Massive Q Stack


I’m not likely to update this often, but I will come back when I feel there’s something useful to report.

For now, I just want to share my massive Q stack and let you know what my experience has been so far.

These are ALL Q versions, except for the superchargers.

Each morning, I run this playlist:

(I usually end up falling asleep part way through. I stop the playlist when I “come out of it” and once I’m feeling energetic.)

Revolutioner (non-subliminal club)
Beast Within
Beyond Limitless
True Social

I usually stop after Beast. If I’m extra tired, I’ll sometimes get all the way through to Elixr. Rarely (but on occassion) I get through the entire list.

Sometimes I’ll take nap during the day and start this playlist where I left off in the morning.

QL Stg 1
EF Stg 1

QL Stg 1
QL Stg 1
EF Stg 1

EF Stg 1
EF Stg 1

QL Stg 1
QL Stg 1

I listen almost exclusively through headphones. Only Masked. I don’t listen overnight.

I don’t always get through to the last track in my playlist for the day. And sometimes it runs part way through a second loop. It depends on how much phone time and time away from my desk.

Prior to Q, I spent spent time with Ascended Mogul, Emperor, and a bit of EOG.

When StarkQ first came out, I just ran that on continuous loop. As soon as the other titles upgraded to Q, I switched to the above stack.

I’ve not experienced any overwhelm. I got occasional headaches, but I can’t be sure they were related to the subs.

I’ve not experienced any anger or overwhelming sadness.

Since running StarkQ, my productivity has increased dramatically. But NOT my focus. I find myself needing a distraction every 30ish minutes of focused work. I’ll just do some light internet surfing and then get back to work. But, throughout the course of the day, I’ve gotten WAY more done than I’d been accomplishing prior to StarkQ.

I’m 57 years old and a self employed programmer.

LUCK has improved since I first started with Sub Club, but again, I can’t say if that’ coincidence. And I don’t care either way.

I find myself paying more attention to my goals and with a stronger desire to achieve them.

I’ve never had contentious relationships with my clients, but I do feel my conversations with them have been even smoother with less “push-back” than before.

I feel like I’ve gotten more (and higher quality) ideas – not only for delivering my clients’ needs but also for developing my own software products that have big potential.

Over the past couple of decades, I’ve been pretty stable, emotionally, but I feel I’ve been even more calm and even. But that may also be from an increased DGAF attitude, which can be good or bad. I think I need to learn to turn that on or off, because there are times when caring about what people think or feel is actually important.

I AM tired a lot. But, that was true before I met Sub Club, so I don’t blame the subs for that. On average, I take 2 to 3 naps a day, around 20 to 30 minutes each. I had been continuing the supercharger playlist during my naps, but recently have just let the Q tracks play. I’ve not noticed a difference doing that vs the superchargers.

I also have a VERY hard time getting myself to bed at a decent hour. And when I try, I can’t get to sleep. So, while I’d rather be in bed by 11p and up by 7, I find myself in bed around 2am and up ab 9:30a. Not good. But, I HATE lying in bed without being able to sleep, so I sorta stopped trying.

I’ve never cared much about or given much credence to dreams, but I do seem to have some strong ones every so often. It’s very possible that would be the case w/o the subs. I don’t try to analyze them. If they have meaning, I just trust my subconscious to work it out.

Bottom line is I’m very happy with this stack and looking forward to seeing where it takes me.

My main reason for posting is because I kept reading comments on this forum about how powerful Q is and that too many loops per day – or listening too many days in a row – has (or can have) negative consequences.

I know everyone’s experience is different so I thought I’d share mine.


Yes, all of what you said is a big excuse.

I always thought I was a nightowl, but I changed it too, I stand up at 4-5 AM get my shit done mostly.

Also, I can clearly see that you are using Subliminals nd Superchargers as a crutch and magic pill, you think you don’t give a fuck but you still do.

If you have sleeping problems, a simple solution is forcing yourself to wake up at 4:00-5:00 AM, and I am saying this because I ‘was a NightOwl’ playing games till late, but it’s all an excuse. Start waking up at that time, be tired for 2-3 days and you will automaticly crash EARLIER in bed.

I would also filter out a few subs, because you are sending a shitload of mixed signals.
Lastly, you say nothing about your goals and what you want to achieve with this stack…are you also expanding upon your knowledge OUTSIDE just subliminals, are you doing courses and workshops?


Wow! That was an aggressively negative reply. Not sure what triggered it.

I didn’t post my goals because I wasn’t looking for feedback about my stack. Plus, it should be pretty clear by the tracks I chose.

I tried waking up early. All that happened is I was too tired to get anything accomplished during the day and I can’t let that happen.

Maybe your definition of IDGAF and mine are different. In my definition, I don’t get worked up about things. I don’t get overly emotional.

I don’t see any mixed signals in what I posted.

Yes, I’m studying and learning new things to further my goals. I didn’t write about it because that wasn’t the purpose of my of my post.


