Matt's Subliminal Journey (currently Khan)


Week 1

On Saturday (April 18) night I began listening to Spartan Apex Warrior. Realizing that after a couple of years I have become quite obese and reading the success of story of Dark Empress, this was the right choice for me. On Sunday, I began dieting and started exercising a workout routine at home from YouTube. I also had the pleasure of facing reality when I put my body on the scale - my weight was 138 kg at 198 cm. Being 34 years old this is a BMI of 35.1 or simply put means that I am obese. I never have seen myself as being obese, having been thin in my early twenties and first realized how fat I am when I was interviewed and saw myself on video. A few years ago I have been dieting and going to the gym until I no longer was motivated to go to the gym because I hit stagnation. I also have a great traumatic dislike for sports because of being bullied in school, so doing exercise at home is a good option at the moment. A well-known coach and hypnotist once told me a sentence which stuck to me. Let me paraphrase it “What is better: eating ice cream or getting oral sex?” - This brought me to the theory that some people get pleasure from eating while others get pleasure from sex.

In the first week I jumped around with additional Subliminal audios until Wednesday. I first had Primal in the stack and later StarkQ. Then when Quantum Limitless Q came out, I decided to jump on that train. Beginning with ST1 on Wednesday. The reasons for that is that my cognitive capabilities have been declining in the past few days. I had problems remembering what happened during the days and forget about appointments. I hope to fix that with Quantum Limitless Q. Also I have a switching confidence in my intelligence. As a boy I did an IQ test which testified me a high IQ, but I do not have an academic degree and work a job which I guess anybody of average intelligence could do.

During the week my weight fluctuated a bit, so I decided to get on the scale only on Sunday morning. Sunday is also cheat day for me, which helped me in the past to endure the strict diet for the rest of the week.

As my social confidence has been declining during the lockdown - I again felt anxiety outside when going to the grocery store, I decided to add Sanguine Q as a stack module. And also the Limit Destroyer for loosen my limits about exercising and intelligence.

Now to my current subliminal stack:

  • QL Q ST 1 3x

  • Sanguine Q 1x

  • Limit Destroyer Q 1x

  • Spartan Q 3x

  • Sanguine Q 1x

  • Limit Destroyer Q 1x

My goals for this stack are also learning to get better at creative writing. My current super chargers are The Commander and Beyond Limitless. In the creative field of BL I am working in the morning on visualizing a book I want to write. The Commander is a reminiscence to my past stack and I just keep using it because I like the visuals of it and the feeling of power I have afterwards.

Short note about my subliminal past at sub club: I have been doing Alchemist ST1 - ST3 from January this year until the beginning of April. Then I believed to have gotten the guidance to stop using Alchemist. I also tested emperor Q and jumped on StarkQ. My download area at subliminal club is full of shiny objects. Knowing my inability to stick to stuff I hope to at least keep up with Spartan Q.

Acting: For all subliminal use it is important to act to make them work. I am exercising and dieting with Spartan Q. With Quantum Limitless Q ST1 I am doing a creative writing course at the moment. Reading books and writing a lot is also part of the action plan.

Tomorrow I can celebrate with the cheat day my first week of no masturbation also.
Good times.

Saturday, April 25 checks out.


Week 2

Still on diet, still doing exercise. But as a serial subliminal switcher I have switched again.

Daredevil is now my current subliminal. I read about the two Alpha types A and B. In the past I felt that I was too intense in my presence. I decided now to become more of the social Alpha type. Having been the social type in phases of my youth and was enjoying that very much. Plus I am listening to True Social before I leave the house.

Results so far are interesting:

  • I was asked for a meet up by a girl on Instagram
  • I have more matches on Tinder. It’s taking too much time for my taste now.
  • A YouTuber asked me to plan a livestream with him

Maybe there is some manifestation working?

Also, there was a moment where a woman just smiled and looked at me. Maybe I should have said “Hi” or something. She was with an elderly guy - looked like her dad - and I was not ready to proceed.

Yesterday I also run a round of StarkQ: Terminus. I cleaned up my apartment for about an hour.
Today I run the second round and worked fast and efficient on some audio cutting. Stark Q: Terminus seems to work strongly for me. Maybe a bit placebo or it was just what I needed to get myself out of procrastination.

Tomorrow will my subliminal day off. I read about Stark Q: Terminus and Q technology that it is important to make pauses every two days.

Main goal now is being more social.

