Matt - Journal 2024+

This is my journal for the next part of my subliminal journey.

I am looking for a stack I can run for a longer time period. Being guilty of sub hopping I want to change that. Also I want to start journaling regularly again.

2022 I had a mental crisis from which I was recovering for most of this year. In the past few months I got better and I started socialising again.

I have a few titles in mind for the new stack and I am starting a washout today. The last titles I ran were SSX and a QTKS custom with Wanted Black and Libertine as cores. I only got subtle results from the QTKS custom, so I am planning to abdone it.

Ultimate Writer is one of the titles I would like to use consistently. For the other two slots there are different possibilities.

An alpha sub could be nice. Maybe Ascended Mogul. I am on washout until 11/11/23. Maybe some time after that date there will be an update with the NWE available for that title.

Sex & Seduction could be interesting, too, as it has the New Romance Experience.

Other interesting titles are Heartsong and Khan. Why not commit to a multi stage title if I am already planning to commit for a longer time.

I also enjoyed Khan Black, but I am unsure if I can quit the porn addiction.

Also I don’t need to start with a 3 title stack. Less is more sometimes. Perhaps I could run Ultimate Writer solo first.

Goals for 2024:

  • Consistent stack
  • Journaling regularly
  • Taking action

Taking action on writing seems the easiest route for me. Taking action for a romance sub is a bit harder as I am not socialising much at the moment. Taking action for Ascended Mogul could mean that I get the work done at my day job more effectively.

Maybe Khan Black could be important to me. Healing sexual issues first before socialising. As far as I know that would mean that I have to run stages 1 and 2 solo for at least a month each and then I could add another title like Ultimate Writer.

Let me sleep over it.


Okay I didn’t sleep but researched in the Khan Black thread about stacking. It seems possible to begin stacking before stage 3. the recommendation is to run Stage 1 at least for one week solo before stacking to see how it affects one.

My stack could be ultimate writer and Khan Black Stage 1 after the washout.

I begin at stage 1 again and run it for at least two cycles before switching to stage 2. maybe even longer as I really want this to work fully.




Today I became an Arch Alchemist after all those years.

Washout is going well.

I hope the 11/11/23 events won’t make me consider a different stack, but we will see.



Edit: Lol, the badge reads Arch Achemist. So I am a chemist now. Cool.

Glitch in the forum software


I changed the title of my journal for shits and giggles.


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Congrats for the badge but how is that possible that there is a letter missing?
This is a mysterious bug and maybe a sign :wink:

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I don’t know. It’s a glitch in the matrix :smiley:
Perhaps support typed in my badge name manually, and it will remain this way until I shift the options.

I once had a bug with a heart emoji overlay at the center of my desktop. This was while running a Heartsong custom. Fun times. It was gone after a restart.

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The matrix is real. :slight_smile:

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Seems like a typo.

Fixed it.

Was very tempted to leave it as I found it funny to be called an Ache Mist.


Oh no, I shouldn’t have made a big fuss about it. :grinning: Maybe I could have kept it secretly until 2024.

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I decided to end my washout today and start with a 3-minute loop of Khan Black Stage 1.
Have been binging on porn the last few days and want to end it now.

Day 1/21 - November 10, 2023 - Listening day 1

Day job starts slow today. Excited about the weekend. I want to do some household chores later.

I am unsure if my Bluetooth headphones are working well with subs, maybe I can find a different option. In the past, I used the HD280 headphones with a cable connection, but I currently don’t have the adapter for my iPhone. Probably will get one and use them again.

Today I listened to Khan Black Stage 1 for five minutes.

Thinking about adding a loop of Genesis: Mogul. It can wait probably.

End of next week I will add Ultimate writer. I had some ideas for a novel or a longer short story. Need to start writing again.

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Okay I listened to 5 minutes of Genesis: mogul.
Already got me thinking how to turn one of my Internet domains into a business.

I’ve an important call at work on Tuesday and hope to benefit from the aura. By then I will have listened to the second loop of G:Mogul.

Now I will go to bed ready for some interesting dreams and getting the rest I need after being awake until 4 am this morning.

Today I feel hyped. I hope I can focus a bit on my work later.

Yesterday in bed I jotted some ideas for my new side-project down. Mogul seems to be working.
I would like to automate the project at one point, but before I do that, I will do it semi-automatic.
Investing about an hour a day into it until I have figured out how to let it work automatically.
Found some API and other services which will help with the project and also will use ChatGPT Pro for some descriptions and hashtags.

Perhaps this is also the reason I feel hyped at the moment.

Posted two posts on Instagram for my new project. First doubts are arising. Doubts about if I am able to realize the project as I planned it yesterday. I hope I will find some clarity about it soon.

I am less hyper currently and was able to finish some work at my day job today.

Lots of self-doubts this morning, maybe recon. Listened to Khan Black Stage 1 and Genesis:Mogul - 5 minutes each.

Not sure yet if I will continue with my new project.
Also have doubts about an upcoming day job project.


Feeling better, less doubt-full.
Thinking about skipping RM:UWX and using IG:UP as third stack title for my day job.
I have an upcoming project at work which will be challenging.
Also, could use it for my new private project.
Probably will buy a new server soon.

Good times.

Okay this is my stack being full in 2 days:

  • Khan Black Stage 1
  • Genesis: Mogul
  • Index Gate: Ultimate Programmer X

One loop of UPX on Thursday.

The work situation shifted today from nothing to do to a lot of new work.
I have a holiday soon, and we can’t do everything in this year.
Clients from years back are suddenly calling in. Projects planned months ago suddenly become current.

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I have doubts again about my side project. It may be a learning opportunity, nothing more. I wanted to invest 1 hour a day into it. Today I worked for three hours after work on a prototype I don’t fully like and have to redo tomorrow.

The shift in my work situation also makes me having less time to work on the side project.

I have worked for two days on a rapid prototype of the front end by now. Probably I should be more patient. The instagram now has two followers. I need more :grinning:

In other news I relapsed on pmo.

My side project now has a scheduler for the Instagram account.
I can now plan posts to be posted in the future.
I also tried to promote it on my main Instagram account, but nobody followed it yet. Sad face.
This seems to be a big problem right now - to grow an audience.

Later, I will buy IG:UPX to run it tomorrow for five minutes.

Today I woke up to new titles: Emperor and Quantum Limitless.
This won’t break my stack. Maybe at a later moment I can exchange Mogul with the new Emperor.

Also, I listened to my first 5 minutes loop of Index Gate: Ultimate Programmer X.

I tried to wake up earlier today, but didn’t get out of bed. I hope the effect from Khan Black of having to sleep less is coming at one point.