Yes, that was my point… you will wake up tired and early for 3-4 days, and be absolutely crap. (Better to start in a vacation, or weekend). But after that you finally got those extra hours in the morning. Naturally, I will deviate to falling asleep at 2:00 AM, but I found out this was not a good productive sleep cycle for me, and it only annoyed me. (The Gaming beside didn’t help, and I ahve quit since then).

You can wake up early, but it’ll be a few days of sacrifice. (if you really have a IDGAF attitude, it shouldn’t bother you because it will help you long term)

i am not aggressive, I am telling you honestly because you are doing exactly the same I did before and that didn’t work properly :wink:

Call it at worst, though love…I actually want you to improve. That’s why I am saying, use subliminals that work for you goals, and don’t add too many at ones(it’s like 2000 people screaming different things, can you really focus on the most important ones?).



Optimistic plan! if you don’t go through it, you will never find out the turth

Just one observation though,

It is not reccomended to mix Subclub and Non Subclub products in the same stack. Subclub uses a different scripting technique. Your Subconsious is likely to get messed up!

Be Careful!

All the best!


Revolutioner has no scripting. It’s just meditation music.


Btw, are you planning to be superman by the end of lockdown?


Thanks for following up. Your advice is sound. It was your wording that came across like like an angry gym teacher yelling at the class nerd.

The massive Q stack is an experiment and I’ll cut back if I find it being counter productive. But so far, it’s been great.

I don’t feel they’re screaming different things. They’re all quite related with slightly different focuses – except on the weekend where I take a break from the business focus and listen to fitness subs on Saturday and emotional healing on Sunday.

I consider your sleep advice. There are reasons I’m not ready to do it now, though. And other than me knowing it’s not all that healthy, the sleep schedule hasn’t been all that disruptive.



Essentially, my goals are:

  • Improve my brain, motivation, and productivity.

  • Build something that will provide financial security in my retirement.

  • Work on my health and fitness – but without detracting from the above two.

I feel each of the subs are closely interrelated with a slight shift in the focus. So, my hypothesis is that I will create a synergy with this listening schedule.

I do (and will continue to) listen carefully to my body and my head. I’ll know if the subs becoming overwhelming or detrimental.


BTW, the lockdown has had practically no impact on my daily life – other than how it’s affected my clients.

Even before the virus, I spent the bulk of my time alone in my office. I seldom leave the house. I Feel no desire to socialize or get entertainment other than what I can find on the computer. I like it that way.


One other word of caution would be that,

trying to change too many things at once “might” just not take you anywhere.

Especially if you are new to this, it might become too overwhelming.

My advice to you would be to not rush and target one aspect at a time.


I swear! I’m just like you!


My bad! You are not new! I just saw your profile. You just don’t post often


I’m actually not trying to change very many things at all. It’s all about work productivity.

Stark and Emperor aren’t all that different. Just different shades of the same color.

Aura merely magnifies the other tracks.

Godlike Masculinity is all part of being a Stark or an Emperor.

Quantum Limitless helps the subconscious deal with all the crappy head talk that creates limitations.

Sanguine is designed to manage stress, which is an ideal attribute for Stark Emperors. Again, quite synergistic.

Emperor Fitness nudges towards living healthy, which is again an important part of being a Stark Emperor.

It’s not like I’m adding seduction or putting a big push on social. These are all synergistic.

On the weekend, I’m taking a break. I let my mind pay attention to health and fitness on Saturday and then on Sunday, it’s more about meditation and recovery.

Both Saturday and Sunday have far fewer hours of listening, so there’s time for the brain to process.


Plus, I’ve been into various forms of self help, meditations, and subliminals for decades.


I have no complaints with your plan! It’s amazingly chalked out

My only worry is the Volume of Info you’re exposed to might inhibit your gain.

stacking modules are light scripting so that’s no problem.
2 dense Major programs and 2 multistages feel a bit too heavy for me.
But that’s only my opinion!

I hope it works for you!


That was a cool post, @Kaprice.

Unique and powerful stack.

I appreciated how detailed and balanced your observations are. I hope to follow your journal and see how your experience and your stack evolve.


This was also a pretty impressive response to that post. The fact that you kept your equanimity like that and responded in a balanced, non-defensive, and open way makes me even more impressed with your personal quality. Did you generally have this ability/quality before listening to subliminals? Has it been strengthened by the subliminals that you use?

We do not know each other and each other’s lives. It’s naive to assume that a poster on the forum has included all of the relevant details of his/her life into a forum post. These online reactions and interactions are impressionistic guesswork. I value people’s experiences a lot, and enjoy learning from people’s posts, but it’s important to relax and remember that there’s a lot of information missing.


I see you are a man of culture.

Hello, @Kaprice and welcome. I have never seen you before here so I assume you are new.
I haven’t read everything on this threads, the posts were pretty massive, but there is something I don’t understand. First of all, when I saw this:

I was like: Ugh…

But why do you listen to so many subliminals if all you want is

This could be done with Mogul, Limitless and Apex Warrior. I’m just curious


When you tap on peoples’ avatars, it shows the date they joined the forum.

The stack seems cool to me. It actually seems reasonably focused, if diverse. Just looks longer because of a lot of stacking modules.

But anyway, it’s @Kaprice who can talk about it if he feels like it.