Manifesting Your Dreams 101 - Week 1-8, [9]


Most of us think about something magical when hearing about manifestation. Most of us think it is something you have to “switch on” for it to work. I have a different approach about.
I think we manifest all the time. What does that mean? It actually just means that your thoughts/emotions are being projected on the outside world, for you to experience subjectivly.
Thoughts and fearful emotions dont necessarly cause an accident, but they cause you to see and hear about them everywhere. Then you get more frightened and think about them even more etc.
It basically is the power that ruled probably most of our lifes. But what if we could rule the power instead?
Is this even possible? If so, how?
I think, and my experiences show me that it is possible, and the answer is simple: Intent.

So what we are going to do is experimenting and find out what works best for us and share our experiences. If you are completely new to this, thats great, because I myself will start all over again.
So the task for this week is to get familiar with this mindset in order for feature experimenting.
Here is what we are going to do:

Every day take out a piece of paper and write random things you want to experience on it, as if you already have/experience it. After that, write “Thank you. It is done.” below it and just put it aside and go on with your day. Thats basically the whole process. However, I want you to write a list that is as diverse (in difficulty/magnitude) as possible. So this is what it would look like:

  • Someone offers me a drink
  • A friend finds someone he/she loves and dates them
  • The sun rises and sets
  • I find a penny
  • A friend tells a funny joke

Thanks for all this. It is done.

Whats also important is that we just write it down and thats it. No imagining, no feeling, nothing. Just write it down like you would write a grocery list and thats it.

You notice what I did here? These are mostly pretty small things and some of them happen everday. So why bother? It is to strengthen your trust in yourself. By writing these lists and reviewing them every week and check off what manifested already, you gain self confidence and get familiar with the process. You dont believe that this actually works? I manifested all those examples (Expect the joke-part. But I even manifested the sun set and rise !)
So, if you want to take part, just write these lists on a piece of paper and share your experiences if you like.
(Btw I am not an expert on this field, I am still just a student. Any help/advise/tips is grately appreciated!)


I know this is encouraged in one of the Neville Goddard groups.

Tried it many times - didn’t work for me though. Didn’t manifest those simple things that I wrote such as

  • I hold a tennis ball
  • Someone gave me a chocolate cake
  • I saw a blue bird
  • I heard “Country Road” being played.

Maybe I must even have lower/simpler expectations when I write things down like

  • Water flows out of my tap
  • I receive a random spam message on my phone
  • I pay exactly $5 for my lunch.
  • A 10-cent coin drops on the floor next to me


Yes, I have been inspired to do this.
One thing that stucks out to me is that you wrote your orders (thats how I call manifestations on their way) in past tense and the ones down below in present tense.
Is that right? This could be a reason why it didnt work, but I am not sure.


If I’m not mistaken, the premise here is that you believe fully that what you want to happen has happened. You do so by imagining what it would feel like for you after what you want has manifested. With that being said, does the tense of the verbs used and/or how you write it down, think it, and/or imagine and feel it have any effect at all? And if so, given that you pour energy into believing that it has come to pass, shouldn’t you also use the past tense when writing it down?


You made a very good point here. I forgot to mention that I dont even imagine or think about these things when I write them down. Thats important so I can let them go easily.

About the having-thing. I like to visualise and feel like I have it, thank for it and for the rest of the day I feel the same happiness because I know it is on the way to me. It worked pretty well so far.


So would you say we make a list with things are will definitely come true, things that are likely to come true and maybe one or two that might come true? So by having things that will definitely come true we can confirm to ourselves that it is working, much like action-taking on subs makes the subs work better?

And you don’t visualize or focus on anything, you just write it down like a grocery list?


Haha. And the universe is a big supermarket. With lots of aisles containing everything you want or need. If so, I wonder who pays the bill?


What I meant is that Astronaut indicates he doesn’t put any intent or energy into it:

So I compared it to a grocery list, a list that you don’t pay a whole lot of attention to either, you just write down what you need and forget after.


Exactly. The idea is to get used to it and to lose “respect” for “bigger” manifestations. After all, in the eyes of the universe it is all the same. It doesnt care whether you want a flat or a mansion. It is us who think something is impossible because we judge it from our very limited perspective.
And yes, therefore you write things down that are going to happen anyway, like the sunset. Consider everything what happens as a manifestation of yours and backtrack the thoughts and feelings, that led to the manifestation.
It is also important to write these lists everyday. Also, dont limit the way the manifestation is supposed to come your way. And note when synchronicities start to show up: people talking about the thing you want to manifest again and again or you see it everywhere etc.
Consider these synchronicities as a part of your manifestation.



So week 2 begins guys, hope you did well. First I want to share the manifestations of the week (I am very eager to hear yours aswell) and after that I want to discuss some ideas/observations I had regarding this technique.