The shutdown does take the possibilities for that, but here it is still allowed to meet with one person outside and there are possibilities online.


This is my first day without subliminal audios. I guess superchargers should be set to rest for this day, too.

Dreams seemed to be intense and different from my usual dreams.
They feel differently, I cannot pin point it yet.

What I forgot yesterday is that I slept from Saturday to Sunday for 14 hours.
This was the first night after Stark Q: Terminus (1 Loop).
Today I slept about 8 hours which is my normal sleeping time.

I am curious what this new pattern will bring. 2 days on, 1 day off.

I am asking myself if I am listening to Daredevil Q too much. I used the set & forget method during the day. As it is a Q title maybe fewer loops would give even better results.

I listen now to masked tracks only because I have the suspicion that it works better for me. Before dare devil I listened to ultrasonic tracks during daytime and masked at night. Then I remembered that at the beginning of my journey with Q tracks I was listening to masked version mostly (emperor Q experimental) and the effects came very fast.


Can’t stop buying titles. Sooner or later I will have every title :confused: :smiley:

New in my arsenal: Power Can Corrupt and Inner Circle.

This morning I listened to PCC and the audiobook of the 48 laws of power.
Interesting “read” so far. As it being very popular in the rap scene, I can see that some rules are applicable to my writing career.

The day off subliminal and superchargers was without anything special happening. I probably have more to report on my next day off because then I will leave the house for longer.

Tomorrow I have another kind of day off: High dopamine activities detox. No internet, movies or music and “other stuff”. :wink:

Inner Circle is also interesting to me because I could need a more powerful inner circle in the literature scene. Running the first loop of it now. It’s just 30 minutes.

My plan for the stack currently is:

  • 1 loop Stark Q: Terminus
  • 2 loops PCC (while reading or listening to 48 Laws)
  • 4 loops Inner Circle
  • Rest of the day Daredevil

2 days on, 1 day off

PS: Maybe serial subliminal switcher is a self-fulfilling prophecy. As soon as my stack is stabilized I might change the title of the topic.


Going outside for results is a good thing.
Taking a day off from everything seems to be a good thing, too.

So far I am more than happy with my results.

Yesterday I had a spiritual energetic transmission which happened to let go of the identification with my character.

This was interesting as it seemed to boost subliminal results.

I got a new understanding of what the saying “If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him” could mean.
I translate it to “If you meet a concept, destroy it”
I don’t know if this is clear to everyone.
A concept is not what’s behind it, it’s just a bundle of thoughts.
I would see this as analogy: In NLP there are four levels of ability. Unconscious inability, conscious inability, conscious ability and unconscious ability.
I destroyed one of my old concepts of attraction and become unconsciously attractive.
Filling your mind with conscious information is a probably necessary phase. Then you let go of all of that by writing down all your disbelief in it and let your subconscious do its work.

Just another idea. Probably useful for some situations.

PCC is interesting too, I seem to be able to see if a person is a bad apple. Just by looking at them I have a sense if they are to be avoided. Sometimes I am aware what emotion people are in - even if they are fronting a different emotion.
Maybe that’s pcc - I didn’t have such an ability in the past, all people looked for me the same. Maybe little Asperger genes.
My spiritual teacher told me that she can sense if someone is honest. Maybe there was subconscious modelling going on.

Today a car on the traffic light. A guy talked to me I couldn’t hear him clearly. I walked over and he asked for my phone number for his female friend. I had some intense eye contact with her before I crossed the street. This did two things: adrenaline push, probably also because I was in the middle of the road while cars around me started driving and a realisation: I should approach when a girl seems interested in me. The guy had more balls than I did in this situation.

Tomorrow is my day off. I will meet the woman from ig and be curious if it is biz related or a personal interest. She is a writer too, but also has a large social media following. I don’t really care, it’s going to be fun for me.

Social situations seem to give me energy now. This needs to be watched. In the past I was drained from that. Now I ignore people who are obviously energy vampires completely. No more “who can stare longer” contests or invitations to interact.

In a course about DHE I also refreshed my knowledge of self hypnosis and how to reach what NLP people call uptime. I also experimented a bit with conscious control of energy, but now I have moved on and let something else do the work.

I write something else, because the subconscious mind is just another concept. What if there is something else listening to the subliminal scripting? Something which is far more powerful.


The guy from the car called me.
His female friend is a bit afraid to talk to me.
He asked me a few questions (age, name, job).

