minutes. At the third minute recon started to fade away, in 15th minute a big part of it went away and in the 30th minute I was A LOT more free, concentrated, present, aware, more congruent with the results to be expected from the sub, more focused, more relaxed, very nonchalant and near to zero anxious. Although I was kind of anxious when I began my day.
My attention is a big and important commodity and my nonchalance make people fidget. Nonchalance is amazing. One of the vital and tension energy leaks is fidgeting which I lack with? “Nonchalance!”
Another leak is anxiety and negative thoughts, which I lack with what?! “Nonchalance!”, you got it right.
I submitted a ticket and I hope it get answered ASAP
It has been more than a week.
Now that I am writing the recon is fading more and more and my concentration and presence is getting deeper and deeper. I doubt that it is the running phase, it’s most likely the after processed phase cuz I slept after I listened and I experienced tangible recon after I woke up. Then the recon faded a bit and it faded in a major way after taking sunlight. And guess what?! “Nonchalance!”
Just kidding😂
Guess what, it’s fading more and more!!

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Another report on 27th April 2022
The recon is not gone completely
I feel pain in some parts of my body and also some headaches
So yeah, still executing!
Imagine when there is no recon! :smiley:

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You will bombard yourself with 30 programs per day with no rest days

Today 27th april
I am got very hungry few times and now I am feeling very hungry again!
It’s unusual, kinda physical shifting consumption of energy I guess. I also think my body shifted a bit

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28th April-rest day
I felt little to no recon when I woke up, but got at the centre of attention of 600 people and I was talking to someone and felt a bit anxious.
The planning, performance and planning was fairly good. Now its my last minutes in my 30-minutes under the sun program.
Honestly I don’t feel much recon is faded; since I was not having much recon in the first place.

I am observing pretty good behavior from people
It’s more on the WANTED side rather than PCC… side

28th april-rest
I woke up very less tired today
But again I am tired, and from my observation there is No other reason than the processing, recon or other things. Cuz I have not been ejaculating and I had a GOOD nights sleep, it is definitely the execution started again. Believe me I thought about listening again cuz I though recon and execution is finished, but I guess not.

28th April-rest day -another report
Tonight is basically the END of my rest day and in “common sense” of individual who overexpose themselves (ex me) I should have the least results; but guess what? I was invited to an Iftar charity and there were literally 30-40 people and I was shining like a light and had Massive respect AND much Massive POWER in the crowd. I courted attention in the most grand way and “I” was and established my authority right away. At the same time I was mysterious and unpredictable! People were following me and looking at me. I mean the old people who are as @invictus knows are VERY respected in our Islamic culture. They were giving me MY respect!
Again! My first loop of wanted and pcc was 6/5 days ago WITH the rest days.
So guys! DO NOT overexpose yourselves! Just suck up some hours of anxiety and anger and over!

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28th April(night-listening time)
I listened to GLM, commander and pcc; 7.5 minutes of each. I did not listen to wanted to watch the results
So lets sleep and wake up and see the results
Initial report, I listened to GLM first and after approx 1.5 hours later I was a bit physically dominating and did not have that ego of not talking, but I WAS WORKING for attention. Not just sitting and thinking to myself that all attention is on me and it really manifested! Like people sensed my presence.
I am friendly, I laugh more.
I dunno if it’s because I listened to GLM first or? I dunno honestly
Lets sleep, wake up and see
But after listening I feel energized and sleep is kinda not there. Lets try.

29 th April(rest day)
Last night(28th) I listened to glm, commander and pcc
Then I woke up. As I see it now, it was a bit of recon, I was thinking people were not paying as much respect as they paid the last rest day(28th april-just before anlther listening)—-you see too much listening does NOT mean better results—-
So: I listened to 3-7.5inute subs and woke up with recon, then I though this small amount of respect from people is because of not listening to WANTED
So I listened to WANTED after I spent newrly 45 minutes of recon in society. Since it was 7.5 minutes the results came later and I also observed that the respect from other people did NOT rise-BUT-I realized the resolution of my eyesight was significantly better. So yeah! WANTED kicked in, but not in a way to increase my respect, it rather made me light hearted. BECAUSE: after I listened to wanted BUT it did NOT kick in, someone tried to block my way and I moved him with my both hands and people could sense my energy that this guy WILL confront so they were not coming in my way. And just after WANTED kicked in I felt that what?! “Nonchalance!” Hahahah sth like softheartedness. So people sensed my energy and they were coming on my way.
I submitted a ticket about this matter and it has been 10 days since I did not receive an answer. So I tested it myself.
Conclusion: before execution if you run WANTED in the RUNNING phase as the last item in your stack, it will make you light-heated. But in long term(after execution) the effects of wanted are mitigated.and the synergistic effect will kick in.
But I guess REMOVING WANTED would be a whole different level of power and social influence.
(Report: just came out of under the sun-the vision and head are much more clear.)
I am in a kind of dilemma here, I want the WOMEN and PHYSICAL SHIFTING part of the WANTED. But I don’t want it to hinder my SOCIAL INFLUENCE progress, even a little.
Thoughts are welcomed

