May I introduce myself ... Alphabeast

I’m a bit late because I’ve been around since mid-October, but I’d like to catch up with my introduction.

Alphabeast - actually just a misunderstood word that my 22-year-old self thought I heard in the song “Bullet Ride” from the In Flames album “Clayman”. But even after I realized my mistake, the Alphabeast wouldn’t let go of me. It became a symbol - something powerful that I found both admirable and frightening at the same time. Something that I knew was dormant within me and that I had better not wake up because I was afraid that I would have no control over the spirit I would summon. That it could overwhelm and devour me.It wasn’t real knowledge and it wasn’t logical either.It was just a hunch, a feeling. It was simply the fear of death, even if it was “only” ego death. I was extremely insecure at the age of 22, which had to do with the fact that I was neglected as a child. I wasn’t abused, but there was a lack of attention, recognition and care. This resulted in a strong introversion, a lack of self-confidence and a pessimistic mindset. In the years that followed, I found ways to change this and over time a lot has changed for the better. Today, I have no reason to complain.I lead a very comfortable life and am grateful for everything I have. Nevertheless, I have to admit to myself that I have never managed to develop my full potential.

I can’t remember exactly how I got here, but I currently have the feeling that I’m supposed to be here. Call it coincidence, fate, synchronicity … whatever.
So 21 years later, the Alphabeast becomes my forum name and it will stay with me for the next 7 years. In 2030 I will be 50 and I have a great desire to be the best version of myself that is possible. I will have to unleash the beast, but I am now confident that it won’t eat me. I’ll probably even laugh at the fact that I put it in chains for no reason.

Advancing Human Potential - that sounds promising. Wish me success. Thank you. :sunglasses:


You got this brotha.


A wonderful introduction. Welcome to the (Sub)Club!


Welcome to the future legendary chimney sweepers


Dont scare him right away :slight_smile:

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He wont, he i destined to be one of us :smiling_imp:
Im watching deadpool 2 right now, did i manifested you or did you manifest the movie for me :thinking::grin:

I did it. And you have also surprise under your pillow :slight_smile:

Thx, but i dont have a present for you, maybe at christmas

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Do not worry, I am a good one, only giving, not expecting taking, receiving:slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community.mate.

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Welcome to our humble little community. Best of luck with your journey

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Welcome man!