Now we will see if she gets the courage to call me. Lol.

Today I try a double dose of Stark Q: Terminus.
Then some Inner Circle. And PCC. Rest of the day dare devil.


Lol. New manifestation.

A person - pretending to be from a different telephone provider than I am - came and told me some story that he needs my internet box. I was skeptical first. Thought about how to see if this a con man. He had a badge from the company, a suit like thing and looked confident. I asked him for his “passport” / “id” - which is pretty common in our country - you should have it with you all the time.

He couldn’t provide it.

After he left I was curious what he wanted with the internet box, so I called the local police and asked if there is knowledge of this kind of thing. They did not hear of it and took a description of the suspect.

My only guess is that he is stealing WLAN passwords, which seems in my opinion not really worth the effort.

Fun fact: I was listening to the 48 laws of power and PCC when he came. My bullshit detector skills were highly aware.

In my spiritual view the con man will get what he should get, sooner or later. I thank him for this story to tell you. Please Universe, don’t send more of those time wasters to me.

Edit: I am currently laughing because I called the Internet provider he was from, and they told me that representatives of their company were in my area for real. Maybe PCC and 48LAWS made me a bit paranoid. Plus I am not used to see shady people trying to sell shit with odd tactics because I am not at home most of the time. Thanks for this experience anyway.


I wonder what will happen if we memorize the 48 Laws with their meanings while running PCC. It’s like when your talking to somebody, your instinct will automatically generate which in the 48 laws is he/she was doing, that would be awesome :smiley:


PCC is funny, I am seeing fraudsters everywhere.

Next story:
Just was on the phone with a female friend of mine. She told me that somebody came to her home and told her this story: “Hello, I am sorry I have ordered something from the internet and and my house number is 19, but accidently I put Street Number 9 in the form. Could you take this package for me?” Being a bit guillable she allowed him to put “his” name on the doorbell.

When she told me that story I thought: FRAUDSTER!
Drugs from the dark net, stolen goods or an iPhone with wrong credit card number. I don’t want to send it to my home for obvious reasons - so hey, why not use a fellow human being as the receiver of the package…

A) Go to the fucking house number 19 and look if there is his name on the door bell. If not, reality check is done and you can call the police.
B) Ask him to send you a copy of his id with him holding it. This can be photoshopped. But you have a picture of him for the police and also you can see how long he needs to answer this request.

Maybe I should start a anti-fraud business :smiley:


Okay. I am not sure about PCC anymore.
I don’t see real fraudsters. I see only theories about how something could be a fraud.

Lol. This will save me from being taken advantage of at one point and helps me to think more critically.

I should start writing stories about fraudsters and con men.


Yesterday was my day off subliminals.

I bought Sex&Seduction, but I decided to not listen to Sex&Seduction just yet.

Phase 1: Become more social outgoing
Phase 2: Seduction

I am not ready for the seduction part yet and should focus on 1 goal.
I think inner circle and PCC compliment that goal.

Sex & Seduction seems to be interesting as it’s the script of Primal Seduction without Primal. And I don’t like Primal so much anymore. But this will come later, when seduction is a good idea.

I got a bit sidetracked because I had seen more interest from women since using Daredevil. And also I am a bit horny at the moment to be honest. But I want to stay on the Social path first.

Stark Q: Terminus will be kicked out, too. I like the sub, but I think it’s more effective to focus on the goal of opening myself up socially at the moment and Stark Q goes in all kind of directions.


Thoughts about switching appear. I decided to let them go.

I had my day off today and got the idea that I could run ultimate artist with limitless. I like the idea of using these two as creativity, learning and manifestation stack.

On the other hand the decision was made to stay with my current stack for a few months.

Inner circle has the potential to be helpful with the artist career. Daredevil should help with socialising and public speaking. PCC helps to turn down fishy offers and probably more I don’t know yet.

Still feeling a longing for the creativity stack to be honest, but I have time and it would be a helpful lesson to learn consistency and to show my subconscious that I am serious. Also my guess is that it’s easier to notice the results of a social stack than of the creativity and learning stack. As long as I don’t have consciously made a learning goal, the social goal is better.

A decision changes everything. Wishing and wanting doesn’t.


Today I noticed that I am not very motivated to do my daytime job.

I am also a bit sick and have low energy at the moment.
I guess without enough energy I do not have the will power to do these routine tasks.