  • A specific friend invites me (Dream)
  • I have an intense dream
  • I have good, easy and profitable ideas for my businesses
  • I see a rainbow
  • Free driving ticket

So now. I noticed that many manifestation dont come out as expected. For example my manifestation would unfold in a dream, as a synchronicity somewhere etc. but not as an actual thing in waking life. While it is very likely possible, that the manifestation is still on its way, I figured it may be because of the lack of emotion we put into the manifestations through this exercise.
So, in order to prove this idea wrong or false, Id suggest we write this weeks manifestation list and couple it with an emotion, gratefulness is very common and powerful.
This is how it would look like: “I am grateful for the 50 bucks I receive” or something like this.
Also make sure, that you either speak the sentences softly out loud or repeat them in your head. The best results happen when you get pulled into your idea.
While writing, try to feel at least a bit of gratitude so we can check our results.
I may edit this post later on, if you have any suggestions please let me know


My first week didn’t manifest much, unless you count the green traffic lights I keep getting. I’ll see what I can do this time. I’m thinking doing 6 items, 2 that are certain, 2 that are easy and 2 that are a bit tougher to do.

So do we also write down that we are grateful, or do we only feel the gratitude. And of course, we write it down on paper, not on a computer screen.

Seems to me I could write it down, put it in my wallet and look at it every so often just to remind myself.


Always count everything that happens as (part of) your manifestation.

Great idea! Btw. I hope I made it clear that the best way to do this is by writing the lists everyday, meaning you write other things you want/be every day.

I think it is best to do both, I mean gratitude cant be bad, right? And yes, I prefer paper and pen, but sometimes I noticed it worked when I tipped it in my computer. I think the crucial part is to place the seed in your subconscious mind and there are many ways to do this. But for the sake of the experiment, lets stick with paper and pen.

You can do that of course, but a reason why this technique is so powerful is because you forget about it, once you wrote it down. Thats why we write a list everyday.

Hope this helps!


Will update this thread later/tomorrow


This week’s manifestations:

  • My hair recovered a bit
  • Someone showed me an interesting, honest and profitable way to make money online
  • I see a beautiful rainbow
  • A playlist that got taken down on youtube is available again

Now you may have noticed that this week’s manifestations arent as many as from the last week/s.
Also, please notice that these aren’t manifestations I ordered in the same week. Many of them I have written down about 2 weeks ago. But that’s ok. Now what I will do is I will tell you exactly what I have written down, so we can make sense of it and find a pattern.

  • “I have healthy skin and all my hair grew back.” (9/12/19)
  • “Someone offers me to get involved in a good, profitable and honest business” (9/19/19)
  • “I see a beautiful rainbow” (10/5/19)
  • “The psychedelic space rock playlist is back on youtube”* (9/26/19)

Yes, I love space rock. It’s awesome. Feel free to share some albums. About the playlist, it isnt complete yet, since the uploader said that Youtube still restricted the playlist by muting some of the songs. But still, I think it’s pretty awesome. Also, dont forget that we consider everything a manifestation:

  • Completed, full fledged manifestations
  • Half manifestations that are on their way
  • synchronicities
  • dreams

So that’s it guys. I just write these lists ever day and try different ways. How are your experiences so far?


So the gratitude-manifestations have yet to come?

I recall having a moment last weekend where I went “holy crap!”, but I’m not entirely certain which manifestation that was, as I got so busy stuff got away from me. I really like the idea of that honest way to make money online. I should include that myself.

Thank you for continuing to post even though you seem to be the only one. Know that I am following along, although I don’t yet have the habit of doing it every day.


Another possible business partner offering me an interesting idea.


My top manifestations this week so far:

  • Met another interesting person with an honest and profitable business idea who offers me to work together (“Someone offers me to get involved in a good, profitable and honest business” (9/19/19))

  • I find a very easy way to safe up to 300 bucks a year without reducing my standard of living (“My mother finds a way through which we have more money. The way is easy, works and we are happy with it” (10/3/19))



  • Met another interesting person with an honest and profitable business idea who offers me to work together (“Someone offers me to get involved in a good, profitable and honest business” (9/19/19))
  • I find a very easy way to safe up to 300 bucks a year without reducing my standard of living (“My mother finds a way through which we have more money. The way is easy, works and we are happy with it” (10/3/19))
  • Yet another person asks me specifics about business-related stuff. It is still uncertain if we’ll do business together, so this is like a halfway-manifestation

Will edit this post tomorrow if there is something I have forgotten now.
Keep it up guys. It definitely pays off.


WEEK 5 - 21-27th of October 2019

  • A very specific friend I havent talked to for a long time sends me a text message (“NAME OF FRIEND texts me” (9/12/19))
  • A friend of my finds a flat to live in (“NAME OF FRIEND finds a perfect flat for herself” (9/13/19))
  • I met new, interesting and open people (“I find new, interesting and good friends”(9/30/19))

This NAME OF FRIEND guy really owes me something…


You’re using up our manifestation budget. :wink:

I got a notebook for it. Just write down my list on a page of the notebook and close it. Then the next day I turn to a new page and write it down again. I’m considering putting down a few new points, as long as it stays on a single page.

I have to say I like how you specified “honest” business. It’s like that story of a guy wishing he had 100000 bucks, finding a suitcase full of money at his door the next day, then being hunted by criminals that want their money back the day after. :slight_smile:

So the thing between the ( )'s is what you wrote down and the date when you wrote it down?