Masked versions and Limitless modules category

Hi, guys! Your products are awesome! I would like to ask you two questions.

  1. When Masked versions of Ascension, Mogul, Ascended Mogul, Sex Mastery X and etc be released?

  2. Does Ascension, Mogul, Ascended Mogul, Sex Mastery X and etc do contain LIMITLESS (Raikov & DTI) modules category?

Thanks in advance!

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Hey, sorry for the delay.

We are currently working hard on releasing Sex & Seduction, and working on the subs that are to follow it. Alongside it we are also experimenting on the masked technology. Taking all into account, I’d say we would start releasing masked tracks in approximately a month.

Yes. LIMITLESS will possibly be it’s own full subliminal, for those desiring to achieve the most from their mental (and possibly physical) potential.

When I am at home I prefer the masked Emperor subliminal because if I hear it I know it is actually playing.

I have the silent track going at work and I find myself often checking to make sure it is still playing. I do find it essential to use the silent version at work, though.

So I am hoping all subs will have masked and silent options.

That’s exciting to hear because I’m already blown away by what it’s done for me as a module in Emperor, so if you could make Limitless even more powerful as a standalone subliminal, it could turn an ordinary man into an Übermensch.

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:slight_smile: I just created a slogan for full blown version of LIMITLESS: Un*uck your learning abilities! :slight_smile:


The idea of limitless by itself is pretty crazy… i mean imagine being able to use 100% of your brain at the same time. And if that included physical potential too that would make it that much more insane. You could literally create somekind of super solider type being if you could combine those.

And combine that with your spiritual being and have a very high vibration and quantum mechanics. The possibilities are endless with what you could create.

Looking foreward to the limitless subliminal:)

It will be very beneficial to have LIMITLESS as stand-alone version and Masked versions for Ascension, Mogul and etc as well.

Yes. I am a bit impatient to see everything having a masked version. I would not buy a sub unless I knew it would include a masked version, as I prefer it.

I started listening to Emperor because, at the time, it was the only sub available with a masked version.

I guess this also be able to be stacked with other subs

Is the Limitless Module in Ascended Mogul?

Just see first replay from creators. Yes, LIMITLESS is in all of their products. I’m thinking to find all possibly available material about RAIKOV effect and send it to creators to support their intention to create best learning sub.

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I also vote for all subs from Subliminal Club to include the masked tracks versions. I’ll go a step further and also request for the experimentals/unleashed/extreme versions to also come with a masked track version.

I’m really liking the water stream sound that Subliminal Club uses in their masked version for S&S.


I agree. For most purposes I prefer masked.

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Yes me too, except when I’m around other people, and/or while sleeping I still prefer the ultrasonics.

A question about LIMITLESS in S&S, is it only for seduction related, or learning in general, in everything that we’re working on / studying / important to us that we’re putting effort into?

Also, any hints on what INVOKER, TYRANTS, HEGEMON and Mimisbrunnr are all about? Also, are these the types of modules that might deserve their own subliminal some day? @Fire

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I am noticing that the masked version of S&S is significantly louder than the masked version of Emperor. Creates some issues with setting volume so that neither one is too soft or too loud if placed in the same playlist.

It would be good to have all masked versions possess consistent volume levels.


Btw, it will be very beneficial to SC to create general Emotional Healing sub that will help to overcome/heal/clear different emotional issues on very deep level of being.


@AMASH I am not Fire :slight_smile: however from reading the description the limitless module I believe is geared towards learning everything about seduction as quickly as possible.