These are tasks where I think: There is no challenge, why should I do them?
I am thinking about an exit strategy - a different way to earn money.
I would rather teach someone else these skills, someone for whom it is new and exciting.

Having been in the same company for many years. I had personal reasons to stay there.
In November, these reasons will no longer be true. It’s time for a change of direction.

About 6 months to plan. Time to research my options and then decide.

What I would like:

  • Spending less time in front of screens
  • Working with people
  • Free time for my “main” career as a writer
  • Enough money to survive (or a better paycheck than now)

Also, I would like to begin creating assets. I am willing to learn new skills.

This is the time for a change. Time to let my guidance give me some more hints.

On the subliminal front there is only a bit to report. I bought the audiobook of “Seduction” by Robert Greene, which seems to be a good addition the “Power”. What I hear in this book is not only about seduction in a sexual sense (as it seems), but seduction as a form of getting what you want. It’s quite similar to “Power”, just a different approach. Like the motherly form of hypnosis (Indirect) and the fatherly form of hypnosis (direct). At the moment I am listening to “Power” again.

I also began to sort out some “offers” from people who ask for help without ever returning anything. I finished a book about energy vampires today in which I read a life as a supermarket metaphor. All the shiny offers you do not need, but still buy because they are less expansive than usually. These are “offers” you can easily refuse to save money. The same is going on with offers from people. You can save energy by not meeting those people that drain you.

The boost through the spiritual transmission was only for a short while. If I had the possibility to do these every week, I would. I am just curious to find out if the benefits become permanent after a while. For some people I met last year it seems that way. I will begin to push in that direction.

Next step: Asking my friend for weekly spiritual transmissions. We had some kind of exchange contract. I do work for her, she works for me. At the moment I am not working for her, so the right thing to do would to begin paying.

Other steps: Mind mapping about financial future options (dreams, skills, possibilities).

PS: I begin to kick out the maybes from my language. I used that as a way of staying in a state of unsurenesss to not become stubborn, but there is a need to differentiate. To be unsure of unimportant things is a good thing, to be unsure of important things like who you are is a bad thing.


I figured the sales letters of the subliminals I am using give some hints for what to expect from them.
I probably never read the sales letter of PCC and today I took the time. It is mentioned that it will help to develop Charisma.

Currently, I am still sick and cannot really go out to check the charisma factor I already have.
I listened to Daredevil, PCC and Inner Circle all day.

I could work a bit, when I realized that the problems with the work are not only some gut feelings, but mostly a lot of rumination with negative thoughts. When I stopped thinking about all the things I hate about my current work situation, I was in flow.

I hope to get better over the weekend. Maybe it is psychosomatic or it is a reaction of eating the wrong food.

I decided to journal a bit more than planned in the beginning to stay connected to my goals.

Let’s write down some points I like about my current stack (Sales letter excerpts, emphasis by me)

  • Daredevil:
    “Imagine being able to relax in any social situation, and just have fun, without worrying if you can attract a woman or be good with someone else.”
    “He knows exactly what to say, from simply being who he is and living in the moment.”
    “being completely carefree.”

  • Power Can Corrupt:
    “Power Can Corrupt will also help you be aware of negative, toxic and otherwise harmful people as well as their plans that might affect you.”
    “general benefits such as confidence, sex appeal, social ability etc., with a powerful focus on charisma.”
    “understand the deepest motivations of those around you”

  • Inner Circle:
    “It will also attract people according to what you desire and need right now, taking both into account to bring the most benefit and happiness into your life.”

  • True Social
    “True Social will remove your social anxiety, focus your mind on the moment, and unleash your social genius to the highest levels.”
    “With every repetition, you will be more attuned to the social intricacies that surround us, and gradually become a master of all the social games, in a way that resonates with you and puts you at ease.”


Slept almost the whole day yesterday.
Now I am back.

Started a new hobby, which I am still experimenting with and need some clarity how I could become better at it. The motto at the moment is: Just do it.

I was outside for a few minutes. It is good to get some sun.

Tomorrow I will see if I call the doctor because of the illness or if it is already better.
If it is not better I will not work tomorrow, but rest.

Listened to True Social two times this morning and half an hour ago I started the subliminal stack.

Dreams are about real life events at the moment.

Emotionally I am already feeling better. A lot of rest helped.

I got some buyer’s remorse about the spiritual transmission. I am asking myself what is the point of loosening the character and being more in the moment. It has probably to do with the shrinking bank account balance. This can be countered by not buying too much new stuff and having fun with what I got. For example, my current social stack. Tomorrow the social restrictions will be loosened here, so I will be able to meet some friends again soon. Hooray.