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29th April-rest(night-around 12 am)
Before sleep I was reading about the As above so below sub and I also read dark’s review, and I was thinking about it and I was very eager to have it and use it.
Then I slept with these thoughts and I had a weird sleep.
I was waking up thinking about energy and also was feeling different sensations throughout the body like my body was fluid and energy was passing through, it was weird. After waking up 2-3 times through the night, finally woke up at around 2 am and was feeling very alert and little to no recon, I was HUNGRY though! So I ate sahar or the feast before starting the fast earlier and all of a sudden felt sleepy! Guess my subconscious stopped executing and made me alert :rotating_light:!
When I ate I was sleepy and slept.
I woke up kinda tired :yawning_face:.
So I slept a but again, but I am sure my stack has Machine: action and Machine: rest
So I wake up in the time needed.

30th April: when I woke up in the morning, as I said in previous post, I was feeling tired, the. I went and asserted my WILL on a CROWD , it was a brbershop and I TOOK a queue
Then after 1-2 hours I went to the barbershop and it was full of LOW-LEVEL or street boys, some older and some younger than me. I was not talking and moving even a bit, but everyone felt my presence and I had all the attention, I knew it. I DONT know if it was WANTED OR PCC? Maybe @SaintSovereign could answer.
Then a beggar came and a lot of guys gave money just to win MY attention, I felt it. But I did not even fidget.
A few minutes later a MOM with his small son came which I and everyone realized she needs her son’s hair to be cut before others. No one gave her his number and I waited until someone told her to go to the next barbershop and she said that was also full. So I in full of uncertainty and between guarded people shouted(it was needed) that I AM next and your son will have my queue position. I STANDED OUT AGAIN AND it was NOT EXPECTED, cuz I did not even bother to give the beggar anything. After I placed the kid on the barber chair, I again did what I did in the morning, forcing my WILL and not WAITING IN the barbershop. I got another number for two hours later and I will be going.
This is just a very very general plot! I DON’T feel like talking about every piece of the story.
Playing hot and cold with the aura and gut feeling, saying ambiguous things…

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30th April (night-listening)
I listened to my stack at around 9 pm
Honestly that noticeable change that I would sense when I was overexposing myself EVERYDAY is not there. Cuz it kinda already us there!, the vision is kinda always brighter, high resolution…+other sudden benefits of ZP are 80% already there. I am still sometimes sensing khan’s brashness in my speech, like revealing my intentions. But The thought it being the GLM’s effect also pops up in my mind.
Two questions are confusing me, the effects of GLM’s masculinity on me NAVIGATING the power dynamics AND the WANTED’s overall behavior and especially mysteriousness on my stack and my position in power dynamics. It is important to me to know

Hey man, I know we don’t know each other but if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to ping me privately anytime and I will be happy to talk you. I can’t imagine the struggle you might be going threw and I sympathize with you in a way and wish the best for you so if there’s anything I can help you with or give you advice let me know and I will try my best :relaxed:


Thank you! That is very kind of you
But I don’t remember complaining until now, Men’s life IS a struggle.

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By struggle you mean dealing with Taliban? :sweat_smile:

Yeah that and other facts I’ve read your journals from the past so I can see you struggle so that’s why I’m here if you ever need anyone to talk to:)


1st may 2020::day after the listening night( nothing VERY special to say but the whole day was pretty much special. People were giving me service left and right. I had but of recon, but not unbearable or harmful.
Edit: just remembered sth VERY VERY special
I’ve gone to the restaurant this night and people were not giving me MY respect. I courted attention even though I was alone. I shouted at the waiter for being rude to another customer who came with his little daughter. And the ARROGANT boss of the restaurant came respecting me crazy and explaining everything.

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2nd/may/2022::rest day(listening night):
My WILL is constantly trained and I followed my routine completely until 3:30pm of the day. I also made a fairly tough guy my follower. It needed a lot of mind games, but I did it HAHA.
People SERVE me.
Night is getting near but I am planning on talking another rest day except today, 2 rest days total. Lets see how that goes