I decided that I will try a new listening pattern. The reason for that is that I have kicked off Stark Q: Terminus. I will do 6 days on and 1 day off. As Wednesday is my computer and mobile phone day off this will be my subliminal day off, too.

Fun, fun, fun. I want to go out for a walk now. I hope it will be not too exhausting. It will be good for my mental health to get some sun.


Today I feel stronger. Strong enough for a ride on Stark Q: Terminus.
I liked the results which I got from it in the past.

So now I try a new pattern:
Day 1: Stark Q: Terminus, Daredevil, PCC, Inner Circle
Day 2: Off
Day 3: Off
and again and again and again

I am curious and want to experiment. Plus SaintSovereign called my experience with Stark Q: T as classic example of reconciliation. And I stopped it because I misunderstood that the experiment with it had ended, because of unexpected result. Now I want to see the unexpected results.


I am not very social. I secretly dislike people. I hope that Daredevil will get that out of my system. It is fear based on fearing people and what they could do to you. So, I have to realize that the past is over, and I am now stronger mentally. And assholes are probably still outside, but I can let their hate fade away or reframe it so that it does not touch me. With friends, it is easy to be social because there is a kind of trust which they earned. With random people I feel not very trustful. I have been out of this dark reality tunnel before, but at the moment I seem to be in it again.

Another thing I noticed I am scared when an attractive woman is giving me IOIs. I want to relax in these situations and be carefree. I mean what could happen? If I do not talk to her nothing will happen. I could reframe this fear as excitement. Then there would be no negative connotation to it.

I will see how my state is shifting. The good state seems to be on and off. I want it to be permanent. For the meantime I can befriend the off state. When I befriend it, it will be possible to change it.


Second day off. I want to run subs today, but let’s stick to the protocol.

Dreams were memories of past events again. To be specific things that happened in the past few days.
This is still unusual for me because normally my dreams are completely made up with some cameos of people I know. So now my mind just seems to process what happened the day before.

Decided to stop using Tinder for now. I used an automatic swiper and the results were not very interesting. The last match told me that she didn’t match me and that it was a friend who did it to tease her. Other matches were less interesting. Short exchanges of messages which went nowhere because I was not that interested. Tinder for me is a rather frustrating experience and as long as I do not have a good strategy it is a time waster even with automatic swipes.

In the past few days I felt a bit tired. Not really in the moment, not really in thoughts, but far away from the outside world. Somehow disconnected. Disconnected from what was going on and my feelings. I hope that will get better soon.

I did some interesting work for my day job this morning. Now I have a boring project in front of me, which I really do not want to do. I procrastinate. Will power and energy are low.

Can’t wait to listen to subliminals again tomorrow.


Started the day with Stark Q : Terminus.

What I noticed lately that I am thinking more and more in pictures. Less internal monologues, more internal pictures. For example, when I am looking for something I see the place where I left it. Might be some scripting from Stark Q or some other subliminal.

I need to plan my computer day off because this week I had to work on Wednesday. Saturday could be a good choice.

I reduce the stack to one loop of each subliminal today. On the one hand, I want to experiment with less exposure, on the other hand I do not have enough time to listen to the subliminals more than once.

The start of the day was good. Now I ate something and drank some coffee, listened to Stark Q: Terminus and feel a bit off. There seems to be something wrong with my stomach, I have to make an appointment with the doctor tomorrow.


Currently, I am listening to “Regeneration” as I need some emotional healing.
Yes, I am still jumping around subliminals.


Don’t know how to change that.

I don’t really have a goal which interests me 100%, so I don’t want to focus on something for a longer period.

I am also thinking about quitting subliminals for a while and see where this takes me.

As an author I am earning no money. Publishing a story every month in a radio show (non-profit), this week I was even published in a magazine (non-profit) and then there are two contests I am part of - a book project and an art project (both non-profit). In September, there may be a public reading, if it is allowed till then.

I am drifting. There is a theater play I will have a role in and a new radio show I will be part of.

I hate my daytime job at the moment, but don’t see an exit plan yet.

Love life is nonexistent.

Spiritual life… aah… the awake phases are gone.

Diet and exercises? Gone.

Probably the problem is that there are too many things which would need some fixing.

I need one thing where I begin.

And emotional healing could be it.